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OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

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OnePlus logo

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Vs TCL Meme Da

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xiaomi redmi vs tcl meme da

TCL through a very powerful and well spec’d stone at Xiaomi today with the launch of the TCL Meme Da. Let’s see how the Meme Da compares to the Xiaomi Redmi Note!

Here’s TCL’s Xiaomi Redmi Note Killer, the TCL Meme Da

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tcl meme da

TCL will officially release their Xiaomi Redmi Note killler today with slighty higher specs and lower price tag!

Update: iOcean release more photos of the beautiful iOcean X8

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iocean x8 review

More photos if the 5.7-inch iOcean X8 octacore phablet release, along with more details of the specification.

GFive Kivu A7 get’s a 181 degree rotating 13 mega-pixel camera

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rotating camera phone

GFive will be the 3rd manufacturer to launch their own unique Android smartphone with rotating 13 mega-pixel camera.


Leef Access brings microSD support to any Android smartphone!

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Many have suffered due to lack of storage on their Android smartphone which lacks storage expansion features. However, this nifty little tool aims to solve this crisis and doesn’t cost much!

iOcean X8 will only be available for the international market!

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iocean x8 hero

Fed up with seeing cool phones launched but only available in China? Soon Chinese customers will know how it feel now that the iOcean X8 will only be available to customers outside of China!

7.9 inch and 2048 x 1536 iFive Mini3 hands on

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iFive Mini3

We brake away from our norm of Chinese Android smartphones to bring you a hands on with the popular iFive Mini3 Android tablet.

OPPO R1001, an entry-level OPPO spotted at the FCC

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OPPO only announced their flagship Find 7 about a week back, but the company seems keen on keeping things rolling.

First batch of octacore JiaYu S2 will hit Chinese stores 29th March

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jiayu s2 review

At 12 noon on the 29th of this month JiaYu will begin selling the WCDMA JiaYu F1 and the top of the range JiaYu S2 in China.

Zopo ZP1000 turns up on Zoposhop with full specs, costs $269.99

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zopo zp1000

Zopo’s first foray in to the slim phone market begin’s very soon with the launch of their octacore Zopo ZP1000 with 7.2mm thin body.

Xiaomi have just signed a deal to build a Xiaomi Technology Park in 3 years

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xiaomi technology park

China’s Xiaomi are full of surprises and today there was a big one! The announcement of the companies own technology park!

JiaYu F1 WCDMA will be available online for $74.99

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jiayu f1 wcdma

Resellers have already started to make orders with JiaYu for the WCDMA version of the JiaYu F1 and we are starting to see the first international listing for the phone.

JiaYu Opens Flagship Store in Germany

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jiayu store germany

It is not uncommon to hear that Chinese phone companies are looking to enter Europe, but it is quite surprising to see a smaller player beat many of the big brands to it.

Octa-core InFocus M320 with 2GB RAM now being offered for just $160 in China

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The InFocus M320, an octa-core smartphone, is now going for as less as $160 in its home country.

2.5GHz Asian HTC One M8 vs. 2.3GHz US variant: AnTuTu scores

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Benchmark scores of both variants of the HTC One M8 have surfaced, and as expected, the 2.5GHz Asian variant of the device finds itself well ahead of its US/European cousin.

International Oppo Find 7a pre-orders begin 7th April

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oppo find 7a preorder

Oppo Style, the official international store of Oppo phones, have announced the date for the international pre-order of for the Oppo Find 7a.

Real photos of the octacore HTC D616W

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htc d616w octacore

A metallic red version of HTC’s octacore D616W has been photographed today in China.

Xiaomi losses its edge! Takes an agonising 34 minutes to sell 100,000 Redmi Note

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redmi note

Gone are the days when Xiaomi sold it’s phones out in just a few minutes, today it took over half an hour for the Beijing phone maker to shift the first batch of Redmi Note phones!

2nd Generation Geak smartwatch spotted

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geak smartwatch 2

Chinese start-up Geak are working on their newest piece of wearable tech, the 2nd generation Geak smartwatch.