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Meizu MX3S with octacore MT6595 Antutu leaked

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meizu mx3s mt6595

Following on from the official release date of their new products this morning are leaks of the Meizu MX3S with octacore MT6595 running Antutu.

Video: Hands on with MIUI V6 Leaked Beta for the Xiaomi Mi4

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miui v6 hands on

We go hands on with a leaked beta version of MIUI V6 for the Xiaomi Mi4. Watch our exclusive MIUI V6 English hands on!

Lei Jun takes part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, hands the gauntlet to Chinese actors and tech bosses

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lei jun ice bucket challenge

The Ice Bucket challenge has spread the globe and firmly arrived in China, with Xiaomi co-founder and CEO, Lei Jun being one of the first to take it.

Meizu “Think High” 2014 product launch confirmed

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Meizu Launch Event Invite

Meizu have announced their 2014 product launch and confirmed the dates on which we will see their new products.

Sample HDR photos from the Xiaomi Mi4

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xiaomi mi4 hdr photo sample

While out and about yesterday I decided to test HDR on the new Xiaomi Mi4. The following (original) photos are the results.


5-inch THL W200C boasts octacore for $180

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thl w200c android phone

Looking a little like the Xiaomi Mi2S, THL have just released the THL 2220C smartphone with octacore processor at quite a nice price.

Purported Meizu MX4 promotional material leaked, confirms Sony IMX147 camera!

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meizu mx4 leak

Purported leaked images of the Meizu MX4 found on promotional material along with specifications have been leaked this morning.

MIUI V6 announced here are all the details

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miui v6 features

Today Xiaomi released their more up to date and advanced version of their MIUI ROM to date! Here are all the details of MIUI V6 from the Beijing launch.

MIUI V6 gets it’s UI exposed in more leaks

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xiaomi miui v6

Xiaomi fans around the world are waiting in anticipation for the launch of MIUI V6 tomorrow. If you don’t want any spoilers look away now as the following are leaked images of the new UI compared to V5.

Cyanogen working on battery drain issues in the OnePlus One

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oneplus one cyanogen

A recent OTA update to the OnePlus One contains two problems that conspire to drain your battery. Cyanogen are working on a fix!

Meizu’s Jack Wong posts Flyme 4.0 screenshot, tells us news is coming on the 18th August!

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flyme 4.0 screenshot

Jack Wong, the founder of Meizu, has posted a new screenshot on his Weibo account showing the Flyme 4.0 lockscreen and tells us news wll be coming on the 18th August!

Freakbox Android TV box now launched for a reduced price of $103

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Freakbox, the Rockchip powered Android TV box that developers from the FreakTab community put together is now up for pre-order for a reduces price!

Chinese resellers offering pre-made Google Cardboard kits for less than $10

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google cardboard

Google’s super affordable DIY virtual reality kit has been cloned by Chinese resellers offering the kit for under $10!

Xiaomi Mi4 First impressions: Fat but good

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xiaomi mi4 review

The Xiaomi Mi4 has arrived at GizChina towers. A full review is underway, but to keep you all up to date with events here is a brief first impressions of the latest flagship Xiaomi.

More Meizu MX4 specs, photos and MX3S leaks

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meizu mx3s

Weibo is a wash with Meizu rumours today. The purported details speak of the next genteration Meizu MX4 and the rumoured MX3S phone.

First lot of Xiaomi Mi Band will go on sale 18th August

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xiaomi mi band

If you are in the market for a cheap wearable from a famous Chinese brand then keep your eyes on Chinese resellers after the 18th August for bargain priced Mi Band’s.

The Jingston A555 looks like an overpriced Oppo Find 7 clone

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jingston a555 oppo find 7 clone 2

What normally happens when you take a flagship phone design and fuse is with Mediatek guts is a low-cost clone. In this case though the Jingson A555 actually costs more than the phone it wants to impersonate!

More details of Huawei’s Forthcoming launch revealed

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huawei 4th september launch

It was revealed earlier this week that Huawei will launch their new device, possible the Ascend Mate 7, on the 4th August. Here are a few more details to go with the news.

China launches its own “Oculus Rift” thanks to Kickstarter

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antvr tech in asia

Chinese start-up ANTVR has managed to raise $260,000 to produce its own Oculus Rift rival.

OnePlus kicks off controversial “ladies first” promotion

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oneplus one

OnePlus are once again at the center of a controversial campaign to help increase their forum numbers and boost their reach.