China Mobile ‘Confirms’ Next Gen iPhone to be 4G!

iPhone 5 getting 4 inch screen metal body
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iPhone 5 getting 4 inch screen metal body

Will the next iphone look like this?

China Mobile claims that it has reached an agreement with Apple to bring to bring its 4th generation TD-LTE mobile data connection to the next generation iPhone.The claim isn’t exactly new news as it was originally reported back in May, and doesn’t specify which model of iPhone it will be in, but could hint at the next generation iPhone actually being an iPhone 4S type device, with updated 4G capabilities, rather than a totally new iPhone 5 design.

This could also tally with the recent rumors that the next generation iPhone, iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S, has actually started carry network testing.

China Mobile, the largest mobile network provide based on subscribers, isn’t the only large carrier to let iPhone news slip of iPhone specs and release dates. Earlier this year Korea SK Telecom claimed the iPhone 5 would launch in July (turned out to be the white iPhone 4)