About Us

About Us

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Hi I’m Andrew Sykes, the bloke who writes Gizchina.com as you can probably tell from the site I love gadgets, technology and anything considered a little on the geeky side.
I started Gizchina because of my love of technology and the fact I happen to live in a country who is growing and innovating faster than any other, China!

Gizchina brings the latest news on cloned or ‘Shanzhai’ devices from Shenzhen, industry news, rumors, spy shots and videos plus reviews to our global audience with multiple daily updates. The majority of our 1000’s of loyal readers come from the USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Spain, China and many other countries.

As we’re a tech site we like to keep our readers up to date in the most advanced ways possible so we use RSS feeds and have a mobile version of the site (your phones browser will automatically display the mobile site). iPhone users might want to see this article to see how they can get the Free Gizchina web app.

If you are part of a social network like Facebook or Twitter you’ll be happy to know all of our stories are instantly posted to our Twitter and Facebook pages the moment they are published.

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