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Purported Vivo Xshot3 photos and specification leaked

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vivo xshot 3

Vivo are focusing on teasing their Vivo X5Pro, but is that really the only phone the Chinese phone maker have? Leaks of the Vivo Xhot3 suggests no.

Oppo’s bezel-less phone, Is it really narrower than a standard phone with bezels?

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oppo bezel-less phone hands on

Once again we see Oppo’s bezel-less phone, but now we have had a good look does a bezel-less phone really make a narrower phone?

Latest OnePlus update brings “Hey OnePlus” to the phone

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The OnePlus One finally receives a feature it was promised way back at launch. “Hey OnePlus” is now activated in the latest CM12 update.

Mlais will launch Mlais M7 and MX next week, here are the details so far

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mlais m7

Next week Mlais will release their Mlais M7 and MX models, and ahead of release, have shared more details about their upcoming smartphones.

Vivo X5Pro 3D curved display, 3GB RAM, Retina scanner coming end of the month?

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vivo x5pro

Reports today suggest that the Vivo X5 Pro will come with a retina scanner for security, 3GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset.

Lenovo K80 unveiled, another large battery, 4GB monster

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lenovo k80

Lenovo have just announced to the world their competitor to the Asus Zenfone, the Lenovo K80 with 4GB RAM and large battery.

TCL P618L launched, AMOLED display, 5000mAh, 90day standby

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TCL P618L launched, AMOLED display, 5000mAh, 90day standby

Acer Liquid X2 gets tri-sim support and 4000mAh battery

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acer liquid x2

Acer have launched their latest Acer Liquid X2 device this week with claimed 2 day battery life from the large 4000mAh battery.

Elephone P7000 $159.99 flash sale reservation starts tomorrow!

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elephone p7000

Elephone’s flagship P7000 will be available through a flash sale reservation starting tomorrow at the incredibly low-price of $159.99. Full details after the jump.

Ulefone tell us more about the Be Touch, fingerprint scanner, and more

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ulefone betouch

Thanks to models such as ulefone Be Pro and ulefone Be One, Ulefone Be Pure , Ulefone Be X . previous year was very successful for Ulefone Mobile and they not going to stop. In May, 2015 Ulefone are planning to release a new flagship with high-end specs.

Xiaomi Mi 4i: Hands on, first impressions and launch recap

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Mi 4i (16)

Hands on and first impressions of the first Xiaomi ‘global flagship’, aka the Xiaomi Mi 4i!

Ported Cyanogenmod 11 arrives for Umi Zero!

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Sem título 3

The Umi Zero is turning in one of favorites Chinese devices of developers. With a lot of custom roms, it’s the time of Cyanogenmod 11 be included on list!

Xiaomi Mi4i Full Specifications

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xiaomi mi4i specifications

Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra has just wrapped up the Xiaomi Mi4i launch in New Dehli, which gives us some time to reflect on the new device and the Xiaomi Mi4i full specifications.

Xiaomi Mi4i “Mi 4 India” launched at $205 (12,999 INR), coming to all Xiaomi markets later in the year

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xiaomi mi4i india

Today over in New Dehlis the Xiaomi team have unveiled a new smartphone device aimed at the Indian market only. Keep reading for details of the Xiaomi Mi4i.

Top 5 Chinese Action Cameras You Can Buy For Summer

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sjcam sj5000 action camera

Chinese tech companies aren’t just about tablets and phones, but also action cameras for capturing those extreme moments. Here are our top 5 Chinese Action Camera picks for this summer.

OnePlus cuts accessory prices by %50 for one year anniversary

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oneplus one no cyanogen branding

Celebrating their first year anniversary, OnePlus have cut the cost of accessories by %50.

Elephone will be shipping new 2K flagships with 4GB RAM not 3GB

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elephone logo

Elephone have managed to keep themselves in the headlines everyday this week, and here they are again with a new annoucement for their upcoming flagship devices with 2K panels.

New Pictures of Mlais M4 Note emerges in the web

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mlais m4

The Mlais M4 Note has made his first appearance a while ago. New images of upcoming device, surfaced on the Internet through a company profile on Instagram.

Mlais release details of another device! Enter the 4800mAh Mlais MX

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mlais mx

Mlais have grabbed our attention with the M52, and the upcoming M7, however another Mlais device lurks in the shadows too! The 4800mAh Mlais MX.

Oppo Find 7 getting a long overdue Lollipop update

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oppo find 7 review 1

Believe it or not but owners of the Oppo Find 7 are still running Android 4.4 Kitkat, but come May Lollipop will finally arrive.