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OnePlus 2 Review: Worth the hype?

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oneplus 2 review

The OnePlus 2 launched on a sea of hype and to the trumpet call of “2016 Flagship Killer” but does the OnePlus 2 really deliver? Find out what we think in our full OnePlus 2 review.

Ainol Mini PC Review: 7,000mAh of portable computing

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We have yet another mini PC slash TV box review for you and this time it’s the Ainol Mini PC we’ve got our hands on. Ainol once have been a big number on the Chinese tablet market but eventually missed some important inventions and completely disappeared from the market for more than a year. With […]

Here are our first OnePlus 2 camera samples

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oneplus 2 camera samples daylight

Since receiving the OnePlus 2 a few days ago I have been using the device daily and captured a fair few photos to share with you. Let’s see just how good the 13 mega-pixel OnePlus 2 camera really is.

Z1-Smooth handheld stabilzer review: A worthy addition to your backpack

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In this Z1-Smooth stabilizer review, get to know if the affordable handled gimbal is the one for you!

Vivo X5 Pro Review: Beautiful to behold not great to live with

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vivo x5 pro review

Vivo are known for producing some of the best mid range and flagship phones in China, but what has happened with the latest Vivo X5 Pro? Find out what we think of this flashy phone in our Vivo X5 Pro Review.

Ears on review with the ADO Mate 3 NFC speaker

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ado m3 speaker review

Bluetooth wireless speakers are a must have accessory for Summer, and with a huge 1800mAh battery the ADO M3 would make your perfect audio companion.

Meizu MX5 Review

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Meizu MX5 (14)

At 1799 Yuan, the Meizu MX5 is quite a lucrative deal on paper. How well does that translate to real world usage? Find out in the Meizu MX5 review!

Doogee Y100 Pro Review

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Doogee Y100 Pro (8)_result-8

Full review of the newest Doogee on the block, i.e., the Doogee Y100 Pro!

Ears on review: Xiaomi Piston 3 headphones

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Xiaomi’s version 3 of the piston range sees a complete redesign, higher weight and much comfier feel. Learn more in our ears on review.

Oukitel U8 Review: More rights than wrongs!

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Oukitel U8 (15)

Find out the ins and outs of the budget Oukitel phone, i.e., the ‘Universe Tap’ in the Oukitel U8 review!

Xiaomi Mi Note Review: get the standard not the Pro

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xiaomi mi note

The Xiaomi Mi Note has been my daily driver for the past few months and I honestly see no reason to replace these beast of a phone. Here is my full Xiaomi Mi note review.

Elephone G2: 64-bit at $100, a bargain?

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The current 64-bit generation of Mediatek chipsets triggered a real change on the market. Suddenly we see phones that are far more powerful than anything we have seen back last year within the low-cost arena, yet didn’t become more expensive. Ever since then Chinese phone makers try to beat prices of the competition again and […]

Mlais M7 Review: Great spec and build, but needs optimisation

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mlais m7 review

Mlais are back once again with another phone boasting top end specifications at lower pricing. Find out how the flagship Mlais M7 performs in our full review below.

Lenovo K3 Note Review: The best MT6752 device to date?

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To date we at GizChina tested a whole bunch of devices powered by the Mediatek MT6752 SoC. We have seen extremely cheap phones and more expensive phones, some of them have been very good, some mediocre, some crap. Anyway, we thought we’ve seen anything that can be done with this SoC by now – until […]

Cubot X11 Review: Good MT6592 devices are still possible, indeed!

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Everyone following GizChina for a while knows, that we are no fans oft he old MTK chipsets anymore. The new 64-bit chipsets offer a huge performance bump compared to the old 32-bit generation while leaving the price tags pretty much untouched. Another pro is that those chipset offer LTE support out of the box, which […]

UMi Iron hands on and first impressions

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umi iron hands on

The UMi Iron is a daring move for UMi. A device with good hardware and tons of added features, but have the phone maker managed to pull it off? Find our what we think in our UMi Iron hands on and first impressions.

Oukitel U8: Hands-on and first impressions

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Oukitel U8 (7)

Check out our initial impressions of the brand new Oukitel U8 aka ‘Universe Tap’ smartphone.

Chuwi Vi10 Review: Dual-boot tablet with a winning formula

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Chuwi Vi10 (13)

In this Chuwi Vi10 review, find out if the affordable dual-boot (Windows 8.1 + Android KitKat) will fit your needs!

Xiaomi Mi 4i Review: Mid-range flagship let down by performance

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mi 4i (13)

The Mi 4i is Xiaomi’s newest phone and with a $200 price tag, its destined to generate interest. Is it any good though? Find out in the Xiaomi Mi 4i review!

Zeaplus Watch DM360 Review: finally a proper Chinese smartwatch?

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We at GizChina have been following the Chinese wearables market for quite a while now but never have been blown away with the selection of interesting wearables. There have been some interesting tries, for example the WeLoop Tommy, but those devices never have been more than a nice try. We tested both the WeLoop Tommy […]