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Voyo WinPad A1 Mini is an 8″ dual boot (Windows 8.1 + Android 4.4) tablet

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With the dual boot thing getting a lot of traction in the Chinese market, Voyo has decided to join in on the fun with the WinPad A1 Mini.

What Xiaomi product is coming 16th July?

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Xiaomi just sent out a teaser via their Chinese social media. A new product is due for a launch on the 16th this month… what could it be? Think along!

Mlais M7 Review: Great spec and build, but needs optimisation

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mlais m7 review

Mlais are back once again with another phone boasting top end specifications at lower pricing. Find out how the flagship Mlais M7 performs in our full review below.

The makers of Remix OS return with a brand new Mini PC

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Most of you should be familiar with Remix OS by now, but here’s the rundown for those of you who don’t know what flavour of cake that is. Remix OS is a customized version of Android Lollipop built to look and function just like a normal desktop OS. It has a Windows-esque multitasking system, a […]

Mstar’s high-end S700 Pro to be unveiled in October

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Mstar is a brand commonly associated with producing cheap knock-off devices that have decent but not great quality and specs. They’re now looking to change that view with their upcoming flagship, the Mstar S700 Pro that will be coming out this coming October. The Mstar S700’s CNC zinc alloy chassis clearly takes it’s inspiration from […]

Cyanogen Inc nabs Amazon, Qualcomm execs

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Snapdragon 820 powered high-end Xiaomi gets network certification. Is it the Mi 5 Plus?

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Xiaomi is certainly working on a very high end phone (the Mi 5 Plus?), and the device just received network certification today.

Antutu reveals fake Xiaomi and Samsung devices dominate the Chinese knock-off market

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Ever since the dawn of mobile devices, China has been the world capital of knock-off devices and clones. Nowadays, clones are slightly harder to come by, though they aren’t exactly a dying race if these reports from Antutu are anything to go off. Antutu’s report shows off the number of knock-off devices tested with their […]

UMi tell us more about the eye unlock feature

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The UMi Iron’s claim to fame is the unique Eyeprint ID feature. How does it work? Does it require additional hardware? Keep reading to get all your questions answered!

Coolpad gives a Huawei touch to a new mystery device

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News is that Coolpad is working on a new Honor 7-akin phone; here are the details…

Huawei Mate 8 launch expected at IFA 2015 with great specs and Kirin 950!

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Today we have some really exciting news about the Huawei Mate 8, successor of the Mate 7 according to our new sources.

Elephone pit the Elephone P8000 against the Meizu MX5

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elephone p8000 vs meizu mx5

Elephone have gotten their hands on the latest Meizu MX5 and put it head to head with their own Elephone P8000, with both running Flyme 4.5. Let’s check out the video.

AOX Mobile tell us to “Forget Chinese” will launch “Taiwan Quality” phones from $60

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aox mobile

Taiwanese start-up AOX plan to launch 2 new phones built to “Taiwan Quality” standards with 2GB RAM and large 4000mAh battery, not to mention OS portability!

MIUI 6 for Xiaomi Redmi 1S FINALLY released!

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Xiaomi has FINALLY released MIUI 6 for the Redmi 1S! Here are the details.

PPTV’s smartphone leaks with a high screen to body ratio

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PPTV is believed to be working on a phone with a high screen to body ratio, and that phone just posed for the spy camera…

Cube i7 Remix features the Remix OS and has a ‘Retina’ screen

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Cube is a Chinese tablet maker best known for its budget offerings. The new i7 Remix from the company takes that a level ahead!

Mystery Xiaomi device with dual cameras gets leaked

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dual camaera xiaomi

Xiaomi has yet to release the anticipated Redmi Note 2, but there’s already leaked pictures on the internet of a completely new Xiaomi device complete with a dual rear camera setup. Whether this picture is legitimate or not is up for debate, but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

UMi Iron hands on and first impressions

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umi iron hands on

The UMi Iron is a daring move for UMi. A device with good hardware and tons of added features, but have the phone maker managed to pull it off? Find our what we think in our UMi Iron hands on and first impressions.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 “leaks” look to be made from Meizu MX5 photos

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xiaomi redmi note 2 fake

Xiaomi might have dropped the ball with the Xiaomi Mi 4i, but we doubt they would resort to stealing the design of the Meizu MX5 for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 as this “leak” would have us believe. I don’t know if I am being too suspicious here, but the above image is quite clearly […]

Purported render of an all metal OnePlus 2 hits Weibo

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oneplus 2 render

Bags of salt at the ready? Good! It’s time to take a pinch now as another purported leaked image of the OnePlus 2 hits the news.