Xiaomi adds Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses to their crowdfunding platform

Xiaomi adds Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses to their crowdfunding platform


A new pair of Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses was added recently by Xiaomi to their Mi Home crowdfunding platform at a price of 199 Yuan ($29).

Turok Steinhardt Sunglasses

We’re talking about a pair of polarized sunglasses with no-border design and lenses that can filter ultraviolet light (100% filtration) and weigh a mere 18 gr. It is made out of Nylon polarization material, which is considered to be one of the lightweight lens materials available today, which doesn’t not break (or fragment) easily and comes with a stylish frame design.

This stylish pair of sunglasses is open for funding via Mi home, available in gun color (for the frame) and  gray, gold and blue color for the lenses.

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  • Alexander van Scherpenseel

    These look awesome, Is there any way to get these if not from China?

    • Rino AP

      import it with 3rd party reseller (if someone sell it)

    • Bojan Radovanović

      not yet, it’s still crowfounding….but if you not falling for marketing triks about Turk Streinhardt, you can buy similar sunglasses for cheaper