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Open Thread: Are Xiaomi’s designs to close to knock offs for global markets?

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xiaomi apple

Xiaomi have already made steps in to certain countries, and have already made their global aspirations known, but before they do take on the world do they need to launch more unique products? Products that don’t take their inspiration from rival phone makers!

Vivo’s new flagship believed to use sapphire glass display

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sapphire glass vivo

Premium Chinese phone maker Vivo are rumoured to be using the same sapphire glass technology as Apple in their next flagship smartphone.

iPhone 6 knock off runs fake iOS in video

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fake iphone 6 wico 6

We have seen dummy units of the iPhone 6 online before now, and even caught a glimpse of a few of the internal components, but this a different beast all together. Chinese phone maker Wico (remember them from last week with the near bezeless phone?) have put together an iPhone 6 clone based on all the current leaks we have seen so far.

GooPhone threatens to release iWatch clone before Apple

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goophone iwatch clone

Just hours after telling the world about their iPhone 6 clone, news of GooPhones iWatch knock off hits the feeds.

GooPhone announce GooPhone i6 iPhone 6 clone ahead of Apple

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goophone i6 iphone 6 clone

GooPhone’s boldness has not lost its edge! Today the infamous Chinese clone maker announced that it had already cloned the iPhone 6, the GooPhone i6, and will be releasing the phone in August.


iPhone 6 surfaces again in the hands of Chinese pop star

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jimmy lin iphone 6

Jimmy Lin, the famous pop star, blogger, car racer and part time Apple prototype leaker has been spotted flirting with the unreleased iPhone 6.

Chinese clone makers produces palm sized iPhone 5S mini

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iphone 5s mini clone

With a larger screen iPhone 6 phones on the horizon could Apple find themselves in the need to create mini iPhone in the future? Chinese clone makers seem to think so and have forged ahead to create one.

More iPhone 6 Dummy Photos Appear, Shows Off Three Colors

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An iPhone 6 dummy unit has been making the rounds on the internet, giving us a potential look at what the iPhone 6 may look like (or at least one model of it) when it is announced later this year.

Alleged iPhone 6 Prototype Leaks

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Apple has suffered an uncharacteristically high number of leaks in the past few weeks, while it is impossible to know which are legitimate, they seem to be gaining credibility as we reach the suspected June reveal. The latest alleges to be a prototype version of the upcoming iPhone 6. This leak, which contains no Apple logos, goes […]

iFive Mini 3GS coming soon with Mediatek octacore and retina display

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ifive mini 3 retina tablet

As the name would suggest, the iFive Mini 3GS is the 3G equipped version of the popular iPad Mini clone the iFive.

4G iPad Air and iPad Mini Finally Reach China

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The 4g variations of the iPad Air and iPad Mini have finally been released in China.

Is this the iPhone 6 borderless display?

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iphone 6 front

The iPhone has largely remained unchanged throughout its life and the iPhone 6 seems to be much of the same, with the exception of a possibly borderless design.

Webnes Emulator Brings NES To Every iOS Device, Even Non Jailbroken Ones

Posted on in Apple, news | 0 comments is a web based NES emulator that can be used with any iPhone or Android phone (oddly enough, it didn’t see my Nexus 7 as a “mobile device”).

Fake? First Look: Leaked photos of the iPhone 6

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iphone 6 leaked photos

Finally an iPhone I could own! These leaked photos of a purported iPhone 6 come from Chinese factories and show off some very nice design improvements.

Steve Wozniak drops by at the Xiaomi HQ; Reveals he’s a Xiaomi Mi3 user!

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After ex-Google VP Hugo Barra, it is Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak who finds his way into the Xiaomi HQ! Before you start making optimistic assumptions, let us tell you that it was a mere visit to the Xiaomi HQ for the veteran. Fresh Xiaomi recruit Hugo Barra posted a picture of Wozniak interacting with people […]

Purported: iPhone 6 metal frame caught on camera!

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iphone 6 leaked metal frame

Rumours of a larger iPhone have been doing the rounds for some time but these photos are the first time that purported physical proof of a larger iPhone 6 has come forward.

Japanese manufacturer iosys churns out ioPhone5, a $150 iPhone 5c clone

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Chinese manufacturers, notorious for their low-cost clones of popular devices like the iPhone, now have some competition to deal with; and it’s coming from a close neighbour, Japan! Japanese manufacturer iosys recently unveiled a smartphone that goes by the name of ioPhone5. It isn’t very difficult to guess that the device is an impersonator of an […]

China Mobile Announces iPhone Deal

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apple revenue grows in china

China Mobile’s customers are about to get the world’s most popular smartphone. With the company getting access to China’s new 4G network, which is compatible with Apple’s phones, announced today that it will begin selling iPhones to its 700 million customers. The move was widely suspected by observers of the Chinese tech scene, since China […]

“iPhone is Still King” Says Xiaomi CEO

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xiaomi lei jun

“[The] iPhone is still the best smartphone on the market” is a phrase Android enthusiast are probably tired of hearing by now. But it has a bit more sting when it comes from a more credible source, like Lei Jun, the CEO of the increasingly popular Chinese Android phone company Xiaomi. “For Xiaomi, there is […]

Onda V975M launched, it’s a $160 iPad Air with Retina display!

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onda v975m ipad air clone

Yesterday Chinese tablet maker Onda launched their new Onda V975M 9.7-inch tablet for 999 Yuan high-resolution display and an iPad Air design!