Watch: Elephone P8 gets GPS fix in a matter of seconds

Watch: Elephone P8 gets GPS fix in a matter of seconds


After testing the GPS signal on the Elephone P8 mini, the company now puts the bigger Elephone P8 to the test. How will the 5.5-inch camera-phone perform? Let’s have a look at the video below below!

Just like the smaller sibling, also the Elephone P8 is super fast at getting a GPS Fix, taking just a couple of seconds. Now we know this test doesn’t necessarily mean a great GPS experience in real world scenarios, but if you compare it to cheaper or older devices (also from Elephone themselves), the faster GPS fix is a big step in the right direction already.

The Elephone P8 isn’t fast only when using GPS though, the smartphone comes with a powerful MediaTek Helio P25 CPU clocked at 2.5Ghz, 6GB of fast DDR4 RAM and 64GB of internal storage. Since it’s also a camera-phone we find a big 21MP sensor on the back and a 16MP shooter at the front.

Elephone P8 Mini

You can learn more about the Elephone P8 or buy one over at the official website.

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  • Oriana Sarmiento

    El T10 que Nomu ha lanzado me parece espectacular, recomiendo verlo

  • Chandan Mitra

    I’m waiting to see the sample pictures taken from this device. Eagerly waiting for that.

  • Paul

    Really faster and I hope this can give inch to inch accuracy in measuring the distance and location!

  • Steven Pearson

    Seems to be a flagship. They should release this device by arranging press release. Is this device available out side China?

  • Mamon Das

    As it is a camera phone, does it supports 4K video play and 4K video recording?
    Also does it have voLTE?