Baidu working on Baidu Eyes as an alternative to Google Glasses!

Baidu working on Baidu Eyes as an alternative to Google Glasses!


It was only a matter of time before someone in China decided to produce their own version of Google Glasses, and that someone is search giant Baidu.

Reports on Sina Tech state that the first prototype versions of Baidu Eyes are currently undergoing testing despite Baidu working on the new wearable platform for ‘Years’. Baidu Eyes are said to be equipped with small LCD screens, voice control and bone conduction to amplify sounds through your scull.

Battery life is claimed to be 12 hours thanks to a close partnership with Qualcomm and Eyes can also connect to Baidu’s cloud services and apps.

There are a few unanswered questions such as what OS will they be running (we guess a custom version of Android), when will they go on sale and for how much? What we do know is that they are likely to be much cheaper the Google’s own $1500 Glasses.

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