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zuk edge 2 special

ZUK Edge is pretty new phone, that has been showed nearly 2 months ago. But today we can see leaks of it’s successor, ZUK Edge …

Lenovo ZUK Edge

The Lenovo ZUK Edge is said to feature an hidden home fingerprint scanner, but is it really that hidden? Let’s have a look at some real photos.

ZUK Edge specifications

The ZUK Edge is official, and it’s probably the cheapest SD821 phone on the market. What’s more, it has an 86.4% screen to body ratio!

zuk edge

With only one day left before launch, Lenovo bosses are teasing what to expect from their start-up’s new phone.

zuk edge

Compared to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, the ZUK Edge shown in these photos looks a little underwhelming.

The ZUK Edge unveiling invitations have been sent out, and with this, the ZUK Edge is now set to launch on the 7th of December. In other words, tomorrow.

ZUK Edge

New leaked photos of the upcoming Lenovo ZUK Edge. From the photos we see the curved screen rumors have been proved wrong.

The nano cousin of the Mi Mix, aka the ZUK Edge is all set to be launched in China in a week’s time.

Lenovo’s ZUK sub brand are after the Xiaomi Mi Mix now with a new super phone of its own the ZUK Edge.

ZUK Edge

Lenovo’s ZUK might be releasing another amazing smartphone — ZUK Edge — very soon, it’ll most likely feature a curved display, and the Snapdragon 820.