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Ramos launches the Mini Pad and Android iPad mini alternative

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ramos mini pad ipad mini clone

When it comes to tablet design, the iPad mini is one of the best looking and easy to handle out there, it’s just a shame it runs iOS! Fortunately Android tablet maker Ramos have their own version of the iPad mini called the Mini Pad which runs Android! iPad mini clones are just starting to […]

Daily deal: GooPhone launch the GooPhone i5S a low-cost iPhone 5s clone!

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goophone i5s Android iphone 5s clone

Last year China’s GooPhone managed to beat Apple to the punch with the iPhone 5 and actually announced it’s clone of the new phone before Apple. History is repeating itself once again as the GooPhone i5S clone is already on sale!

GooPad mini rival the No.1 Mini Pad packs 3G and stylus

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goopad minipad

No.1 have announced their GooPad mini rival and iPad mini clone with 7-inch display, built-in 3G and handwriting recognition.

Quad-core GooPhone i5 2 rumours begin

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goophone i5 2 quad core

The GooPhone i5 is quite simply the closest you can get to buying an iPhone 5 without actually buying an Apple phone, best of all it runs Android! If only it was a little more powerful!

Retina display iPad mini parts spotted

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retina ipad mini leak

Purported leaked photos of the Retina display iPad mini have been discovered with unveil a few details of the next tiny Apple tablet.

GooPad Mini spy photos show dual-sim stand by and 3G built-in!

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goopad mini spy photo hero

Is the GooPad mini real was it all just an elaborate hoax? These are questions we were beginning to ask until these GooPad mini spy photos turned up! The GooPad mini has been the stuff of legends ever since it was announced last year. The $99 Android tablet, could be the perfect answer for those […]

Next Generation iPhone 5S photographed in Foxconn factory!

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iphone 5s spy photos

Alleged photos of the next generation iPhone, taken inside a Foxconn factory have been posted on Chinese tech sites. Could this be the iPhone 5s?

JiaYu G5: a quad-core 4.5-inch iPhone 5 clone coming soon!

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jiayu g5

There has been a lot of talk recently about the idea Apple could be launching a larger 4.8-inch iPhone later this year, but why wait that to turn in to nothing buy rumour when JiaYu are planning the JiaYu G5! A quad-core, 4.5-inch iPhone 5 clone coming soon! JiaYu phones have always been “inspired” from […]

Exclusive: GooPhone i5 Hands on photos

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goophone i5 hands on photos

We are currently working on another in-depth Gizchina review, and this time we have something rather special! The GooPhone i5!

Knock off iPhone 5 inspired Android tablet looks tacky!

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iphone 5 clone android tablet china

Are you disappointed the iPhone 5 only got a 4-inch display? Do you want something huge, but with the iPhone 5 ‘look’ well you are in luck as Chinese manufacturers are now making 7-inch iPhone 5 tablets! Last year we saw the Dropad, an Android tablet with 7-inch display and the styling of the iPhone […]

“High Imitation” iPhone 5 clone gets Lightning connector and “Safiri” browser!

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I witnessed first hand yesterday on a trip to the local phone market, that the iPhone 5 isn’t as popular as previous versions, and as such there is less demand for quality knock-offs. However there is a small market for iPhone 5 clones, it’s just a shame that most of the ones we have seen […]

Samsung aiming to supply more chips to Chinese phone makers!

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samsung plans to sell more chips to china

Now that Samsung and Apple have parted ways, the Korean electronics giant is looking to Chinese phone makers to bring their factories up to capacity again. Since the iPhone launched, Samsung have been an integral partner with Apple producing components for the iOS phone and subsequently the iPad and iPod. But the partnership is no […]

SkyCross Unveils 12-band Tunable Antenna for Multiband 4G LTE! And It’s awesome!

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In the old days (i.e. as recently as 2009), in most markets mobile carriers belligerently locked their phones so you couldn’t use the devices you paid for on any network but their own. Over time, government stepped in and some jurisdictions asked (for  example, Hong Kong) and many jurisdictions forced (i.e. America) carriers to unlock their phones either. In […]

Zophone i5 iPhone 5 clone launching soon for $195

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zophone i5 $195

The Zophone originally announced their ZoPhone i5 a few months ago, but it is only now that we are getting some firm indication of the phone will actually go on sale.

Chinese start-up KuaiYong allows free iOS Apps without a Jailbreak!

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kuaiyong allows free ios app downlaods no jailbreak

The iOS Jailbreak community lost a valuable asset this week with the closure of Installous, but Chinese start-up KuaiYong aims to fill that void, what’s more you don’t need a jailbreak!

iPhone 5S leaked components suggest IGZO Retina+ display and better camera

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leaked iphone 5s components

According supply chain sources, the 7th generation iPhone (iPhone 5S maybe?) may come with higher resolution screen and higher pixel camera. The so-called “Retina+” Display update is thought to be Apple’s attempt at keeping up with the higher resolution 1080 screens found on the majority of flagship Android phones for 2013, displays which the current […]

Still no GooPad Mini release date but official specs and distributors have been set!

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If you hadn’t already heard, the Goopad Mini is the $99 Android alternative to Apple’s iPad Mini. If offers the same styling with the only external difference being the use of a mini USB in place of Apple’s Lightning connector. Oringinaly the Goopad Mini was set for a November release date, however word of the […]

Quad-core iPhone 5 Clone to get 2GHz CPU and Android 4.2 for $230

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quad-core mt6589 iphone 5 clone

Since the initial excitement after the iPhone 5’s launch, we have seen very little of the purported Android powered clones which were all over the news at the time, but of the few we have seen this quad-core model could be the best.

Android powered netbook looks like an old Macbook Air

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Laptop computers were once the bread and butter of Shanzhai markets across China, but with the surge in smartphone and tablet popularity computer makers have been having a hard time, which could explain this Android powered generation one Macbook Air clone.

Jelly Bean powered iPad mini clone revealed

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The iPad mini is going to be one hot product this Christmas, but if you are a savvy tech shopper and prefer Jelly Bean to iOS then this 8 inch iPad mini clone could be the stocking filler for you!