New Samsung UI for Smartphones Leaked

Samsung New UI
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Samsung is at least considering dropping its fairly popular TouchWiz UI for something different. Either that, or it is getting a significant overhaul.

The somehow mysterious yet reliable @evleaks has posted an image that he alleges is Samsung‘s new, still in development User Interface (UI) for smart devices. The three part image shows what looks to be GPS instructions on a locked screen, a Google Now-like card system on a home screen and a fairly pedestrian no frills home screen.

While nothing is confirmed until we get word from Samsung, @evleaks has been extremely spot on in the past and there is no reason to assume he isn’t right once again.

The TouchWiz name has been with Samsung for a long time, with the first versions of TouchWiz predating Android phones. TouchWiz 3.0 launched in 2010 as an Android Custom ROM for Samsung phones and the company has been updating the software ever since.

If Samsung moves forward with this UI we could possibly get our first look at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where Samsung is expected to display the Galaxy Note 3 Neo and possibly the Galaxy S5, its next flagship phone.

We will keep you up to date as more information comes in.

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