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OnePlus One to cost under $400, here’s exactly how much

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oneplus sketch

We know that the OnePlus One will cost under $400, but how much exactly? This leaked picture seems to know.

OrientPhone Mega Pro 7 or iOcean G7?

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orientphone mega pro 7.0

Two fantastic monster phablets, both with similar specs but which would you choose?

Meizu Releases Concept Screens Of Flyme 4.0, Brings Android 4.4

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Flyme old

Meizu’s forked version of Android, Flyme 4.0, is still a ways off. However, concept images of the OS have been posted to its official Weibo account.

A brief history of Xiaomi – China’s tech success story!

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xiaomi lei jun

A brief history of China’s Xiaomi. Where did they come from, what have they achieved and where are they heading!

iOcean X8 photo samples

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iocean x8 sample photo

Photo samples taken with the rear 14 mega-pixel camera of the iOcean X8 phablet. What do you make of these images?


ZTE Star 1 Now Official, Costs $224, On Sale Now

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ZTE Star 1

We found out about the ZTE Star 1 a few days ago after images of it leaked onto the net. Now ZTE has gone ahead and released the device to the Chinese buying public.

Google’s next Nexus to rock a MediaTek chipset?

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mediatek nexus

Could the latest Mediatek suitor be Google’s very own Nexus smartphone range?

OnePlus One will be sold via invitations!

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oneplus invite system

If you want to get your hands on the OnePlus One Android phone you won’t be expected to preorder the device and wait, instead you will have to be invited!

7-inch, 4G LTE Huawei Honor X1 will launch 22nd April

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huawei honor x1

Next week is certainly one to mark in your calendars, ZTE, Xiaomi and OnePlus will launch new device and now even Huawei enter the fold with the LTE Huawei Honor X1!

With a 5300mAh battery, the Philips W6618 is the king of endurance smartphones!

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Forget the 5000mAh battery powered Eton Raytheon smartphone, we already have an international biggie which has launched one with a 5300mAh battery — the Philips W6618!

Xiaomi Tablet leaked photos, looks a lot like the iPad mini

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xiaomi tablet leaked

Again with the Xiaomi tablet leaks, only this one actually looks more like a tablet and less of a Magic Trackpad.

Xiaomi, Huawei and Nubia want you to forget OnePlus as they plan launches at the same time

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oneplus launch

Oneplus might be a young start-up, but they have a lot of hype surrounding them and the big guns are obviously worried.

iOcean X8 hopes to be the ultimate “Selfie” device with auto focus front camera

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iocean x8 photos

More news about the iOcean X8 has crossed our desk today. iOcean have confirmed that the flagship phablet will get an autofocus front camera and rumours are suggest a launch of next week!

Oppo R1S Release Date And Images Revealed

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Oppo Rs1 header

The 4G variation of the Oppo R1, the Oppo R1S has had images and its release date leaked on Weibo. The Snapdragon powered device should launch on April 25th in China

Are we finally going to see a Xiaomi tablet on 23rd April?

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mystery xiaomi april 23

For a company as large and famous as Xiaomi, they have been experts at keeping their new products under wraps! Today a new image appears of a mystery device, one we hope will be a Xiaomi tablet!

Revealing OnePlus One Images Leak

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One Plus One Leak

The OnePlus One smartphone has been leaked again, revealing the devices innards and screen for the first time.

Top 10 Phones I would buy if money was no object!

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If I had the money I would happily buy a new phone at every launch, but imagine that did happen! Which top 10 phones would you buy?

Xiaomi Mi3S confirmed!

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xiaomi mi3s

Xiaomi have publicly confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi3S will be launching later this year!

Official: OnePlus One Release Countries and Regions

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After a long wait, OnePlus finally unveiled the complete list of 16 regions where the OnePlus One would be available after launch.

LG G3: To have a 2560 x 1440p display, a gold variant, and a summer release!

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LG’s flagship for 2014, the LG G3 is all set to launch with a retina-shredding 2560 x 1440p display, along with a gold variant this summer!