GIVEAWAY: Win a free 5020mAh Vernee Thor E!

GIVEAWAY: Win a free 5020mAh Vernee Thor E!

Vernee Thor EVernee Thor E 4G Smartphone

We’re back with YET another giveaway! Today we’re offering our readers a chance to take home a free Vernee Thor E smartphone.

Before we talk about how you can participate, let’s talk a bit about the Thor E. At the first glance, the Thor E is a run-of-the-mill ‘big battery’ phone.

However, there’s more to the phone than meets the eye. First off, it comes with a battery that’s more than 5000mAh in capacity, and secondly, the phone features a unique ‘E-ink’ mode that ensures you get the last bit from the battery.

Read more about the phone here.

Participate in the giveaway

Vernee Thor E giveaway

What do you think? Are you giving this a shot?

Terms and conditions

  • The contest will run from 9th May to 15th May 2017 (GMT-08:00)
  • This contest is open to readers of GizChina worldwide
  • The prize will be shipped via Registered Post/EMS/DHL/FedEx
  • The winner will be responsible for any VAT/customs duties applicable
  • We will not be held responsible for lost/stolen shipments
  • We (GizChina/ reserve the rights to making changes to this contest and/or the rules
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  • sinnerz2000

    My first smartphone was the Xiaomi Redmi 1s. I’m using the Redmi Note 3 right now.

  • MattD

    Yeah buddies… We’re still waiting for the results of other giveaways… But let’s partake anyway lol

    • Which one?

      • MattD

        My bad, probably I had some problem with gleam so it didn’t show the winners for older giveaways like umi plus e’s one… Now I checked and everything’s normal, with people never seen before here winning the phones, as usual lol

  • Сергей Стецура

    Thanks for the chance

  • Dāvids Lazdāns

    My first phone was Siemens A35

  • Mery Saiz Lopez

    my first smartphone was iphone 3

  • pa5t1s

    What was your first smartphone? iOcean X7

  • Fonsi Lopez Gallo

    my first was Samsung Galaxy s2

  • Johann von Schadowitz

    My 1st one was a Jiayu.

  • CB_Android

    it´s mine !!! .-) A Nokia 3310

  • Victor Mazo Zunzunegui

    el iphone 3g

  • Mehmet Karatas

    Galaxy S i9000

  • Ângelo Grácio

    Siemens A50
    I still have it 🙂
    Good luck guys !

  • John Kramps

    I think my first smartphone was an iPhone 4. Was just using a Samsung flip phone before that.

  • Arslan Abner

    Using Zen3max, but need a 2nd one for heavy stuff

  • Chickens

    HTC Explorer

  • Mário Carvalho

    Siemens S45

  • Cynaegeirus

    Samsung omnia

  • Isaac Loose

    Oneplus X

  • Boris Bmp

    Samsung Galaxy Pocket

  • Alexander Genvarev

    Infocus M560

  • Artur Lisiecki

    My first phone was old Sagem, which model i can’t even remember.

  • mf1gt3r

    Tecno N3

  • Hania Balewicz

    Nokia 3210

  • Jonathan Correa

    My first phone Washington a nokia 1100

  • Zosia Samosia


  • Nuno Filipe

    my first smartphone was bq aquaris 5.7

  • Chavdar Ivanov Chavdarov


    weird, “refer friends” says I need to complete 1 more step, though I fulflled first 2 steps

  • Panagiotis Vaidomarkakis

    My first smartphone was a Sony Ericsson X10 mini,great phone that fitted in your pocket!

  • Josefina Zunzunegui Garcia

    htc wildfire

  • Mario Breški

    Huawei y300 if I remeber correctly

  • Paul Thijs

    Samsung Galaxy SII….back in the days a great device with great community support

  • Hambutty

    I would love to try one of Vernee’s phone, fingers crossed for this one.

  • Enormous John

    A Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V

  • gonchu

    htc diamond! with windows!

  • غياث عجم

    Nokia 6303 classic


    samsung galaxy nexus

  • Kamarul Ismail

    Sony Ericsson K800i

  • llookkmmaann kkaammaall

    first smartphone is redmi note 4g

  • Rustem Nurmambetov

    Good trend – bigger batteries. Some more ROM would be great

  • Luis Amaral

    first smartphone was the samsung galaxy 2.

  • cge_ingat

    samsung galaxy s1

  • ม.ร.วกิ๊ก ณ นิวยอร์ค

    galaxy note 2

  • rakesh jain

    my first smartphone was UMI X2

  • Jerome Camacho

    Samsung Galaxy gt-s5360

  • BSJD

    5000mAh battery in this phone is good, going to last for days with moderate use

  • Fathallah Haj

    Nokia 6110

  • goodwill

    of course this will attract freebie goers but no real buyers.

  • Arefin

    Sony Xperia U was my very first smartphone and I loved it.

  • gonz

    First phone was en Motorola Analog phone from the 90’s

  • qudsbeat

    moto g2 (2014) was my very first smartphone and I loved it.


    My first Smartphone was, Micromax Canvas A1 (Android One)!

  • I don;t remember the name but it was a polyphonic sony phone which at that time has the capability of setting a song as a ringtone which was super cool.

  • Ekeluo Chukwuogor

    I. Want. Me. Tired.

  • Jim Gram

    My first smartphone was the HTC Desire

  • Sabahat Ashraf

    My first smartphone was Nokia Lumia.

  • Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    My first smartphone was Samsung Corby.

  • Ravin Lad

    Moto G 1st Gen was the first smartphone of mine which is still working. Having updated to Android 5.1.1 and now it’s obsoleted. But I love to use it as my Daily driver phone.

  • Già Diagwn

    An Htc Hero ( with Android 1.5 Cupcake) 🙂

  • Conrad Aquilina

    HTC Desire S 🙂

  • Pavel Eisinger

    Siemens C35

  • YTG

    Nokia Symbian N series.

  • Arpit Patel

    Nokia 3310

  • Nick Ajumuka

    Samsung SGH-E250

  • Han Hyuk

    Nokia Symbian

  • Basti K

    My first smartphone was a HTC Wildfire.

  • Emaan Ahmad

    Nokia Lumia 535

  • sunny bhogle

    Lg L5 dual

  • suresh bhogle

    Xiaomi RedMi 2 prime

  • Carlos Miguel Pereira

    HTC Magic Thanks!!

  • Simon Hobi

    iphone 3s

  • Smg Kumar

    Nokia 5800
    Awaiting to see the E-Ink mode

  • Abegunde Olusola Innocent

    Nokia 6230

  • Hamid Mehmood

    my 1st smartphone was nokia 6600.that time it was considered one of the best phones

  • Michael Cham

    Redmi 1s

  • Stefan Halter

    My 1st was a Siemens C20

  • Quang Nguyen

    nokia 1100

  • Martin Cenek

    My first phone was a Siemens C25i

  • Mieczysław Szustakowski

    Nokia 3310 was my first cellphone.

  • cYn

    alcatel one touch easy 🙂

  • Vangelis Antonopoulos

    estar X45

  • Jay

    Samsung Galaxy SL

  • Michal Maudr DjLoutka

    first iphone

  • My first smartphone is LG Optimus 2X 😀 It’s still in my desk drawer 😀

  • tony

    coolpad mi496

  • Yaroslav Vishnyak

    my first smartphone was Nokia E50 on Symbian OS. and my first android smartphone was THL W3+.

  • Jonas Petrauskas

    My first smartphone was Google Nexus4

  • vodanium

    Nokia N82

  • Muhammad Yasir

    Im YET to win anything from these giveaways !

  • DarthBatman

    Nokia 3230. I still miss the joystick…

  • jesus jam

    Iocean X7s

  • Stefanos

    My first smartphone was iphone 4

  • Verochka Petroff

    Doogee x5

  • Maciej Lewandowski

    My first smartphone was Gloofish ?

  • Leandro Ds

    nokia n95

  • waterresist

    Ericsson 2618 🙂

  • Levi Ebora

    LG Optimus P500

  • Adalbert Arkosi

    HTC Desire Z

  • Paulo Isidro Pereira

    Mobile phone C2 by Siemens

  • Asriel Rusdyawan


  • Wang Christopher

    iPhone 3

  • Amit Kale

    Motorola defy

  • Bilal

    Nokia 6030.. back in 2005 I think!!.. it has a 2G connection with a browser!! I used to LOVE this thing!

  • Adam

    Nokia E51

  • Shayyan Adrian

    iPnone 3G

  • XYZ009

    Ericsson 2618

  • Ghazala Shaheen

    Nokia N95

  • Andrey Filkin


  • Alen Kalac

    my first smartphone was LG KU990 VIEWTY presmartphone with some cool features at that time

  • Sopla

    My first smartphone was LG GT540 (also named swift or optimus in some countries)

  • Nur Hafiqah MJ

    My first smartphone was Samsung Galaxy Grand

  • Jefferson Dionisio

    I want one Vernee Thor E.

  • Jefferson Dionisio

    btw, my first Android smartphone was Xperia X8 launched in 2010.

  • jorge

    samsung star

  • Rust


  • Diego Snow

    Motorola C200

  • Aryadi Chandra

    samsung galaxy grand prime since 2015

  • HyperTT

    HTC hd2

  • Mehfooz Ur Rehman

    HTC Desire

  • Farhat Ashraf

    iPhone 2G was my first smartphone

  • Wiktoria Siewierska


  • Vulcano

    Siemens C35

  • Nokia

    Nokia N95

  • Cergey

    Eten Glofiish X500+

  • Hashim Abubaker

    My first phone was a Samsung s2

  • pfaftle

    I haven’t owned a smartphone yet 🙁 so hopefully this one will be my first!

    • goodwill

      reeaallyy? sure. hahaha.

      • pfaftle

        Yes, really. Still running on a Nokia 6600F that I bought in 2008. I can’t afford an upgrade.

        • goodwill

          You can’t afford an upgrade, reaally? You can get a smartphone as low as 50usd or even lower depends on where you live nowadays. I saw your comment history. You seem to be going around applying for giveaways. Haha

          • pfaftle

            What do you want me to do? Apologise for being unable to get a job? Apologise for spending what little I money I do receive wholly and solely on food and clothing for my children/family? Or shall I apologise for trying to dig myself out of poverty the only way I can?

            • goodwill

              Unless you don’t have 2 hands, 2 legs and is disabled, don’t give nonsense excuses like you can’t get a job. Even a child working min wage in McDonald can afford a smartphone. Let alone a parent working as a janitor are able to provide schooling, food to their children and still be able to purchase a smartphone.

            • pfaftle

              Ahh, so you wish me to apologise for being born with a lifelong mental ailment where the psychiatric assessment is that I’m mentally unfit to work and therefore unemployable. Well, sorry…. Are you happy now?

            • goodwill

              Oh, so now you’re mentally ill? Sorry, but I call the BS. You’ll loose custody of your children if you’re mentally unfit, btw and not forgetting social welfare benefits for you and your children if you’re actually disabled. So, I call BS.

            • pfaftle

              No, not “now”… Always have been, always will be.
              Call what you like, you’re wrong…
              You know nothing of my world other than what I have shared with you (and you had no call to ask for) or what life is like in Australia for one in my situation (patently).
              I must remark, “goodwill” is a rather strange choice of name for one who behaves as you have, unless you chose it purely for the irony.

  • Kazma Kurek

    blackberry curve 8300

  • BlackAsphodel

    Motorola, but I don’t remember the exact model.

  • Baruch Ben Michael

    I don’t have a smartphone

  • Badelhas

    Galaxy S3

  • SirMohk

    this would be my first smartphone

  • Ghazala Mehfooz

    Innjoo Note

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    love the phone.
    my 1st smartphone was a samsung duos.

  • Raky_b

    My brother beads5a New phone, and this one would be perfect cose of it’s great battery life

    • Thi Ha

      if your brother needs a new phone then my brother needs a nee phone as well. hehehe

      • Raky_b

        should we buy them, or wait a bit more!?
        i never seen someone has got something from this giveawes.

  • Юлия Будылина

    sony ericsson k790i

  • Дмитрий Будылин

    Nokia N82

  • Sihem Sihem

    samsung Galaxy S3

  • MercuryView

    My first smartphone was a Samsung Star.. What a piece of rubbish that was lol
    we’ve come a long loooooong way. If I just look at the fantastic phones we handle and review almost weekly… Its amazing
    And since we never had the honor to do a hand on review with a Vernee device this would be a perfect chance.
    We would do a lovely item on this great looking phone. Fingers crossed!!!

  • Bruno Marcic

    My first smartphone was htc windows 8x

  • Fatoh Haj

    Lumia 925

  • Thi Ha

    Nokia with VGA camera back in 2005

  • Sagar VK18

    Nokia and the Micromax canvas 2.2

  • Brandon Sparks

    Mine was an LG Tracfone..

  • Heinz Dundersztyc

    LG E460!

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    noname, battery died very fast

  • Ilya Shcherbatov

    Refer Friends For Extra Entries – LOCKED!!!

  • Ilya Evgenevich

    Nubia z5mini

  • Rustem Nur

    HTC Diamond. Funny luggyish phone, but the next one was a survivor – HTC Desire