Vivo X5 touted for August launch

vivo x5
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Not at all impressed with Gionee currently having the the slimmest LTE smartphone one the market, Vivo have started to tease details of a new phone named the Vivo X5.

Now before you all get too excited the Vivo X range of phones is not the same as the Xplay range. The X series are usually mid range smartphones and sit beneath the Xshot and Xplay, so not a new flagship but rather a new mid-ranger with serous specs.

Chinese sites are in dispute over what the Vivo X5 will be packing in the way of processing power. All agree it will be a Qualcomm chipset, but some say it will be a 1.2Ghz Snapdragon 400 while others say a Snapdragon 600 will be employed. The rest of the hardware is pretty much agreed upon by all sites and state that the rear camera will be a 13 mega-pixel shooter with larger aperture, the front an 8 mega-pixel with 88 degree wide lens and around 2GB RAM.

The X5 is also believed to have a 5.7-inch display (HD or FHD we are not sure), LTE and have a body thickness or less than 6mm. Pricing could be as little as 2000 Yuan for the new Vivo which is quite good considering what Vivo usually offer in Camera and Audio features.

[ Image via Vivo Facebook ]

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  • analfischer

    Are we still playing this 2000mAh bullshit?

  • Wat

    Is it dual sim?

    • vijayhimla

      Very valid querry..coz.dual sim capability is now a must. As also these 2000 mAh. Batteries for 5 inch plus inch displays are a joke..

  • Brooklyn701

    totally useless product. Design fail due to battery limitations and thinness stupidity… Sry