Huawei Ultrastick E3331 is the worlds smallest USB data card

huawei ultrastick e33331
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Huawei have really stolen the show at CES. They’ve launched the huge Ascend Mate, powerful Ascend D2 and now the world’s smallest, Ultrastick E3331, USB data card!

The Ultrastick E3331 is designed to connect to a laptop or Android tablet with USB for fast connectivity with HSPA+ networks, with Huawei stating the device can reach speeds of 21Mbps!

Although this tiny, and mightly convenient device could happily work on networks such as AT&T and T-mobile, Huawei currently have no plans to launch the E33331 internationally, and the only planned launches are the Philippines and possibly China!

Huawei have gone on to say they are currently investing in producing smaller, more advanced mobile broadband products, which will likely begin to arrive from later this year!

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