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Rumour: Moto G Forte, a water/dust resistant Moto G incoming

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moto g 2

One of Motorola’s most successful phones of late, the Motorola Moto G might just get a more robust sibling in the near future.

Xiaomi Mikey, a copy of Kickstarter’s Pressy?

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Not many are aware of this, but Xiaomi makes more than just cool smartphones; the company is known for its merchandise and addons as well, apart from other consumer electronics products.

RK3288 powered Pipo lineup of tablets coming soon

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Pipo has been among the fastest rising Chinese tablet manufacturers, ever since the company hit it off with dual-core RK3066 tablets in 2012.

ZTE Grand S II might be the first phone to ship with 4 gigs of RAM

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zte grand s ii

A recent Tenaa listing has teh ZTE Grand S II packing an amazing 4GB RAM, but do we need so much in a smartphone?

Newman K3 receives network license with 4GB RAM?!

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newman k3 tenaa

The Newman K3 appears on the Tenaa webs tie with an amazing 4GB RAM! But some things don’t quite add up!


JiaYu G6 leaked hands on video

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jiayu g6 hands on video sources have been to the JiaYu factory this week and managed to get exclusive first hands on footage with the JiaYu G6 phablet.

Oppo asking fans which phones should they port ColorOS to

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color os

Oppo China have began accepting suggestions to which phone brand and model they should first port ColorOs to.

2nd Generation Xiaomi TV to measure 55-inch and cost $483

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xiaomi tv

Reports out of Taiwan claim that the next generation Xiaomi TV could measure in as large as 55-inches!

OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

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OnePlus logo

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Leef Access brings microSD support to any Android smartphone!

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Many have suffered due to lack of storage on their Android smartphone which lacks storage expansion features. However, this nifty little tool aims to solve this crisis and doesn’t cost much!

7.9 inch and 2048 x 1536 iFive Mini3 hands on

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iFive Mini3

We brake away from our norm of Chinese Android smartphones to bring you a hands on with the popular iFive Mini3 Android tablet.

2nd Generation Geak smartwatch spotted

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geak smartwatch 2

Chinese start-up Geak are working on their newest piece of wearable tech, the 2nd generation Geak smartwatch.

Watch as the HTC One (M8) gets unboxed, compared to the original HTC One!

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Video thumbnail for youtube video HTC One (M8) suffers another leak; Unboxed, compared to the HTC One (M7) all on tape! -

HTC finally unveiled their flagship for this year in the form of the HTC One (M8), but apparently the company wasn’t very successful in holding the device to their chest prior to launch!

Exclusive: First real photos of the JiaYu G6

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jiayu g6 photos

Here are the first real photos of the all new JIaYu G6 octacore smartphone in 3 colours.

IUNI U2 ships in triangle packaging

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iuni u2 packaging

Smartphone startup IUNI have released photos of the packaging for the IUNI U2 sporting a unique triangular design!

Zopo ZP1000 spotted running MIUI?

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zopo zp1000

Zopo’s new ZP1000 makes an appearance in front of the camera’s once again, purportedly running MIUI.

ZTE “Red Bull” receives Network License, Possible rival to the Find 7?

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zte red bull snapdragon 800

ZTE’s mystery “Red Bull” smartphone has passed through the Ministry of Communications revealing a Snapdragon 800 processor and and 1080 display.

China to get all glass, octacore version of the ZTE Grand Memo 2?

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zte grand memo

Purported leaks from a factory in China claim that Chinese customers will soon be able to choose an all glass version of the ZTE Grand Memo 2 with octacore MTK chipset.

Meizu go for Xiaomi’s Jugular, offers Meizu discount on trade in Xiaomi phones!

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meizu xiaomi trade in

A leaked poster reveals that Meizu will be offering a trade in discount to Xiaomi owners wanting to buy a Meizu MX3.

Why Mediatek don’t share source code, and why they should!

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scumbag mediatek

Mediatek are in the headlines again for keeping the source code for the Omate Truesmart watch to themselves, but the problems run deeper than that.