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Top 10 tech stories on GizChina this week

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oneplus launch

It has been another whirlwind week of amazing tech news this week. Here are our top 10 tech stories of the week.

TokyoFlash Kisai Console Wood merges nature and technology!

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tokyoflash kisai wood console

TokyoFlash are the makers of some of the more distinctive watches on the market and their latest Kisai Console Wood is certainly no different.

Doogee Bigboy DG600 Review – Sub $150 6-inch Android phablet!

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doogee bigboy dg600 review

One of the things we love about the Chinese phone industry is the variety of devices. You can go too $800+ super phones to bargain basement models. We take a look at the latter this morning with a quick review of the $148 Doogee Bigboy DG600.

Oppo N1 Review – The most fun you can have with a smartphone!

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oppo n1 review hero

After more than a month of daily use we put our thoughts to computer screen about the N1! Read our complete Oppo N1 review here!

Exclusive: GooPhone N3 Octacore hands on

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goophone n3 hero

It’s always nice to open up a new phone for the first time, even better when it is one of the first of the new octacore GooPhone N3 phones to be available!


Zopo ZP998 Video Reivew, plus your chance to win!

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zopo zp998 review

Here is our video review of the octacore Zopo ZP998 Android smartphone, plus details on how you can enter a giveaway to win one of these octacore phones for yourself!

Watch the THL T100S Video Review

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thl t100s hands on

A few days ago we posted our indepth review of the octacore THL T100S Android smartphone, in case you missed the full writtent review we have put toether this video review for you to enjoy!

Jiake P6 Review: is this cheap quad-core Android smartphone worth buying?

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Jiake P6 Review: Cons outweigh pros

We used the Jiake P6 for almost a fortnight, put it through its paces and here’s what we think!

Pre-production Zopo ZP998 octacore review

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zopo zp998 review

Zopo have been kind enough to send over a pre-production version of their octa-core Zopo ZP998. Keep reading for the pre-production Zopo ZP998 review.

Reader review: COOLPAD 8122 Review – $43 Android smarpthone

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coolpad 8122 review

MTKForum member Milkboy has sent in his hands on review with the budget minded, Coolpad 8122 Android smartphone. Find out what he thinks in his indepth review here!

Exclusive THL T100S vs Zopo ZP998: Hands on comparison!

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zopo zp998 vs thl t100s hands on

Christmas comes a day earlier for GizChina as we have received both the 8-core THL T100S and the still unreleased Zopo ZP998 flagship phones for review!

iNew i6000 hands on and impressons

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inew i6000 hero

If you are interested to purchase your first large screen phablet then you might be having a hard time choosing which to buy. Well here’s hands on and impressions of the popular iNew i6000 phablet.

Zopo ZP998 hands on and first impressions

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zopo zp998 review hero

Zopo announced their 8-core Zopo ZP998 yesterday afternoon and we managed to get some hands on time with it. Here are our first hands on impressions of the phone!

Geak W1 Android Smartwatch Review

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geak w1 smartwatch review

The dawn of wearable smart technology is upon us and as usual Chinese tech start ups are jumping on board. Here our review of one of the first pieces of wearable tech, the Geak W1 smartwatch.

Oppo Ambassador Oppo N1 unboxing and hands on

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Oppo Ambassador Oppo N1 unboxing and hands on -

Those lucky lucky Oppo Ambassadors received their Oppo N1 Android phones yesterday and have wasted no time getting the first unboxing and hands on videos loaded up to YouTube.

Hands on with the $160 Zopo ZP820

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zopo zp820 review

The first new launch from Zopo, in some months, is the refreshed Zopo ZP820. Here are some details of the new updated phone after some hands on time with it.

Video: Unboxing and hands on with JiaYu G5 2GB RAM and 3000mAh battery option!

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jiayu g5 review

JiaYu’s stainless steel JiaYu G5 arrived on my desk this morning and I have wasted no time recording an unboxing and hands on with the phone, plus it’s 3000mAh battery option!

GooPhone i5c review

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goophone i5c review

We go hands on with the GooPhone i5C, a $120 Android powered iPhone 5C clone from China.

Update: Ceros Motion review

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ceros motion review

Where as the Chinese phone market has taken off, the tablet market has struggled due to low-cost contenders from Google, Samsung and others, but could the Ceros Motion turn this around? Let’s take a look.

Umi Cross Full Review

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Top 8 Chinese Android phones for Christmas 2013

After a few weeks of hands on use we have finally completed out evaluation! Keep reading for the complete UMi Cross review.