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Huawei Honor 6 Plus show up in posters 1 day before launch

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huawei honor 6 plus

If there is one thing we know about leaks, it is that they certainly no when to show up! With only 1 day till launch images of the Huawei Honor 6 Plus have shown up on posters.

Elephone P5000 full specifications revealed! Include fingerprint ID, and 4 day battery

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elephone p5000

The Elephone P5000 enters Elephone’s miss mash of phones with, home button embedded fingerprint reader, 2GB RAM and large battery.

What does OnePlus have in store for December 17th?

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omni rom oppo r819

OnePlus is now set to announce something on its first birthday, i.e., 17th December. Will it be the new OnePlus operating system?

Zeaplus talk about Zeaplus M5 5000mAh battery, still haven’t launched a phone

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zeaplus m5

Zeaplus still haven’t a phone on the market, but that hasn’t stopped them talking about a third device!

Malata S520, a Meizu MX4 clone with 1.5Ghz 64bit processor!

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malata meizu clone

Mediatek’s 64bit processors are giving smaller phone makers a boost to help them tackle main phone makers, even if they are producing clones.


Suspected full specifications of the Meizu Blue Charm aka Meilan

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meizu blue charm

23rd December is the date that Meizu will release the Blue Charm smartphone, and as you would expect leaks of the phone are spilling out from all sources, including these purported full specifications.

Elephone P3000S finally goes on sale

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elephone p3000 design

After a longer than anticipated wait, the LTE equipped version of the Elephone P3000S has finally gone on sale.

4.75mm thin Vivo X5 Max launches in India for 32,980 INR

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The world’s thinnest phone is now official in the world’s second-largest smartphone market!

Suspected iOcean MT6752 spotted with rear touch panel

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iocean mt6752

iOcean are slated to release a 64bit MT6752 phone, named the MT675, this month! Here is another suspected leaked photo!

999 Yuan Meizu Smart Router Pegged for 23rd December launch

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meizu router

Meizu’s Meilan (Blue Charm) range tipped to include two phones and smart devices included a Meilan router costing 999 Yuan. Earlier today we posted an image of a leaked slide from an internal Meizu meeting. The image clearly shows a Meilan phone, Meilan Note along with two other devices, one costing 299 Yuan and the […]

Phone check: A look inside the Vivo X5 Max, worlds thinnest phone!

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vivo x5 max tear down

Making a super slim phone isn’t an easy task so how, and why do they actually do it? Let’s delve inside the Vivo X5 Max to find out!

Huawei to launch 4K tv box on the 16th December

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huawei android tv

Huawei have posted teasers that they are ready to launch an Android running TV box with 4K video playback.

More Meizu Blue Charm photos, likely to come in a range of colours plus pricing!

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meizu blue charm

More leaked photos of the case from a purported Meizu Blue Charm smartphone, plus invites hint at a bright choice of colours.

Special Edition Huawei Ascend Mate 7 “Monarch” launched

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huawei ascend mate 7

The rather good Huawei Ascend Mate 7 get’s a new model in the range in the form of the VIP “Monarch” model.

MIUI coming to the UMi Zero, plus UMi warn of fake stores

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umi zero miui

Umi show fans that MIUI on the UMi Zero is real, and warn not to buy from fake stores scamming customers.

Does the recent Meizu MX2 price cut hint at Blue Charm pricing?

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meizu mx2 price

With the Meizu Blue Charm phone launch later this month, the Zhuhai phone maker has slashed pricing of it’s older MX2, could this be a sign of things to come?

Huawei selling Honor phones direct in the UK

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huawei honor 6

Huawei have set up shop in the UK where they are selling their Honor 6 and Honor 3C phones direct to customers.

Next gen Zopo to be released on 25th December with OIS

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zopo launch ois

The date is set and another possible feature has been revealed for Zopo upcoming device!

Android 5.0 NOT shipping on Elephone P6000!

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elephone p6000 specs

Yesterday we posted that the Elephone P6000, would ship with Android 5.0 Lollipop, however Elephone have been in touch to tell us that this isn’t the case.

Xiaomi “Mistla” supermini car in development, could cost $6400!

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xiaomi mistla car

Secret meeting with Tesla bosses and Xiaomi’s continued drive (get it) to enter new markets have lead analysts to believe the Beijing tech company could launch their own car in China.