First images of the HTC W8 Windows Phone leaked

First images of the HTC W8 Windows Phone leaked

htc w8 leaked render

If you like the look of the alloy bodied HTC M8 but want Windows in your pocke then the HTC W8 could be what you have been waiting for.

Leaked by the famous, and usually accurate, tipster @evleaks, the HTC W8 will be a Windows Mobile loaded version of the flagship M8. As we can see from the render not much will be changed and the Windows models retails the same dual facing front speakers and dual lens camera as the Android model.

If HTC are planning to have the same team in charge of keeping the W8 a secret as the HTC M8 then we can expect leak after leak of the new phone until an official launch.

[ @evleaks via ]
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  • A cheaper lumia 630 with dual sim and capacity to add 128 gb in storage is more attractive to my humble needs.