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Later then expected Goophone release the $150 GooPhone i6 Plus

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goophone 6 plus

GooPhone are usually hot of the bat with knock off iPhones but we guess Apple caught them off guard with the large screen iPhone 6 plus which put them on the back foot.

Meizu MX4 Pro will be larger than the MX4 confirm spy photos

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meizu mx4 pro leaked photos 2

There have been disputing facts concerning the Meizu MX4 PRO with some sources saying the same 5.4-inch display and others a larger 5.5inch. An actual spy photo suggests the latter.

iFive Mx2 Windows Tablet reveals all

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ifive mx2 windows tablet

iFive are flaunting their stuff in the Windows tablet market with the all new iFive MX2 Windows device which is rumoured to cost only $200.

Meizu “the beat goes on” November 4th, and leaked WIFI speaker details

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meizu wifi speaker

Meizu keep us guessing with their Facebook post hinting at Music related products on 4th November.

Vivo X5V shows up at TENAA could have 64bit Snapdragon 615

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vivo x5v tenaa

An updated version of the Vivo X5 turns up at TENAA detailing a new processor that looks very much like the octacore Snapdragon 615 SoC.


Meizu will announce something on November 4th

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meizu music

We are still waiting on the official launch date of the Meizu MX4 Pro when news that the company will announce something on 4th November.

Huawei upset Mate 2 owners, will not release Kitkat update

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mate 2

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 owners are up in arms today with the shocking news that their smartphone will not be receiving an Android Kitkat update!

Launched: Oppo R5 is the worlds thinnest phone at 4.85mm

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oppo r5 launch 3

It looks like the government boffins at TENAA got things a little wrong as the Oppo R5 has officially launching in China with a body measuring only 4.85mm.

Oppo N3 launched for $654 : Full specifications and details

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oppo n3 launch

Lots of new Oppo products launched today, but the one we are most interested in is the Oppo N3, rotating camera phone!

DOOV V1 rotating camera phone, and ultra narrow bezels appears at TENAA

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doov v1 tenaa

TENAA are certainly putting in the overtime today, with the Oppo R5 certifiied and ready to go on sale and now the DOOV V1 rotating camera phone turning up for approval.

Oppo R5 spotted at TENAA with 5.5mm body and Snapdragon 615

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oppo r5 tenaa

Later today Oppo will begin the official launch of the Oppo N3 and wafer thin Oppo R5, but before we get official lets see what TENAA have to tell us about the ultra-thin Oppo R5.

Oneplus apologies for pre-order issues, announce details of 2nd round

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oneplus preorder

OnePlus began it’s preorder system yesterday with a one hour window where fans experienced log in errors and unfinished pre-orders! So what went wrong?

Mystery 4mm Oppo could be the Oppo R5 with Snapdragon 615

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oppo n3 render

Tomorrow Oppo will announce the Oppo N3 along with a mystery slim phone which could be the all new Oppo R5 smartphone with Snapdragon 615.

Luxury Geak Watch II Android watch launched in China with round touch screen

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geak watch 2

Start-up Geak have just announced their second generation Geak Watch II is now up for presale, boasting a beautiful design and round touch screen.

Huawei Honor 4X details released! Supports international networks!

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huawei honor 4x

Huawei have jumped the gun and posted details of the Huawei Honor 4X a day earlier than scheduled complete with full specs and pricing.

Black version of the Xiaomi Mi4 on sale today, but for China Mobile only

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xiaomi mi4 black

Xiaomi launch the black version of their flagship phone in China today, but international fans must wait even longer.

Meizu release Flyme 4.0.3i for international MX4

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meizu MX4 review

If you are one of the lucky owners of the Meizu MX4 International model, then you will want to be updating your phone to the latest version of Flyme 4.0.3 for the phone.

2nd Generation OnePlus phone will run OnePlus ROM out of the box

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oneplus one review gizchina

The OnePlus One has been a roaring success and so a 2nd generation phone is on the cards, with it’s own OnePlus developed ROM.

Hisense VIDAA PAD F5281 is chasing the worlds thinnest title for tablets

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hisense vidda

Hisense, better know for their entry-level phones, and Android smart TVs are about to make a splash in the tablet market with the all new Hisense VIDAA Pad F5281.

Alternative Bamboo OnePlus One covers costs just $9.99

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bamboo oneplus one cover

If you’re still reeling from the news that style swap covers are cancelled for the OnePlus One, but still want a Bamboo case, then you’ll be happy to know there is an alternative.