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Purported 6-inch iPhone prototype leaked photos

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6-inch iphone leaked

Over the past few days we have heard rumours that Apple are testing a 6-inch iPhone device, if this is true are these the first leaked photos?

iPhone 5c hands on video

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iphone 5c hands on video

While most of the Chinese tech world watched for the Meizu MX3 launch, a short leaked video of the iPhone 5c made it’s way on to the web.

$99 GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C Clone to launch in September

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goophone 5c iphone clone

Chinese clone maker GooPhone are at it again with news claiming that they will be ready to launch a GooPhone 5C iPhone 5C clone in September!

iPhone 5S packaging shows 128GB model coming

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iphone 5s 128gb

A purported image of the iPhone 5S packaging has shown up to reveal a larger storage version of the phone will be available this time round.

iPad 5 rear shell photos leaked

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ipad 5 leaked shell

Apple’s grasp over it’s new products has slipped again today the latest security breach allowing for the iPad 5’s rear shell.

More blue iPhone 5C photos leaked

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iphone 5c leaked blue

By the looks of all the recent leaks of the iPhone 5C, Apple haven’t just made cuts the the manufacturing of the phone, but also spent significantly less on trying to keep it a secret!

CHUWI Mini Pad V88 makes a great iPad mini alternative

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chuwi mini pad v88

The Chinese Android tablet has really struggled to find it’s niche and take off, but with the advent of smaller 7-inch devices such as the CHUWI Mini Pad V88 things a looking up!

Fully assembled low-cost iPhone on sale in China!

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low cost iphone leaked china 5

We have seen the rear cases, and some of the components of the low-cost iPhone, but this is the first fully built new iPhone we have seen and it is on sale in China now!

Hands-on with a couple of Android iPad mini clones at Sino CES

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android iPad mini clone

Sino CES has attracted companies from all over China, and it didn’t take us long to come across a couple of Android powered iPad mini clones.

Basic Bear, a budget iPhone inspired Android phone or an impersonator?

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basic bear budget iphone clone

Over the past few hours a number of sites have posted details of the alleged budget iPhone caught on camera, is it the real thing or viral marketing for a new Chinese Android phone?

iOS 7 Unveiled – Everything you need to know!

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ios 7 design new hero

Apple have finally unveiled their all new, and we mean “all new” version of iOS, the company’s mobile OS. Keep reading for all you need to know about iOS 7. iOS 7 has easily been the most anticipated iOS updated since the iPhone originally launched. Unlike previous versions of the OS which only brought new […]

GooPad mini 7 finally goes on sale in Standard and Plus versions

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goopad mini 7

Way back late last year, Apple released the Apple iPad mini and just hours after the launch Goopad gatecrashed the party with news of the Goopad mini! It’s taken some months but the GooPad mini 7 is finally on sale.

Ramos X10 Mini Pad a quad-core iPad mini eater for just $180

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ramos x10 mini pad

Ramos launches the Ramos X10 Mini Pad, a quad-core, Android running iPad mini alternative at a fraction of the price!

Chinese start-up creates pirate iOS App store and iTunes alternative

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Chinese start up 7659 creates web based pirated iOS App store and iTunes alternative which doesn’t require a jailbreak!

No.1 P7 Mini Pad Android 3G iPad Mini clone with 2GB RAM on sale 18th April

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no1 mini pad

Forget the GooPad mini, The No/1 P7 mini Pad is THE Android powered iPad mini clone to buy! Awesome hardware, great looking design and a low $160 price tag! The launch of the No.1 mini Pad isn’t just great news for all of us wanting to buy a well spec’d Android tablet, but it also […]

Daily Deal: Save $50 on GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone

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goophone i5 discount

For those of you who love the look of the iPhone 5, but can’t justify the price tag or the locked iOS eco-system then the GooPhone i5 is the obvious phone to choose, and now there hasn’t been a better time to buy one! We reviewed the GooPhone i5 a few months ago, and concluded […]

The No.1 mini Pad is an amazing iPad mini knockoff with quad-core processor, 2GB and phone function!

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no 1 mini pad ipad mini clone

Finally an Android powered iPad mini knockoff we can happily go out and buy! The No.1 mini Pad packs features the real iPad mini won’t have for generation (if ever) and it’s launching very soon! While we at Gizchina are stern Android phone fans, we all agree that the iPad mini is still one of […]

Ramos launches the Mini Pad and Android iPad mini alternative

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ramos mini pad ipad mini clone

When it comes to tablet design, the iPad mini is one of the best looking and easy to handle out there, it’s just a shame it runs iOS! Fortunately Android tablet maker Ramos have their own version of the iPad mini called the Mini Pad which runs Android! iPad mini clones are just starting to […]

Daily deal: GooPhone launch the GooPhone i5S a low-cost iPhone 5s clone!

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goophone i5s Android iphone 5s clone

Last year China’s GooPhone managed to beat Apple to the punch with the iPhone 5 and actually announced it’s clone of the new phone before Apple. History is repeating itself once again as the GooPhone i5S clone is already on sale!

GooPad mini rival the No.1 Mini Pad packs 3G and stylus

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goopad minipad

No.1 have announced their GooPad mini rival and iPad mini clone with 7-inch display, built-in 3G and handwriting recognition.