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Wico about to launch 5.5mm phone with 5.5-inch display

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wico c1 thin android phone

Chinese phone makers have an obsession with building ultra thin Android smartphones, and it simply is not going away. Start-up Wico (not to be confused with Wiko) have announced their first phone will be the 5.5mm thick Wico C1.

KingSing take a crack at LG with their LG G3 clone

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kingsing s2 lgg3 clone

KingSing, a manufacturer who started life as a low-cost phone maker, are fast becoming a clone maker that could rival even GooPhone!

Cubot release their thinnest phone ever

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cubot s208 thin

The Cubot S208, is now on sale. The phone, touted as the “thinnest Cubot ever” measures 7.99mm, but at what cost?

Asus Zenfone 5 or Xiaomi Mi3? What specs are more important?

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asus zenphone 5

It might seem odd that we are talking about two phones that were launched sometime ago, but with international launches just starting in some markets the choice between the Asus Zenfone 5 or Xiaomi Mi3 is a very real one.

OnePlus One receives stock Android 4.4.4 ROM

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oneplus one android

If you are looking for a more natural Android experience from your OnePlus One, there is now an official stock ROM based on Android 4.4.4 available for the phone.


Removing the rear of the Xiaomi Mi4 is super easy!

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xiaomi mi4 rear removal

If you have a OnePlus One, you might be strugling to remove the rear of the phone, but Xiaomi Mi4 buyers will have an relatively easy time switching their style swap covers.

Update: Xiaomi Mi3 vs. OnePlus One: Benchmarks plus Mi3 Giveaway Details!

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Here’s how the yesteryear flagship Xiaomi Mi3 fares against the OnePlus One, and more!

Lenovo K920 Flagship Killer launching 5th August

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lenovo k920 launch date

With all the flagship news recently we have totally overlooked Lenovo, but they have bounded back in to the headlines with news of the Lenovo K920 launch date.

The attractive Leagoo Lead 3 costs only $70

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leagoo lead 3

Is a cheap phone necessarily a bad-looking, poor performing device? This year we are learning more than ever that great phones can come at a low price, but not many cost as little as the Leagoo Lead 3.

Mystery Coolpad explodes on to Antutu with 44,785 points! First MT6595?

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coolpad MT6595 lte antutu

Coolpad have leaked an Antutu benchmark score from a mystery device showing an amazing score of 44,785 points.

LTE equipped TCL Memeda announced with Sony IMX214 sensor for only $145

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tcl memeda lte

TCL have added a new model to its Memeda range of smartphones. The New Memeda 4G boasts LTE and an octacore processor.

Rumour: Meizu MX4 to launch on 2nd September

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fluorescent Meizu MX3

Even if Meizu aren’t leaking details of their new phones, news is getting out and spreading quickly. Could the new MX phone launch on 2nd September?

Lenovo smart glass spotted, will cost $1300

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lenovo smart glasses

The patents and rumours have been confirmed as true as China’s Lenovo have shown off their very own Smart Glasses in Beijing.

Xiaomi releases app which helps you discover if your phone is fake

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xiaomi identification app

Apple, HTC and Samsung aren’t the only ones who have to contend with clone makers, Xiaomi have also been working to fight them for a long time and have released an app to help worried customers.

Bluboo X2 review, a very cheap octacore for only $150

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The old saying goes, “if it’s sounds too good to be true it probably is”, and usually this is correct for most things, but there are “exceptions to every rule” and the $150 octacore Bluboo X2 is certainly one of them!

Gionee Elife E7 mini gets Android v4.4.2 KitKat

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Following the hordes of MediaTek-based phone makers that have been announcing KitKat upgrades for their devices, China’s Gionee today outed Android KitKat for the swivel-camera E7 mini.

So how many Mi3 units did Flipkart actually sell before going out of stock?

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Mi3 Flipkart

So Xiaomi claimed to have had their Mi3 sold out on Flipkart on their first sale day in India, but how many units were actually up for sale?

Benchmarks war! Xiaomi Mi4 vs Huawei Honor 6 vs OnePlus One

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xiaomi Mi4 vs Huawei Honor 5 vs OnePlus One Antutu V5 Benchmarks

3 of the best compete head to head in a benchmark war but who will win? The all new Xiaomi Mi4, the surpassing Huawei Honor 6 or the OnePlus One?

OnePlus Answers the the Xiaomi Mi4 launch with 5000 invites

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oneplus one blizzard of invites

To ward off the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4 and to keep in the minds of everyone (if that was needed), OnePlus has launched Blizzard of Invites!

Meizu receives huge financial boost

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Video: Meizu show Flyme 3.0 for the Nexus 5 -

Meizu are in the process of transforming from a smaller privately owned company to something much larger, with recent investments believed to be around 20 billion Yuan!