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Obi Worldphone: Second attempt by ex-Apple CEO to make a decent phone company

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Obi Worldphone is a new smartphone company backed by John Sculley, i.e., the guy best known for ‘firing’ Steve Jobs in the 1980’s.

3 x Qiku 360 flagships launched with Snapdragon 810, 808 or MTK chips

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qiku 36o phones

Security specialists turned phone maker 360 announced their range of smartphones in China this week sporting either Mediatek or Qualcomm chips. Here are the full Qiku 360 specs.

iNew is back with the MT6735 iNew L3

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unnamed (2)

The new iNew L3 is an attempt from the Chinese maker to win back the share of the market that it has lost in the past few months.

Budget Doogee X5 Pro gets a RAM updated before launch

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doogee x5

Doogee’s planned X5 range is set for a September launch, but already the Pro version of the phone has received a ROM update from 1GB RAM to 2GB.

Zopo’s Speed 7 finds its way into the Indian market (officially)

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Zopo has taken its new Speed 7 smartphone to the Indian market. The octa-core phone has been priced 12,999 INR and is set to go on sale starting 1st Sept.

Meizu MX5 launched in India, costs 20k INR

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Meizu MX5 (20)

The Meizu MX5 is now official in India for a price of 19,999 INR. After the m1 note and the m2 note, the MX5 is the third Meizu phone to go on sale there.

The Smartisan U1 is a $140 pep phone

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The Smartisan U1 is a peppy and colorful US$140 smartphone meant for the Chinese youth.

Elephone’s crowd funding event has the aim of an $89.99 smartphone

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elephone trunk

Elephone have just dropped another smartphone sales promotion on the Chinese tech world where fans reserving and sharing their reservation contribute towards a final lower price tag.

Flagship Qiku spy photos show dual camera and fingerprint scanner, but pricing is high

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qiku flagship

Qiku will be releasing their flagship phone later today in Beijing, and as the tradition goes, here are some last minute leaks.

Meet the tiny Elephone Q, a tiny phone with few surprises

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elephone Q

Just when we thought we had seen everything, Elephone have gone and thrown us a curve ball with the announcement of the super tiny Elephone Q.

Look out Xiaomi, LeTV getting in on the low-cost router action

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letv router

Xiaomi aren’t the only ones with a low-cost dual antenna WIFI router available. LeTV have also shown off their small black offering with a few screen shots of the accompanying app.

Oppo R5S announced with updated specs but still on Kitkat!

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oppo r5s

Oppo remain one of the leaders in thin smartphone design and have just updated their 4.85mm think R5 to become the R5S with higher specs.

Super slim 6-inch Oppo R7 Plus phablet arrives in China

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OPPO R7 Plus

Joining the smaller Oppo R7 smartphone, is the Oppo R7 Plus which launched on the 18th August in Southeastern Asia markets and on the 21st in China.

Huawei Honor 7 coming to the EU and UK for £200?

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huawei honor 7

Direct to customer sales is the future of Chinese phone sales, and Huawei might finally be launching such a sales model outside of China to customer s in the UK and Europe.

Huawei Honor i7 is a nice twist of smartphone camera design

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huawei honor i7

Take the Oppo N3 concept and place the camera on a more adjustable stalk and you have what Huawei are calling the new Huawei Honor i7.

ZUK Z1 hands on and first impressions

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zuk z1 hands on

Ahead of tomorrow’s launch, I get my hands on the ZUK Z1 to see if the latest Lenovo brand and start-up have what it takes to tackle the Chinese smartphone world.

Ulefone announce full specs of their Ulefone Paris smartphone

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ulefone paris

Ulefone have finally announced some hardware details for the Ulefone Paris smartphone, a device for fans of smaller 5-inch phones.

Exclusive: first look at the international ZUK Z1

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zuk Z1 international

I’ve just arrived in Shenzhen, and managed to get an early peek at the international version of the ZUK Z1 packaging and phone.

Dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon could launch at IFA

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siswoo r9 darkmoon spy

Siswoo will be at IFA next month but the rumour is that they will finally be unveiling the dual screen Siswoo R9 Darkmoon phone at the mobile conference.

Oukitel U6 dual-screen phone pre-orders will start at $239.99

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OUKITEL U6- preorders internationally

We’ve all wondered just how much these dual-screen smartphones will cost at launch, and it is Oukitel who have finally come forward and put a price, and international pre-oreder, on their E-inch equipped phone.