Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition will be delayed, due to manufacturing issues

Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition will be delayed, due to manufacturing issues


Xiaomi Mi 6 made quite an impression during its official unveiling, not only because it’s super packed with high tech specs but also because of its available color options. The chinese flagship comes in 4 variants: Black, Blue, White and Silver, bearing in mind that the ceramic edition comes in black color.

However one of the most impressive colors was the silver one, the first ever of its kind by Xiaomi that comes with a small secret: it’s still in a test stage at this time, so don’t expect to see it available anytime soon.

According to Xiaomi officials, the Silver Edition will have limited production, due to its extremely difficult electroplating process. This specific process is very sensitive and takes place in a vacuum environment where dust and other impurities are completely absent. According to Xiaomi, a single speck of dust can render the entire batch useless during electroplating.

As you can see in the images below, this color variant offers a highly reflective mirror-like finish that surely creates an impressive overall effect. Have a look at our small gallery of the Xiaomi Mi 6 Silver Edition, but don’t expect it to reach mass production in large numbers.

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