iPhone 5 Screen Cover Shows size and new home button

iphone 5 screen guard china
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iphone 5 screen guard china

iPhone 5 screen guards in China show a larger home button and bigger screen

Just yesterday we thought we had uncovered news proving the iPhone 5 will feature the same old round home button as previous iPhones, but these leaked screen protectors speak a different story.

A gadget site based in Hongkong managed to get their hands on a couple of screen protectors which are apparently for the next generation iPhone.

iphone 5 screen protector china

The larger home button could support gesture based input according to some cources

The iPhone 5 screen guards, available in matt and clear finish, show a larger screen and also a larger oval shaped home button hole.

Could this be the real deal? does anyone still even care? Will there even be an iPhone 5 next month?

Via: Unwire.hk

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