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Good-bye Hongmi here comes the Hasee Ling Ya E50!

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hasee ling ya e50

We knew that Hasee would have something interesting in store for the first ever smartphone, and the Hasee Ling Ya E50 hasn’t disappointed, it could well be one of the most thoughtfully spec’d phones this year!

UMi X3 prototype makes an appearance; Promises 3GB RAM, 16MP camera, 8 core processor

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UMi’s 3rd installment from their X series, the UMi X3, of smartphones makes a quick appearance online! Rumour going around suggests that the X3 might come with as much as 3GB RAM and a 16 mega-pixel camera! 3GB RAM is what the $576 Vivo Xplay 3S does, and you can expect UMi’s X3 to get […]

Gionee to debut MT6582-powered T1, possibly featuring fingerprint recognition

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Mediatek’s MT6582 has proven to be a fantastic low-cost smartphone chipset, as more and more manufacturers continue to employ the same in their mid-range smartphones. Gionee are expected to do the same with the upcoming Gionee T1.

Confirmed! Oppo Find 7 to have 4G LTE

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oppo find 7 lte teaser

Oppo have confirmed that the Oppo Find 7 will be the first Oppo device to feature support for 4G LTE networks!

Meizu finally planning to launch internationally, first stop U.S

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white meizu mx3 launched

Meizu are no strangers to CES, but this year might be different as the company has revealed they hope to pursue the U.S market!


Exclusive: First real pictures of the Vivo Xplay 3S!

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Hours after Vivo showcased the world’s first Android phone with a 2K display, we’re already treating our eyes to real pictures of the Xplay 3S! Highlights of the Vivo Xplay 3S apart from the display include a 13 mega-pixel f/1.8 camera, fingerprint reader and a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor. Here’s a full list of specifications: […]

Vivo Xplay 3S launched with 3GB RAM, 4G LTE; Becomes world’s first 2,560 x 1,440p display phone

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Vivo finally took the veils off the uber-hot Xplay 3S. As expected, the device indeed becomes the world’s first to sport a 2K aka QHD (Quad HD) or 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display! Vivo managed to beat OPPO in rolling out the first 2K phone, after both companies had their share of building hype around […]

Super thin, MT6582-powered, 5.5″ Vivo Y20 shows up

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While the flagship Vivo Xplay 3S continues to grab the limelight, another device from the same company, this time a Mediatek powered one, makes an appearance.

Entry-level OPPO R831T with IR Blaster to go on sale Dec. 20 in China

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OPPO seem to be having a busy December. After launching a Pepsi version of the flagship N1 and the Mediatek powered R827T, the rising Chinese manufacturer is on the verge of offering the IR blaster-equipped R831T.

Mystery 8-core Vivo X3S Appears in Antutu Database with over 27,000

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vivo x3s octaocre

On the dawn of the Vivo Xplay 3S launch a new mystery 8-core Vivo device has appeared in the Antutu benchmark database scoring over 27,000 points.

Renders of the Vivo Xplay 3S leaked ahead of today’s launch

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vivo xplay 3s render

Vivo are all set to launch the Vivo Xplay 3S later today, but has the cat been let out of the bag early with these leaked Xplay 3S renders?

Open thread: What are the top 5 apps you use on your Android phone?

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top 5 android apps

Google’s Android Play store now has over 1 million apps to choose from, but there are only so many we can try, and even fewer which we will use on a regular basis. What are the top 5 Android apps you use?

The Super TV S40 is a 39″ LCD TV that costs just $247!

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Another reason for people outside of China to turn green in envy is this 39-inch TV that can be bought for a shade under $250 — but only for buyers in China! The Super TV S40 comes with a 39-inch LCD screen with a 1080p resolution and a host of other features and functionalities, which […]

Samsung GamePad for smartphones unveiled; Aims to bring Android gaming up by a notch

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The very gamepad that Samsung hoped to make available alongside their flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, is finally here. Was it worth the wait?

Amoi A900W set to get an unveil on Dec. 18th

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Amoi would be giving a go-ahead to their latest Mediatek phone, A900W in China tomorrow, i.e., 18th Dec. The phone will come with the quad-core MT6582 from Mediatek, a chipset which has managed to make its way into innumerable low-cost handsets. The Amoi A900W would look to cook Hongmi’s goose with a slender design (which […]

Oppo teaser hints at 2K display on the Oppo Find 7

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oppo find 7 2k display

When rumours of the Oppo N1 were being churned out Oppo were quick to deny what wasn’t correct, so when they themselves start hinting at possible tech on the Oppo Find 7 we should really take notice.

Oppo R1, low-light photography weapon?

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oppo r1 night photo

Details of the Oppo R1, pricing, specifications and rear camera have been published leading Chinese tech sites to dub the phone a ‘low-light photography weapon’!

THL ‘Monkey King 2′ T100 on sale in China starting today!

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Now that the MT6592 is under mass production, we’re finally starting to see devices based on the very chipset being launched. The THL T100 which was showcased a few weeks back, will finally go on sale in China starting today! THL T100 specifications For those who aren’t aware, the phone will be THL’s first to […]

Teclast G18d with 7.9″ screen and dual SIM launched

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Popular tablet manufacturer Teclast today unveiled their latest in the 7.9-inch league of tablets — the WCDMA-enabled G18d. Equipped with dual SIM slots and support for voice calling and 3G, the device aims to be an affordable alternative to Apple’s iPad mini. Featuring the same 7.9″ form and the 1024 x 768p resolution of the […]

Huawei Honor 3X and 3C officially launched, pricing from $131

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huawei honor 3X

Huawei officially launched the new Huawei Honor 3X and 3C smartphones today putting pressure on Xiaomi’s mid-range and entry-level Android smartphones.