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Huawei have tablets and wearables to launch at MWC

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huawei mwc

MWC is the next big event in the tech calendar. Huawei are already working hard on their event show which will see the launch of new wearables and tablets.

Ulefone Be X goes on sale for $89.99

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ulefone be x

Ulefone set foot in the entry-level war zone with their Ulefone Be X costing just $89.99 to international customers.

2GB RAM JiaYu F2 official release soon, specs and photos here

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jiayu f2

JiaYu have released spy photos, specs and even official documents stating that the entry-level JiaYu F2 will be launching very soon.

OnePlus One getting a new metal look?

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oneplus teaser

OnePlus China have posted a teaser which suggests something metal is coming very soon but what could it be?

Did Xiaomi miss a trick by pricing the Mi 4 close to 20,000 INR in India?

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xiaomi mi4 review

Xiaomi finally launched the much anticipated Mi 4 in the Indian market today, but did it price it right?

Ulefone to launch the Ulefone Be X for less than $100

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ulefone be x

Ulefone have sent over news of another smartphone they plan to launch at the end of this month. The 8-core Ulefone Be X will cost less than $100.

2GB RAM Version of the JiaYu S3 now on sale for $189.99

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jiayu s3 review

JiaYu S3 phones are not available internationally through resellers, with pricing from as little as $189.99.

Meizu team up with Qualcomm for China only m1 note

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meizu m1 note snapdragon 615

Quite a historical day today for Meizu, with a new phone, smart products and even a version of their Meizu m1 note powered by a Qualcomm chip!

Meizu m1 vs Xiaomi Redmi 2

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xiaomi redmi 2 vs meizu m1

With the launch of the Meizu m1 it was inevitable that we would put together a table comparing the new entry level Meizu to the popular Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Update: Meizu m1 launched with 5-inch display, LTE and 128GB SD support!

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meizu m1 specificaions

The Meizu launch is still on going, but the news that we were waiting for has already been announced! Here are the specifications and a few details about the new Meizu m1!

Live: Meizu Connected launch live stream begins shortly

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meizu connected launch

It’s only 30 minutes now until Meizu take to the stage in Beijing and announce their new products and services. We will update this post with the latest launch news as and when we get it. Stay tuned!

Elephone hope to undercut the Meizu m1 and Redmi 2 with the Lollipop running G2

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elephone g2

Costing just $100 and available to markets in both Asia and Europe from February, Elephone have big hopes for the Elephone G2.

Lenovo brings back Motorola to the Chinese market

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Motorola says Hello China, and with some style!

Meizu getting “Connected” with AKG, Opera and Pei Wo

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akg meizu

Meizu sound like they are going to be connected to more than just your Haier washing machines as the company teases more ahead of this weeks launch.

Minix Neo Z64 with Windows 8.1/Android KitKat TV box now on pre-order

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Resellers are now taking pre-orders for the all-new Minix Neo Z64 (Windows/Android) TV box.

OnePlus enter Indonesia

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oneplus one

OnePlus are setting up shop in Indonesia in partnership with the countries largest E-commerce platform Lazada.

Update: THL 2015 heading to MWC with fingerprint scanner and 64bit chip

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thl 2015 banner

THL have had a long hiatus from the limelight but they hope to capture our attention once again with the release of the new THL 2015 at MWC this year.

Xiaomi sell 9000 Mi Box Mini in 17 seconds

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mi box mini

Xiaomi’s tiny home media plug has proven popular in China with the first rounds of Mi Box Mini sales going in only 17 seconds.

LeTV launch new mobile and in car OS, but no smartphone of their own

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leui launch

Although a leaked photos of a LeTV smartphone was spotted yesterday, today’s launch only revealed a new mobile and in car OS.

Xiaomi release their Bluetooth Gamepad for 99 Yuan

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xiaomi gamepad

It’s not much of a surprise today that Xiaomi’s gaming related launch is the official release of their Bluetooth Xiaomi gamepad.