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Photos: Unreleased Lenovo Vibe P1 poses like a boss

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vibe p1 7

Check out the latest leaked photos of the Lenovo Vibe P1, the upcoming 5000mAh phone from Lenovo which is due for a launch in the coming few days!

Video: Ulefone show of Be Touch 2 screen gestures

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ulefone be touch 2

Screen gestures are a feature that we all take for granted now, but what we like to see are gestures that continue to work even when a fingerprint scanner is active like here on the Ulefone Be Touch 2.

Xiaomi could ditch Qualcomm Snapdragon for homebrew SoCs

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Reports coming in from China suggest that the hot Chinese phonemaker Xiaomi could well ditch Qualcomm in favour of homebrew SoCs in the coming time.

5.5-inch Oukitel U7 will be just $49.99 on Wednesday

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oukitel u7

If you are considering a 2nd device with larger display, the Oukitel U7 will go on special sale on Wednesday for just $49.99.

PPTV’s first smartphone could have a 2K 3D display

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pptv phone render

While most of the world will be focussing in IFA in Berlin this week, Chinese smartphone fans will be keeping an eye on PPTV when they launch their first smartphone on the 7th September.

Huawei Mate S coming with 5.7-inch 2.5D display?

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huawei mate s

IFA might only be a few days away but leaks for the Huawei Mate S are just coming in either thicker and faster than before.

Lenovo Phab Plus launches in China with 6.8-inch display

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lenovo phab plus

A phablet with 6.8-inch display isn’t a regular sight these days, but Lenovo feel they still have a place in the market and so have launched the Lenovo Phab Plus.

Another OnePlus One allegedly explodes

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oneplus explosion

OnePlus have been in the spotlight for various reasons since they exploded on to the smartphone scene last year, it isn’t just the company combusting though! Their phones are allegedly doing the same too!

Xiaomi begins to tease possible dual boot Mi Pad 2

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xiaomi tablet

Leaks this weekend pointed at the possibility of a dual boot tablet from Xiaomi, now teasers for the Mi Pad 2 could be heading down the same road.

Xiaomi Mi4C packaging tells of SD808 but no SD card

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xiaomi mi4c packaging

Xiaomi are batting down the hatches and digging in for the long haul. The once exciting brand to watch is now playing it safe by launching more and more variants on a familiar theme. The Xiaomi Mi4C is a great example of this.

Cyanogen powered ZUK Z1 will be officially available from Shop.Gizchina

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zuk z1 cyanogen

The Cyanogen OS running ZUK Z1 from Lenovo’s latest venture will be officially avaialble to buy through from mid September!

Prototype Zopo flagship spotted with deca-core, 4GB RAM and 2K display

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zopo 2016 flagship

Zopo might have looked like they were down and out for most of this year, but new leaks show an upcoming model that has the goods to put the Chinese phone maker back on the map!

What do you think of Meizu’s new logo and branding goals?

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meizu new logo

Starting from last year we saw a huge change in the way Meizu want to be viewed by the world, and those will continue with a new rumoured Meizu logo design.

Purported leaked images of a 9.7-inch Intel powered Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

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xiaomi mi pad 2 leaked

The original 7.9-inch Mi Pad has been on sale for well over a year already and a new model is well overdue, but could this 9.7-inch leaked Mi Pad 2 be the real deal?

Mu Lan L8 Plus is a LeTV Le Max clone with MT6795 chip and 21 mega-pixel main camera

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mu lan l8 plus letv le max clone

The LeTV Le Max has gained a lot of attention but it is an expensive phone outside of China, but if you don’t mind opting for a clone the Mu Lan L8 could be the next best thing.

GizChina will be at IFA! Here is what to expect!

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ifa berlin

This year will be our first year attending IFA in Berlin, so what can we expect from this huge mobile event?

UK’s Wileyfox releases their first devices with Cyanogen OS

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Wileyfox is a brand new smartphone brand based in the UK, and they’re looking to enter the competitive smartphone with a big bang. Their two mid-rangers, the Swift and Storm, will have mid-range specs and low prices, but what Wileyfox hopes will differentiate their budget devices from others (like the Moto G) is that both […]

Antutu Shootout: Snapdragon 810 vs Mediatek Helio X10

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Antutu Shootout: LeTV Le Max vs OnePlus 2 vs Meizu MX5

With 3 of the most talked about Chinese Android flagship phones in our hands what a great opportunity for an Antutu shootout. Find out which scores the highest between the OnePlus 2, LeTV Le Max and Meizu MX5.

Blackview Alife P1 Pro WIFI signal strength looks good in this video test

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blackview Alife p1 pro wifi test

Blackview have posted a video comparing the WIFI signal strength of the Xiaomi Mi4, Samsung Note 4 and the Alife P1 Pro.

Purported specifications of the Xiaomi Mi Edge curved display flagship

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xiaomi mi edge

Xiaomi’s rumoured Mi Edge curved display Samsung Galaxy S6 rival specs revealed.