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Elephone have already got Android 7.0 running on their Elephone P9000 phone and made the following video to show the update in action.

Elephone has released a video showing some of the features of the new Elephone S7,

Elephone have two pieces of news for us today so hold on to your hats!

Uhans have another U series phone on the way named the U300, we don’t know much so far but here is what we’ve uncovered.

The Elephone S7 is an upcoming ‘bezel-less’ flagship phone from Chinese phone maker Elephone. Here’s a quick demonstration video of it!

OnePlus might be out of the mid-range phone game, but they aren’t intending to give up on audio accessories anytime soon.

The Soft Gold version of the OnePlus 3 is now officially announced for select markets. Here’s what you need to know.

Budget phones are generally still getting budget amounts of internal memory, but not the new Doogee Y300 which will now ship with 64GB option too.

A new video shot by UMi shows how fast the fingerprint scanner on the UMi Touch is compared to the iPhone 6S.

Bluboo have released 2 protective accessories for their budget Bluboo Picasso and made a video to show how effective they really are.

In a move that would only possibly work in China, Oukitel have taken the K4000 Pro to various events and asked fans to punch the …

Ulefone are working to launch their first audio-centric phone to market, and what better way to show their progress by testing their phone against a Vivo device?

Oukitel’s flagship phone does have plenty going for it, from the huge 10,000mAh battery to the tough metal chassis, but could it be waterproof too?

Elephone have a bit of a bee in their bonnet when it comes to the Xiaomi Mi5 and this is their 2nd video showing another of their phones up against the flagship Xiaomi phone.

After months of teasers and a presale, the UMi Touch finally hits the web in a hands on video. UMi have certainly managed to keep …

The rather chunky Cubot H2 takes a starring role in this latest YouTube hands on video, what do you make of the latest large battery …

Bluboo’s entry to the budget smartphone market is the Picasso and it will be available to pre-order from the 10th March from just $69.99.

Thanks to the super fast folks at I have already received my Xiaomi Mi5, so here is our Xiaomi Mi5 unboxing video. At this …

If you read our Fresh Goods Friday feature last week you will have seen the Cubot Note S. Here is the unboxing of that new …

Elephone have shot a short video comparing the differences between the Elephone P9000L and the P9000 Lite.