Yet Another iPhone 5 Accessory Shows Larger Size

iPhone 5 case size comparision iPhone 4
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iPhone 5 case size comparision iPhone 4

iPhone 5 case size comparision iPhone 4


I’m sure you are all getting as fed up as we are with all the iPhone 5 news and rumors, but news is news….

Here we have photos of the current generation iPhone 4 sat inside a claimed iPhone 5 case.

Iphone 5 case with iPhone 4

Another look at an iPhone 5 case with an iPhone 4 inside


The case is a good bit bigger than the iPhone 4, which has roughly 4mm of empty space around it.

tapered design of iphone 5

The side of this case gets a thinner tapered design when compared to the iPhone 4

Looking from the side we can see that tapered profile is there again, making for a much thinner iPhone than the current generation.

Via: Shanzhaiji

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