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Low cost Xiaomi tablet rumours flare up once more

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xiaomi mi pad review

We would hardly say that the current Xiaomi Mi Pad was an expensive device, yet an even cheaper tablet is being rumoured and could arrive in early 2015.

Meizu MX4 Pro Review – A Pro level Meizu at a realistic price

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meizu mx4 pro review

We review the Meizu MX4 Pro, a flagship phone with all the bells and whistles at an unbelievable price.

Manta X7 smartphone replaces buttons with “smart bezels”

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manta x7

Low cost and high specs were once enough to win in the smartphone market, now it is originality and innovation, two features the new Manta X7 have loads of.

Xiaomi launching 50,000 Redmi Note in India, at the same time OnePlus launch

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redmi note

OnePlus are officially entering the Indian market tomorrow, but at least 50,000 possible fans are going to be looking else where.

Open Thread: Slim phones, Finger print scanners, 2K etc what’s hype and what do we really need?

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vivo xplay 3s fingerprint scanner

There are lots of trends this year, but we want to hear which trends you want to see followed and which you would happily forefeit in your next generation Android smartphone.


64bit Elephone P6000 pre sales begin for $169.99

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elephone p6000

Elephone have announced that pre-sales for their first 64bit phone have started over on their own Elephone online store.

What do you think of the OnePlus Two rumour specifications?

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oneplus one yellow

The OnePlus One caught the tech world by surprise this year, but the real test is if they can do it again with the OnePlus Two. Take a look at these rumoured specs and see what you think.

Meizu’s mystery low cost phone alive and kicking on GFXbench

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meizu benchmarks

Meizu’s Jack Wong had promised us 4 Meizu devices and the 3rd appears to be about ready to go on sale after showing up on GFX Bench flexing its affordable muscles.

Latest MIUI 6 update brings one-handed operation to Xiaomi Mi 3, Mi 4!

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mi 4 1

Xiaomi’s MIUI ROM is a bag of tricks; the latest being the ability to use either your Mi 3 or Mi 4 in one-handed operation mode!

Huawei Honor 6 Plus hits up TENNA with dual camera design

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huawei honor 6 plus

Huawei’s new flagship, and first camera centric phone to date, the Huawei Honor 6 Plus has turned up at TENAA confirming a dual camera design.

Tokyo Flash offer $20 off all watches for Black Friday

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tokyo flash

Black Friday has spread to Japan where Tokyo flash are offering $20 off their entire range of time pieces.

Top Chinese flagship smartphones you can buy this Christmas

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Over the past few weeks we have highlighted entrylevel and mid-range phones for your Christmas lists, and now it is time for the money no object phones. Here are the top flagship phones you can buy this Christmas.

Another slim Oppo is heading to market, the Oppo R8207

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oppo r8207

While the rest of the world get tied up in Black Friday fever, the folks at the TENAA offices are still testing Chinese phones for launch, and that’s where the Oppo R8207 has just been spotted.

DOOGEE step in to the luxury phone market as pre-orders of the Doogee DG700 Titans 2 begin

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doogee dg700

DOOGEE are a popular brand but not one we would say is know for precision build and luxury, so the launch of their ‘Military Grade’ DOOGEE DG700 Titans 2 has very mush grabbed our attention.

Archos’ 80 Cesium aims to combine the iPad mini’s form with Windows’ usability

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The Archos 80 Cesium is going to be a budget friendly Windows tablet, but Archos will have to keep the price at bay.

The Cheerson CX-10A mini quad copter is small enough to hang on your Christmas Tree

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Cheerson CX-10A

The tiny Cheerson CX-10A Mini quad copter, is a tiny piece of 6 axis flying fun for just $20.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus rumoured to also be sporting a dual camera

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Huawei Honor 6 Plus

Huawei are rumoured to be working on the Huawei Honor 6 Plus phone, a camera centric device with dual rear camera set up.

Black Friday deals will see %50 of Chinese phones at Coolicool

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black friday coolicool

Black Friday is knocking on our door, which can mean only one thing! Some great deals on Chinese phones, tech and accessories.

Hugo Barra says Xiaomi are big fans for Android One

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hugo barra xiaomi

Android One has gained many many fans, but one of their highest profile fans must be Hugo Barra and the Xiaomi team.

Top 8 Wearables for this Christmas

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geak watch 2

What better way to fill the stocking of a tech addict that with one of these great wearable devices. Here are 8 wearable smart devices you can choose from right now.