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Xiaomi claims to have amassed 100 million MIUI users

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xiaomi mi4 review

MIUI has been instrumental in Xiaomi’s success as a manufacturer, but you probably didn’t know how popular the forked Android ROM is.

Xiaomi will launch US e-commerce site for certain products

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lei jun mi band

Xiaomi have confirmed that it will be entering the US market and plans to launch a US based E commerce store for certain accessories.

$99.99 Elephone G2 comes with choice of Cyanogen, MIUI and more!

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elephone g2

At $99.99 the Elephone G2 sounds like great value for money, and now with it’s official release and Cyanogen support it seems simply incredible!

Exclusive: Elephone P6000 running Android Lollipop video

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Exclusive: Elephone P6000 running Android Lollipop video -

Exclusive video shows the Chinese Elephone P6000 running Android Lollipop.

OPPO Mirror 3 now official in India, but does it have a market?

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OPPO Mirror 3_3

OPPO’s Mirror 3 just went live in the Indian market, but is it priced beyond comfort for a mid-ranger?

OnePlus’ OxygenOS announced; Company brings on board veterans including Paranoid Android co-founder

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OnePlus has finally made a (somewhat more) comprehensive announcement about its OxygenOS ROM.

Where to buy your Chinese phone? Reseller or Distributor?

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oppo n3 review

There was once a time that you could only buy a Chinese phone through an online reseller, but with the popularity of Chinese phones more local distributors have set up, so which is better for the customer?

Beware! Xiaomi Mi Note clones already on sale

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xiaomi mi note lcone

The speed of clone manufacturers is quite scary, how they can get a fake version of a newly launched phone like the Xiaomi Mi Note in the market is amazing and a troubling thought to international buyers.

Maxx Audio can now be installed on other Android phones

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maxxaudio oneplus one

The chaps at over on the XDA forums have managed to remove the Maxx Audio application and libraries from the OPO meaning you can try it on your Android phone.

UMi to release UMi Tool for firmware updates and customisations

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umi tool miui

UMi plan to release a UMi Tool to help with the installation of updates, and custom firmware.

Ulefone Be Pro OTA update available

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ulefone be pro update

Ulefone Be Pro owners can expect to see an OTA update available for their 64bit phones.

ZTE Blade S6 with Snapdragon 615 now on sale for $250. Does it beat the MT6732/MT6752 competition?

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zte blade s6

ZTE’s all-new Blade S6 is now up for sale for $250. How good a buy is it though?

Letv to launch a better iPhone 6 Plus

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letv phone

LeTV have posted more teasers for their phone on Weibo teasing that they plan to launch better iPhone 6 Plus.

The Serendipity S7 shows up in the flesh and retains its super narrow bezels

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Serendipity S7

All to often renders of a new smartphone don’t quite live up to expectation once the device launches. Not true with the Serendipity S7 which retains ultra narrow belles even in the flesh.

Exclusive: THL 2015 full specifications, photos and pricing

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thl 2015

It has been a very long while since we last saw a new phone from Chinese phone maker THL, but finally the wait is over and their new 64bit flagship has arrived. Keep reading for full details of the THL 2015.

4.6mm thick Gionee Elife S7 spotted in the flesh!

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gionee elife s7

The 4.6mm thick (thin?) Gionee Elife S7 just posed for the spy cam. According to reports, it’ll also have decent specifications!

Meizu m1 note review

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meizu m1 note review

Another review of another promising Mediatek MT6752 powered phone. Keep reading for the full Meizu m1 note review.

Xiaomi’s super-slim 5000mAh power bank lands in Malaysia

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The uber-slim 5000mAh power bank just went on sale in the Malaysian market. Keep reading for more details!

Gionee confirms next thin phone is the Elife S7

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gionee elife s7

Chinese phone makers are flocking to MWC this year, and the super thin Gionee Elife S7 will be among the crowd.

Meizu boss hints at Ubuntu phone at MWC

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meizu mx3 ubuntu 7

Meizu boss Heng Zhang has hinted on his Weibo that an Ubuntu phone from the company could be unveiled at MWC this year.