What Happened When Steve Jobs Met With China’s Tudou CEO?

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Wang Wei 200x300 What Happened When Steve Jobs Met With Chinas Tudou CEO?

Wang Wei (Gary Wang) tells of his disastrous meeting with Steve Jobs

For those of you who don’t know Tudou is one of China’s video sharing sites, it along with Youku and many others have been making millions in China, thanks partly due to their pirated movies and TV shows, but largely due to Google’s Youtube service being blocked in China.

Read the story of Gary Wang, CEO of Tudou and his disaterous meeting with the late, great Steve Jobs!The full translated transcript of the meeting can be read over at the excellent Techrice website but here is a bit of an intro to the story before you hope on over.

He had a “Holy shit! Can’t believe I’m in the same room meeting with Steve Jobs!” face.

Youtube had just been blocked and Apple were looking to enter the Chinese market with the iPhone 4 and soon after the iPad, so Jobs and the rest of the Apple crew started to meed with the CEO’s of China’s video sharing sites to see if a deal for a new video app could be made.

To this day iOS devices in China don’t come with Youtube installed, so you can guess how the meetings went!

Head over to Techrice to read the full and very entertaining story!

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