China Unleashes Cat Army on Rodent Invaders!

Chinese military pussy
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Chinese military pussy

China launches cat army against rat problem

We don’t tend to use the terms ‘hundreds of’, ‘stray cats’, ‘organized’, ‘cat army’ together, in fact before today we swear those words were only ever used together in the plot of a poorly made 80’s ‘B’ movie! But it seems the Chinese government have actually mobilised a stray cat army to take on a rat invasion!

100’s of stray cats have were rounded up earlier this year and, ‘organised’ (how do you organise wild cats?) in to roving squadrons of feline armies, whose task it is to exterminate the vermin problem in Xinjiang’s Bole City, China.

Pest control officers released the ‘cat army’ in to the grasslands and have reported significantly less rats this year than in previous years……

What’s more, to make the feline forces feel more comfortable in the war zone, civilians in the area are being offered cash compensation if they give one of their stray allies a home!

Via: Shanghaidaily

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