Acer Launching a new 11.6 inch Chromebook next month

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Having used Google’s Chrome browser on a number of devices, I’ve grown to like the idea of a web-based OS with everything in the cloud so news of a new Acer Chromebook launching soon might indicate the start of my Christmas wish list!

according to Acer the company are still very much in the Chromebook race despite their 1st generation model being seen by many as a failure. Acer aren’t giving up though and have stated that their 2nd generation Chromebook is currently in mass production and should see a release date sometime in October.

The 11.6 inch Chromebook from Acer is expected to cost roughly $250 when launched and will be available in the U.S and Europe. Those of us in China however will have to hold our breath as Chromebooks are seriously difficult to find and are often over priced.

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