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AONOS T5 18.5 inch iMac Clone looks amazing!

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We’re featured our fair share of iMac clones over the past year, but this is the first manufacturer who not only make a great looking product but has also provided us with links to their website for full details, specification and photos!

KuPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone real photos, specification and price

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iPhone 5 clones are going to be flooding the market for the next 12 months, and while we have seen a few on the market already none look to be made to the same standards as the KuPhone i5 especially considering the price!

Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 clone hands on video!

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The Hero H2000+ is one of the first iPhone 5 clones which is available now to buy from China. We have already posted a full review, but now we have an exclusive hands of video for you!

Leaked photos show off Xiaomi TV guts! Rumoured to support Apple Airplay!

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Earlier this week we reported that Xiaomi could possibly be launching an Android based set top box which will convert your current TV in to an internet smart TV. We’ll now we have further proof of the new Xiaomi device.

Hong Kong shoppers get the lowest iPad Mini prices!

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So today is the big day that the iPad Mini goes on sale around the world, and those lucky Hong Kong ren are not only had a chance to buy the new Apple tablet before anyone else but they also get the lowest prices!


GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone specifications and photos

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Yesterday GooPhone released updated specifications and more photos of their GooPhone i5 phone now today we get our first glimpse at the GuoPhone G9 iPhone 5 clone, with 4 inch Sharp display.

GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone specifications, photos and release date!

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The GooPhone i5 is the stuff of legends! It is the first iPhone 5 clone to surface BEFORE the iPhone 5 launch, and it comes from the only Chinese phone company bold enough to threaten to sue Apple over the iPhone 5 design! And now after a few months we finally have official specifications! But […]

iPhone 5 owners will wish they got the GooPhone i5 Packaging!

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A few months ago we broke news that Chinese iPhone 5 clone maker GooPhone were preparing to sue Apple should they release the iPhone 5 in China. Well that hasn’t happened as neither the iPhone 5 nor GooPhone i5 clone have arrived here yet, but judging by these leaked packaging photos the i5 is coming […]

The 7 inch MIUI Pad is Apple Lawyer bait!

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Although I do like what Apple makes I don’t condone the way they go after everyone who manufactures a device which looks similar to theirs (if you kind of squint at it and catch it in the corner of your eye) and its Apple sue happy nature which could be keeping sweet 7 inch MIUI […]

Knock off iPad mini Smart Cover available from less than a $1 from China!

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If you haven’t already heard the news, well Apple finally announced the iPad mini! A smaller, more compact iPad for those of us who want an iPad in an easier to carry format. Well to keep the iPad mini scratch free Apple also announced an iPad mini smart cover, but you don’t need to pay […]

Chinese clone makers on form! Refreshed iMac clone running Windows 8 launched!

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Yesterday Apple announced the iPad mini (which we all knew about) and a refreshed, thinner iMac along with some other products, well not to be outdone, Chinese clone makers announced their own iPad mini clone (see here) and a Windows 8 running iMac clone!

GooPhone announce $99 GooPad mini iPad mini clone

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GooPhone made waves earlier this year when they announced they would sue Apple if the iPhone 5 launched as they claimed they own the rights to the new design now the cheeky brand are launching an iPad mini clone named the GooPad mini in time for Christmas!

Leaked details show KuPhone plan MT6588 quad-core 1.7Ghz iPhone 5 clone

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Kuphone have been in the iPhone clone market for some time now and after just recently discontinuing their popular iPhone 4s clone have entered the iPhone 5 clone market. Now leaked documents claim that KuPhone will be launching 3 versions of their iPhone 5 clone with the flagship model sporting a 1.7Ghz quad-core CPU!

First official photos of the KuPhone i5 iPhone 5 Clone

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Not to be confused with the still yet to be seen GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 clone, someone close to Chinese brand Kuphone has managed get some spy photos of the new KuPhone i5 along with preported specification details.

iPad mini update! Colours, delays and screens!

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Rumours suggest that the new iPad mini could see a launch date of the 17th October with the first batch of small iPads available for Christmas. As the date is nearing we are beginning to get more iPad mini news, some good and some not so good!

iPad Mini Clone on sale in China with dual-sim support!

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From all the rumors leaked photos and even the fact that dummy iPad mini’s are on sale we’ve put together a pretty complete picture of what the mini iPad from Apple is likely to offer. But if you are still left wanting and want a more Android feel to your iPad mini while getting the […]

iPad mini release date 17th October?

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Apple seems to be getting worse and worse at keeping it’s new products tightly hidden away before launch. I have already produced my own hands on with a dummy iPad mini here, and now we are treated to some photos of a 3G iPad mini during manufacture.

Exclusive: Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 Clone First Impressions

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This past holiday weekend Hero were nice enough to send us one of their all new Hero H2000+ iPhone 5 clones for us to review. Take a look at our initial impressions, photos and benchmarks after the jump.

ZoPhone iPhone 5 clone everything you need to know!

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ZoPhone weren’t the first to launch an iPhone 5 clone in China, however they do seem to have produced the most accurate iPhone 5 clone available even down to the new ear buds and Apples marketing!

iPhone 5 receives green light to go on sale in China

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While Apple have always managed to do most things pretty well, one problem which has constantly cropped up is the speed of them getting network approval for China, that is until the iPhone 5 that is!