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Xiaomi’s Mi Store coming to the US, UK, Germany and France June 1st

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Xiaomi is bringing it’s Mi Store to the US, UK and a few other European countries next week! Read to know the full list!

Here’s how the Ulefone Be Touch fares against the mighty iPhone 6 Plus camera

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Here’s how the all new flagship from China, the Ulefone Be Touch fares against the might iPhone 6 Plus’ camera!

Bluboo release promo video for the 5300mAh X550

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bluboo x550

Large battery phones are no longer a thing of the past, and one of the most cost effective we have seen so far appears to be the Bluboo X550. Check out more in this promo video.

Are wearables really selling? Zeaplus think so with the launch of the DM360

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zeaplus watch

With the price of Android Wear devices still quite high, Chinese tech makers are still trying to break in to the market with their own cheaper alternatives. Here is the latest from Zeaplus, the DM360.

Xiaomi Mi4i unboxing and first impressions

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xiaomi mi4i

Today we get to grips with Xioami’s latest device, the Xiaomi Mi4i smartphone in a unboxing and first impressions.

Gionee’s 100MP camera enabled Elife E8 poses alongside the Elife S7

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Gionee’s next in line flagship, aka the Gionee Elife E8 poses for the spy camera alongside the svelte Elife S7.

Feature packed Siswoo C55 Longbow comes with 4200mAh battery for only 119 Euros

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siswoo longbow battery

A few days back we posted details of the Siswoo C55, a good looking 4200mAh device which many readers expected to cost a fortune! Official pricing is surprisingly low.

First pictures of Zopo’s Color C series emerges

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It has not been easy times for Zopo, the company that was once one of the most expected in China, now struggles with unattractive and overpriced releases, for most of users. But the company expect to change this with a new range of devices, the Color C series. According to Zopo’s media team, from today […]

Meizu may abandon their Flyme Smartbar

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Some news emerged from Meizu today, which can be worrying for many used to their Flyme OS, which can soon say goodbye to one of most interesting features.

Gawk at the Elephone P8000 as the P7000 finally starts shipping

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P8000 (2)

Elephone’s P7000 has only starting shipping (sort of), but it looks like it’ll soon be replaced by another, more powerful Elephone in the form of the P8000.

OnePlus’ announcement for June 1 will ‘shake up the tech industry’

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OnePlus is going about in its own merry (read: gimmicky) way of marketing. This time, the company talks about an upcoming announcement.

Watch the Ulefone Be Touch taken apart set to cheesy music

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ulefone be touch hands on

The Ulefone Be Touch is a smart little device with some very well thought out features, but what does it look like under the skin?

Meizu m1 note unboxing and first impressions

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meizu m1 note review

The Meizu m1 note has been on sale in China for a few months and in India a few days, here is our unboxing and first impressions of this mid range Mediatek phone.

Lei Jun says Xiaomi Mi Pad will NOT be discontinued

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xiaomi mi pad review

Xioami boss Lei Jun has hit back on Weibo against rumours that his company would stop production of the Xiaomi Mi Pad Android tablet.

Budget Smartisan C1 pops up at TENAA

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Smartisan’s much rumoured budget smartphone has been spotted at China’s TENAA testing facility boasting specifications that would make it a bargain 999 Yuan phone.

Gionee M5, 6000mAh and 4 day battery life

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gionee m5 6000mAh

If you thought the Elife E8 was the only trick Gionee had up their sleeve then you would be wrong! A new Marathon serious phone with dual battery set up is also about to make serious waves!

Meizu m2 note, looks like a m1 note crossed with the MX4

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meizu m2 note

In just a few weeks time the next Meizu smartphone will be unveiled China, but do we already have our first glimpse of the new mid range phone?

Coming up this week: Mlais M4, Meizu M1 Note and Landvo S6

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m1 note mlais m4 landvo s6

Two delivery men and 3 packages just arrived and while it is a little late in the day to make full hands on here are some early sneak photos of the Mlais M4, Meizu m1 note and Landvo S6.

Mi Are Family: A side by side look at the latest Xiaomi phones

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mi are family

Xiaomi are one of the most talked about Chinese smartphone makers of the day, and they have some of the most wanted phones on the planet. Here we take a look at 3 of the most recent Xioami phones, the Redmi 2, Mi4i and Xiaomi Mi Note.

Gionee Elife E8 super fast PDAF autofocus and loss less zoom confirmed

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gionee elife e8

Gionee’s Elife E8 teasers confirmed advanced camera features that we cannot wait to try.