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Elephone announce plans for 64bit Elephone P6000

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elephone p6000

Elephone have announced that they will be taking the 64bit bull by the horns and releasing the Elephone P6000 in the coming months.

Coolpad launch new flagship under the new ivvi brand

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coolpad ivvi k1

Coolpad have claimed the stake in the new 1799 Yuan price range war with a new phone under the all new ivvi brand.

Zeaplus M4, Xiaomi Mi4 clone will cost only $99

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zeaplus m4

The Xiaomi Mi4 has served as the inspiration for a handful of other smartphones which are now entering the market. Of them allthe Zealplus M4 is by far the cheapest.

Elephone P8 Pro, first of many ‘Pro’ models from China

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Pro fever it taking hold in China! After the launch of the Meizu MX4 Pro we have visited many manufacturers in Shenzhen who are all keen to add a ‘Pro’ to their range. Elephone are one of the first with the familiar looking Elephone P8 Pro.

Huawei’s Ascend P7 finally goes on sale in India

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Huawei’s eye-catching Ascend P7 has finally completed its voyage to India. But is it priced a bit too much?


Alcatel looks to gain headway in India with the One Touch Flash before Xiaomi’s Redmi Note

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Alcatel just outed the One Touch Flash phablet in India, which happens to be a serious Xiaomi Redmi Note competitor!

Meizu MX4 Pro Hands on Video

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Meizu MX4 Pro Hands on Video  -

We didn’t want to keep you waiting too long so after a long search for a stable internet connection I have finally been able to upload our Meizu MX4 Pro hands on video.

Meizu MX4 Pro launched here are the full specifications!

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meizu Mx4 Pro hands on

Today was the day many of us had been waiting for, the launch of the Meizu MX4 Pro, here are the complete specifications and hands on photos.

Live: Meizu MX4 Pro launch begins

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Here is a quick update from Meizu MX4 Pro launch which is in progress right now in Beijing.

Start up brand Zeaplus launching MT6595 phone with Lollipop

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zeaplus mt6595 phone

Chinese smartphone start up have just opened the doors to their newly launch website which details their first flagship, the MT6595 powered Zeaplus M6.

Ramos i9 Gaming Edition Tablet comes with Intel chip, gamepad, and choice of OS

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ramos i9 gaming tablet

Hot on the heels of the Nvidia Shield gaming tablet is the Ramos i9 Gaming Edition with choice of either Windows or Android OS running on its Intel chipset.

Analysts believe a $130 Meizu phone is heading to market

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meizu blue charm

Chinese tech analysts believe that Meizu are ready to take on Huawei and Xiaomi in the entry-level turf wars with a 799 Yuan smartphone.

More Meizu teasers, another leak and is $522 really the price of the MX4 Pro

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meizu mx4 pro password

While the team at Meizu are more than likely busy preparing for tomorrows launch, media in China have been cruising the teasers and leaks which might suggest a lower price point.

Zopo 3X: Zopo rename their flagship and offer it for $100 less with 16GB memory

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zopo 3x

Zopo have given their updated and renamed flagship Zopo ZP999 another new name, less memory and lower price to make it the most affordable MT6595 phone on sale.

32GB MX4 on sale in China from the 18th November

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32gb meizu mx4

This weeks big new is the Meizu MX4 Pro launch on the 19th (and whatever Nubia are planning), plus we can look forward to the release of the 32GB MX4.

Meizu MX4 Pro turns up on GFX Bench revealing processor and more

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meizu mx4 pro think higher

If you want to wait for the Meizu MX4 Pro launch on Wednesday then close your eyes now as GFX Bench has revealed processor details.

Nubia to release their rival to the Meizu MX4 Pro on 19th November

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nubia launch mx4 pro

Meizu fans are looking forward to the prospect of seeing the MX4 Pro this week, but ZTE are planning to crash the party with their own Nubia phone launch!

Ever wondered how Meizu make the MX4? Here’s a video

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meizu MX4 review

The MX4 is a great looking a comfy phone, but just what lengths do Meizu go to to produce such a classic device?

Meizu MX4 Pro flyer shows pricing from $521 in China, plus more device rumours

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meizu mx4 pro pricing

We have had more Meizu MX4 Pro leaks this week that ever, not surprising seeing that the phone will be unveiled just next week, a phone that could cost from $521.

Xiaomi Mi5 already in production? Spy photos show near bezel-less design!

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xiaomi mi5 leaked

Leaked photos from a production line somewhere in China show a new Xiaomi smartphone. Could the Xiaomi Mi5 already be in production?