Mystery Huawei Device Shows up with Smartwatch in latest leaks

huawei mystery device leaked
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@Evleaks has posted this render of the Huawei Smartwatch alongside a mystery device which is clearly not the the Huawei Mediapad X1.

The render shows us the Huawei Smartwatch/braclet, which has been spotted in the flesh an numerous occasions, next to an unknown Android device. We know that Huawei will launch the Mediapad X1 (leaked with full specs here) and the Ascend P7 at Mobile World Congress, but could this mystery machine also make an appearance?

What we can see from the render is a slim device which appears to have a metal body and front facing speakers like the HTC One. The volume rocker and power button are located on the right which seem to be the only on body controls as the OS looks to have a Meizu style ‘Smartbar’ arrangement.

The image also shows us that the Huawei smartwatch will sync with your device to show incoming calls. Notifications and tracking features are also expected.

More Huawei news over the next few days during MWC.

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  • Ivo001

    The phone reminds me of the HTC One