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Rumour: Oppo working on Oppo N1 Mini

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oppo n1 review

As much as we like the Oppo N1 and it’s rotating camera, it really is a huge phone given the screen size, wouldn’t a mini Oppo N1 make so much sense?

Moto 360, Motorola’s first ever smartwatch launched

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Who says smartwatches need to look like 1980’s Casio watches? The Moto 360 is as elegant and stylish as they come!

Meizu MX4 confirmed to get 4GLTE in Q3

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meizu MX4 concept

Meizu have gone on the record to let us know that the next generation Meizu MX4 is scheduled for a release in Q3.

IUNI U2 launches with ultra-pixel front camera, Snapdragon 800 for $290

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iuni u2 launch beijing

Chinese phone start-up IUNI launched the IUNI U2 today, a phone which might give the OnePlus One a run for it’s money!

Oppo Find 7 leaked with 2800mAh battery, 4G LTE, narrow bezels on

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oppo find 7

Chinese E-commerce giant JingDong mall couldn’t wait for tomorrow to the launch of the Oppo Find 7 and briefly let the phone, specs and photos leak on their site earlier today.


Video: Chuwi V99X 3G, Retina Tablet Unboxing and hands on

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chuwi v99x 3g tablet review

Video unboxing and first hands on with the Chuwi V99X 3G Android tablet with 9.7-inch Retina display.

Nubia X6 photo sample has a Oppo Find 7 beating resolution of 74.6 MP!

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nubia x6 photo sample

We thought that the 50 mega-pixel photo samples from the Oppo Find 7 are good, but they pale in comparison to the 74.6mp photos of the Nubia X6.

Xiaomi Redmi Note benchmarks blow sub-$200 devices out of the water

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One would usually associate Chinese electronics with a comparatively better value for money ratio, but what the Xiaomi Redmi Note does for a device that’s expected to sell at about $160 is simply surprising.

LG G3 to reportedly feature a MediaTek MT6595 SoC, QHD display

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2560 x 1440 pixel displays are fast becoming the standard for any flagship this year. Two of China’s biggest manufacturers, OPPO and Vivo have already made their intentions clear about having QHD phones on the market, and it is just about time that other internationally renown ones like LG up the ante as well.

Samsung SM-G9098, an Android-powered, premium-looking flip phone headed to China!

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While the demand for flip phones might have died down in most markets of the world, the Chinese (among other Asian markets) still seem to have a bit of flip-phone hunger left in them.

ZTE FunBox specifications surface, packs a Tegra 4 SoC

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Specifications of the previously leaked ZTE FunBox have surfaced, promising great performance thanks to a powerful SoC in the NVIDIA Tegra 4.

HTC M8 cases already on sale in China

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htc m8 case

Cases for the dual camera HTC M8 go on sale by the thousands in China!

Oppo Find 7 to have new battery tech, could also get solar charging!

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oppo find 7

More teasers from Oppo could mean a new battery technology and solar power charging! Take a look and see what you make of them.

Nubia X6 Long Exposure photos, plus spy images

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nubia x6 photo samples 4

10 days from now Nubia will launch the Nubia X6, a device we have learned today will feature a long exposure camera.

Xiaomi could launch their own Xiaomi tablet, and Hongmi 2 tomorrow!

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xiaomi tablet

Releaseing MIUI on the Nexus 7 is on the first step for Xiaomi in to the tablet market. Tomorrow the Beijing based phone maker could launch their very own Xiaomi tablet.

Xiaomi’s MIUI now supports tablets; Nexus 7 gets to be the first adopter

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Xiaomi’s super-popular MIUI (pronounced ‘me-you-eye’) is all set to start a new journey altogether thanks to it now having support for tablets.

OnePlus One sketch leaked, gives away design details

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oneplus packaging

OnePlus’ One has been one among the most elusive phones this year. However, today seems like a day when even the most elusive of devices are getting caught off guard (the OPPO Find 7 was leaked earlier today, along with packaging).

ZTE’s Nubia X6 coming later this month with some exciting tech

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nubia x6

The Nubia X6 will be launched later this month, here are a few of the interesting features it will boast.

Oppo Find 7 Packaging, looks similar to Oppo N1

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oppo find 7 packaging

Following on from the leaked photos we brought you of the Oppo Find 7 are these photos for the phones packaging.

Breaking! Detailed, Close Up Photos of the Oppo Find 7!

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oppo find 7 spy photo

5 days till launch and counting, but the Oppo Find 7 cat is already out of the bag! Up close, spy photos give us the best look at the Oppo Find to date!