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Xiaomi Mi5C

The Xiaomi Mi5C has received a price cut from 1499 Yuan ($220) to 1299 Yuan ($190). But this price cut will only last for one day.

The Xiaomi Mi5C is a great looking device, but this new leaked version of the phone looks like just the phone we were hoping for.

Well we knew all about it so it cannot be a surprise don’t you think? The Xiaomi Mi 5C is official after its grand unveiling …

xiaomi mi5c

Xiaomi’s Mi5C phone has cropped up from time to time but new certifications suggest the handset might be close to launch. The Xiaomi Mi5C has …

xiaomi mi5c

The Xiaomi Mi5C has been making rounds this past week online. Now, a Weibo leakster claims that the device on the 6th of December.