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10 inch, 3840 x 2160p display for tablets from Japan Display showcased

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Japan Display today unveiled a 10-inch display with a monstrous resolution of 3840 x 2160p. Meant for tablets, the display should be undergoing mass production soon.

Xiaomi Reveals Inexpensive 4K Set Top Box, Two Routers

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Xiaomi MiBox enhanced

Xiaomi met OnePlus’ flagship phone reveal with three devices of its own, including a new set top box and two new routers.

ZTE Nubia X6 ‘Mini’ Leaked

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ZTE Nubia X6 mini

With a 6.4 inch screen ZTE’s Nubia X6 is huge, even by phablet standards. Now they are releasing a slightly smaller “mini” version with a 5.2 inch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ‘Three-Sided Screen’ Patent Leaks

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Image

Patents have revealed Samsung’s planned three sided screen for the Galaxy Note 4.

LG G3 screenshots confirm QHD display, reveal revamped UI

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The LG G3′s Optimus UI just leaked via a set of screenshots, confirming a revamped UI and a QHD display while at it.


Meizu MX4 tipped for an August release, multiple variants and a $320 price tag

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meizu mx3

The next Meizu, i.e., the MX4 was earlier being tipped for a March release, but recent leaks point to one that might take place in August this year.

Huawei Ascend P7 benchmarks surface 2 weeks ahead of launch

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The Huawei Ascend P7 suffers yet another leak, giving away crucial internals info and AnTuTu scores while at it.

Vivo Xshot takes the lead in latest Antutu scores

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vivo xshot antutu

Latest Antutu scores have the Vivo Xshot scoring over 40,000 points, currently one of the highest scores of any Android mobile!

Which quad-core? Mediatek MT6588 Vs MT6589T

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mediatek hero

With the launch of the very first quad-core MT6588 smartphones readers have asked what is the difference between this new quad-core SoC and the MT6589T? Let’s take a look.

Update: The Strange Moves and Big Mistakes of Oneplus’ Debut

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OnePlus had managed to build up a large amount of hype for its debut flagship phone the OnePlus One. Now, it is struggling to match those expectations.

Oppo Find 7a Update – What are ghost touches?

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oppo find 7 review

After reviewing the Oppo Find 7a and using the phone since the day after the official launch, I thought it was about time I posted an update. It isn’t good news though.

Rumour: Meizu plan to hit Xiaomi where it hurts with the Meizu MX4

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meizu box

There is no love lost between Xiaomi and Meizu and it’s only going to escalate, well if these rumours are true, with the launch of the Meizu MX4.

iFive Mini 3GS coming soon with Mediatek octacore and retina display

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ifive mini 3 retina tablet

As the name would suggest, the iFive Mini 3GS is the 3G equipped version of the popular iPad Mini clone the iFive.

Waterproof No.1 S7, Galaxy S5 clone costs just $155

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no 1 s7

GooPhone might be the most infamous of clone makers, but China’s No.1 aren’t too far behind. Their recently launched S7 phone continues the knock off theme but fails to deliver as promised.

Why we didn’t post the OnePlus leaks

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OnePlus Logo

Today purported leaked images of the OnePlus One flagship phone have been posted on numerous sites. We haven’t posted them and here’s why.

Chuwi to launch an MT6595-powered Lenovo Yoga impostor

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Chinese tablet manufacturer Chuwi recently showcased a tablet, the design of which would ring a bell in minds of those who’ve seen the Lenovo Yoga before.

OnePlus One to cost under $400, here’s exactly how much

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oneplus sketch

We know that the OnePlus One will cost under $400, but how much exactly? This leaked picture seems to know.

Meizu Releases Concept Screens Of Flyme 4.0, Brings Android 4.4

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Flyme old

Meizu’s forked version of Android, Flyme 4.0, is still a ways off. However, concept images of the OS have been posted to its official Weibo account.

OnePlus One’s Headphones Revealed, Similar To Apple’s

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oneplus logo

Photos of OnePlus One headphones leaked out onto the internet today, and they seem to draw some inspiration from Apple’s

ZTE Star 1 Now Official, Costs $224, On Sale Now

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ZTE Star 1

We found out about the ZTE Star 1 a few days ago after images of it leaked onto the net. Now ZTE has gone ahead and released the device to the Chinese buying public.