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Ulefone Be Pure Review: How not to do phone in 2015!

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The Ulefone Be Pro was the phone-makers entry into the 64-bit world and also the device which made them popular in both positive and negative ways. Now one of the biggest flaws this handset suffered from was the bad screen to body ratio which made the 5.5-incher unnecessarily large. It didn’t take long for “Ulefans” […]

No.1 S6i Review: Galaxy S6 clone with a great build

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No.1 S6i (15)

Check out the No.1 S6i review and decide for yourself if this clone of the Galaxy S6 is worth buying.

A quick review of the Pipo X7S

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With Chinese TV boxes becoming more and more popular, it didn’t take Pipo, a well-known manufacturer of tablet PCs, long to hit the market with a device of their own. After launching the X7 which had some significant issues like a non-licensed copy of Windows pre-installed, the company quickly got their stuff straight with the […]

Ulefone Be Touch Review

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Ulefone Be Touch (17)_result-17

Ulefone have been talking about the Be Touch like no other phone. Is the phone any good? Find that out, and more, in the Ulefone Be Touch review!

Bluboo X6 Review!

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bluboo x6

Bluboo has been in the competitive smartphone market for a long time. They were around back when Zopo was first gaining prominence, but they never managed to impress us or catch out attention, and slowly disappeared into the ocean of obscure smartphone manufacturers. Recently however, they’ve managed to make a resurgence with their brand new […]

Review: 60 days with the Siswoo Cooper i7, one of the best 5″ MT6752 phones

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Siswoo Cooper i7 (15)

Full unbiased review of the Siswoo Cooper i7 smartphone, a 5-inch device that happens to be one of the best MT6752 phones out there.

Asus Zenfone 2 Review: Amazing performance Amazing price

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asus zenfone 2 review

The Asus Zenfone aimed to disrupt the phone market and I believe they’ve done a sterling job. Here is our full review of the Asus Zenfone 2.

Xiaomi Mi 4i unboxing: Video and Pictures

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Mi 4i (2)

Unboxing and hands on with the latest Xiaomi ‘flagship’ — the Xiaomi Mi 4i.

Ecoo E04 Plus Review (3GB RAM, MT6752) – You Beauty!

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Featured Ecoo E04 Aurora (24)

Get to know the ins and outs about the world’s cheapest 3GB RAM phone in the Ecoo E04 Plus review!

Update: Xiaomi Power Strip $12 through resellers

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xiaomi power strip

The Xiaomi Power Strip is another example of Xiaomi diversifying its range, and another example of a well made, and well priced must have accessory.

One Week with the Asus Zenfone 2

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asus zenfone 2

I’ve been using the Asus Zenfone 2 now for a week and already have the full review well underway, but to keep you going I thought to give you all my first week impressions of the phone.

Video: Asus Zenfone 2 Hands On and first impressions

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asus zenfone 2

The Asus Zenfone 2 is a big deal for Asus and for smartphone fans around the world. Our review model just arrived yesterday, and here is our hands on video and first impressions.

UMi Hammer Review: One tough cookie

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umi hammer review

The UMi Hammer is on sale right now, but we have been lucky enough to have a sample on test for a few weeks. Keep reading for our hands on UMi Hammer review.

Nationite BQ2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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Full review of the Nationite BQ2 Bluetooth Speakers with mic!

UMi Hammer Smash Test – How Tough is the Hammer?

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umi hammer smash test

With all the benchmarks and photos out of the way for the upcoming UMi Hammer review, it was time to have a little fun and see just how tough the Hammer really is. Find out in our smash video.

Video: UMi Hammer hands on and first impressions

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umi hammer review

New for 2015 is the UMi Hammer, a new device from UMi and their first to support LTE with 64bit bit SoC to date. Watch our hands on impressions to see if the Hammer really is as tough as UMi claim it to be.

Zopo ZP530 Touch Review: Well made, good looking, almost great

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zopo zp530 review

How does Zopo’s latest Zopo ZP530 Focus stack up to rivals? Find out in our Zopo ZP53o review.

Ecoo E04 Aurora (3GB RAM, MT6752): Hands on and first impressions

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Ecoo Aurora E04 (8)

The Ecoo E04 Aurora was already a mighty fine phone before the company gave it a 3GB RAM upgrade. Here are our first impressions of the device!

Mlais M52 Review: Killer hardware at a killer price

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mlais m52 review

Mlais have set the standard for $160 Android phones with the Mlais M52. Read the full Mlais M52 review here.

Kingzone Z1 Review: Hot or not?

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When we recently reviewed the Kingzone N3 Plus we have been shocked about the fact that Kingzone didn’t seem to learn anything from the miserably performing and selling Kingzone N3. It still had a lot of annoying bugs, and even worse, Kingzone again claimed a false battery capacity: Instead of the promised 2,800mAh you only […]