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Samsung gets cloned again! This time it is No.1

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no 1 s6

I often wonder if clone phones are really such a great business practice, well they must as the second Samsung Galaxy S6 clone today!

UMi Emax coming May packs a 3780mAh battery

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umi emax

Recent announcements of new phones will have fans of large battery phones excited, and here is another from Chinese phone maker UMi.

Xiaomi Mi4i available on Flipkart today in first flash sale

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xiaomi mi4i specifications

Xiaomi’s plastic bodied Mi4i will be available in the first round of flash sales today held on Flipkart in India.

Ulefone cut the cost of the Be Pro to $149.99

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ulefone be pro price cut

Ulefone have cut the cost of their Ulefone Be Pro by $20, making the 64bit phone just $149.99 for international customers to buy now.

Samsung get’s cloned with the Landvo S6

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landvo s6

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 (the flat screen version) has been born again in the form of a low cost Android clone from China.

Nubia NX508J, aka Nubia Z9 seen on TENAA with 3.5Ghz SoC and 8GB RAM

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nubia z9

According to screenshots taken from the TENAA website in China, the flagship Nubia Z9 is going to be one hell of a powerful beast!

Breaking: Real photos of the Vivo X5Pro published

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vivo x5pro render

Today we have the first real images of Vivo’s newest model. Take a look at the Vivo X5Pro now in these early release photos.

Watch: Hugo Barra tears through the compact Xiaomi Mi 4i

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Mi 4i (31)

Take a look at how the Xiaomi Mi 4i looks on the inside, courtesy Xiaomi’s very own Hugo Barra!

iOcean begins pre-sale of the iOcean X9

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iocean x9 presale

iOcean have started the pre-sale of another of their high-end Android handsets, the iOcean X9.

Vivo confirms 32 mega-pixel X5Pro front camera, hint at Eye ID scanner

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vivo front camera

Vivo’s social media networks keep adding more teasers for the new Vivo X5 Pro, the latest is confirmation of a 32mp front camera and hints at Eye ID security.

Elephone confirm new supplier, all P7000 will ship with IMX214

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elephone p7000

Elephone have updated news about their camera situation confirming that all Elephone P7000 will ship with IMX214.

Tencent wants a piece of the cake, launches its own OS for smartphones and other smart devices

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Tencent has announced it’s own open OS, dubbed TOS+.

Cyanogen Inc. to OnePlus: We’re done

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oneplus one no cyanogen branding

After an unfortunate series of events, it has been learnt that the OnePlus – Cyanogen partnership has officially been called off.

Video: Asus Zenfone 2 Hands On and first impressions

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asus zenfone 2

The Asus Zenfone 2 is a big deal for Asus and for smartphone fans around the world. Our review model just arrived yesterday, and here is our hands on video and first impressions.

Huawei Honor 4C and a couple of new tablets announced

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huawei honor 4c

Huawei have added 3 new devices to their inventory in the shape of the Huawei Honor 4C smartphone and 2 new tablets.

Mlais announced official Mlais MX full specifications!

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mlais mx full specifications

Mlais have released the official full specifications of their Mlais MX smartphone, with huge battery. Keep reading for the full details.

Siswoo R9 ‘Darkmoon’ takes a jab at the Yotaphone, complete with dual displays

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Say hello to the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon, which looks like one of the most radical smartphones to be in development in China.

Doogee releases Doogee Valencia 2 Y100

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The original Doogee Valencia was such a success that Doogee has already released the second incarnation of the device. Ladies and gentlemen the Doogee Valencia 2 Y100, a brightly coloured phone with some interesting features.

Cubot X10, aka world’s slimmest waterproof phone, now on pre-sale

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The Cubot X10 is not only a rugged, waterproof phone, but also an extremely sleek looking slab of a device.

What do you think of these purported Xiaomi Mi5 specifications?

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xiaomi mi5 leaked

If rumours are correct, Xiaomi will continue to keep their flagship Mi phones smaller than the norm with Xiaomi Mi5 details pointing at a 2K, 5.2-inch display.