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Meizu MX4 screen panels caught on camera with 1.1mm bezels

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meizu mx4 display leak

You could hardly call the screen bezels of the Meizu MX3 wide, but compared to leaked Meizu MX4 display parts and designs the new phone has gone much thinner.

Spy photos show of the 5mm thick Gionee Elife S4.8

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gionees s4.8

Thought the Gionee Elife S5.5 was thin? Well that’s old news! Gionee already gave a thinner phone in the works and these are the first spy photos.

Oppo Find 5 mini now available in Mexico

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oppo find 5 mini

Oppo have released the Oppo Find 5 mini, aka the Oppo R827, on Mexico’s Telcel Mexico.

Eton P5, LTE and 4000mAh battery

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eton p5 lte

Chinese phone maker Eton, continue to concentrate on smartphones with larger battery capacity with the Eton P5.

Xiaomi Mi4 sells out in 37 seconds in China

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xiaomi mi4 sold out

There is always a lot of excitement surrounding a new Xiaomi phone launch, and the start of the Xiaomi Mi4 sales in China was no different!


Xiaomi Mi3 listed as ‘out of stock’ within 2 minutes of going on sale via Flipkart

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29th mi

Xiaomi’s Mi3 ‘sold out’ within 2 minutes of going on sale, leaving fans outraged: Are things blowing out of proportion for Xiaomi?

Xiaomi Mi3 batch #2 goes on sale on Flipkart at 2pm today

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Xiaomi’s first India phone, the Mi3 is all set to go on sale again today at 2pm via the usual!

Elephone P2000: Bad luck or bad components quality?

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Not so good news today about our Elephone P2000 sample. It broke. Did the same happen to you?

Vivo Xshot Review – My top pick for 2014 so far!

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vivo xshot review hero

The Vivo Xshot is the newest phone in the current Vivo lineup. The handset is interesting as it isn’t designed to be a flagship model, it’s a camera centric device, but with the features it has on offer it is easily capable of mixing it up with the best of the best.

XOLO Q900S Windows Phone customers receive Android variant from Flipkart!

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Flipkart, an online retailer based in India that happens to be the biggest of them all, just pulled off something it probably would’ve been better off without!

Xiaomi Mi4 pre-orders begin in Italy

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xiaomi mi4 launch

In the past it took months before international resellers were able to get their hands on the latest Xiaomi but this, it seems, is no longer true as Italian resellers have already started pre-orders.

Lenovo Vibe Z2, aka K920, receives network license

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lenovo k920 network license

Lenovo’s K920 has been sighted at the Chinese Ministry of Communication, which can only mean one thing! The latest flagship Lenovo is ready for launch!

Huawei P7 receives update to Emotion UI 2.3

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huawei ascend p7

Huawei’s flagship Huawei Ascend P7 has received a recent update that brings Emotion UI 2.3 to the phone.

iPhone 6 knock off runs fake iOS in video

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fake iphone 6 wico 6

We have seen dummy units of the iPhone 6 online before now, and even caught a glimpse of a few of the internal components, but this a different beast all together. Chinese phone maker Wico (remember them from last week with the near bezeless phone?) have put together an iPhone 6 clone based on all the current leaks we have seen so far.

MIUI V6 leaked screenshots show us the new Xiaomi UI

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xiaomi miui v6

MIUI V6 leaked screenshots show us the new Xiaomi UI

First real photo of the bamboo Xiaomi Mi4

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xiaomi mi4 bamboo rear

At the Xiaomi Mi4 launch, Lei Jun announced that the new flagship would be available with alternate style covers. Here is the first look at the bamboo model.

5.9-inch Nexus on the way?

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google nexus 5

While the Nexus program has seen some powerful phones and potent tablets, there essentially hasn’t ever been a phablet in the scheme, something which might change very soon!

Elephone P2000 Review – Fingerprint security, and high specs

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If you have been active in the wonderful and exciting world of Chinese phones for a while, you will know that there are manufacturers who surprise on a regular basis. Elephone definitely is one of those very active manufacturers, and recently has been making waves with Kitkat launches and new feature packed phones like the Elephone P2000 we […]

Coolpad 8675-HD receives Tenaa certification

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coolpad 8675 hd

What does the body and spec of a phone look like of a 44,785 point Antutu monster? Well here it is, and shockingly it is a another Mediatek phone.

Dual-core Lava Iris 460 shows up on official website

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Indian OEMs are giving China based makers a run for their money. The Lava Iris 460, an upcoming budget phone only makes their case stronger!