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Elephone W1 smartwatch revealed, photos and specs

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elephone w1

With Google’s Android Wear here and about to take over the wearable scene, Chinese device makers are dipping their toes in to the niche. The Elephone W1 is one such wearable that whats to take on the role of mobile companion for your wrist.

5-inch iOcean X8 mini spy photos break cover

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iocean x8 mini

If like many you love the look of the Gorilla Glass sandwich that is the iOcean X8 but find the size too big, then you are going to love the iOcean X8 mini!

Fresh iPhone 6 leaks showcase larger frame, hint at a September launch

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iPhone 6_1

The alleged largest iPhone in history just got caught off guard, posing with a few of its existing brothers.

Alleged Xiaomi Mi4 spotted again, looks like previous leaks

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xiaomi mi4 leaked photo

Xiaomi leaks are common around the time of the launch of a new phone, but generally they fake of photoshopped devices. This latest leak might actually be for real.

Xiaomi “Mi Band” smart bracelet could cost 199 Yuan

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xiaomi mi band smart bracelet

Wearable device and Android Wear are the big attention grabbers in today’s tech world, so rumours that Xiaomi might be joining the trend are hardly surprising.

ZTE Nubia Z7 render shows “bezelless” design

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Rumors around the ZTE Nubia Z7 do not seem to stop anytime soon. The latest rendering is showing a bezel-free design.

New Oppo teaser on Twitter claims “best audio quality”

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Oppo’s newest teaser is claiming “best audio quality” for a mysterious device.

Lei Jun: Xiaomi is ready to challenge the Apple iPad

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Xiaomi MiPad photos and video, will this be your next tablet?

Xiaomi is known for affordable high quality phones with a great operating system and good performance. Xiaomi started as a custom ROM developer (MIUI), and within only four years they managed to become China’s most successful phone maker. Nowadays they are even managing to beat Apple in China in terms of sales helped by the Redmi, Mi3, […]

Xiaomi Mipad benchmarks see almost 40,000 points

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xiaomi mipad tablet

Xiaomi’s first tablet, and the worlds first Nvidia Tegra K1 tablet, has already sold out in China and benchmarks from the device are being published.

Updated: Its a fake @evleaks latest points at OnePlus Tab Android tablet

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oneplus tablet

OnePlus can’t stay out of the news. Either they have a new promotion, suffering from delays, or in this instance are rumoured to be launching a OnePlus Tab Android tablet.

VK1000 specs reveal affordable LTE coming to EU soon!

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vk 1000 lte phone

VK are making ripples in new markets across Europe, but wave are to be made with the launch of the LTE equipped VK 1000.

Hasee’s first LTE phone appears to be Zopo ZP998 rebrand

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hasee zopo zp998 lte

Hasee started with their first Android phones this year, and are already keeping up with the big guns with plans for an LTE device in the near future.

Xiaomi Mipad sells 50,000 in less than 4 minutes

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xiaomi mipad tablet

Xiaomi’s Nvidia Tegra K1 clad Mipad went on sale yesterday and sold out in only a matter of minutes.

Meizu working on Android Wear?

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meizu android wear

Could Meizu be the next big name to release a wearable device loaded with Android Wear?

Gionee Elife S5.5 KitKat update seeding in India

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Gionee’s slimmest smartphone offering, the beautiful Elfe S5.5 is now starting to receive the much anticipated KitKat treatment.

JiaYu rumoured to be bringing LTE to current phones

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jiayu g6 hd photos 4

Rumours over on the JiaYu forums suggest we could see our favourite JiaYu models update to LTE later in the year.

XOLO reported to be working on an MIUI ROM rival

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A leak, along with a few teasers from the company, points to a ROM that is believed to be in development at the XOLO facilities; something made to rival MIUI.

Windows Phone powered Lenovo device seemingly confirmed

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A Windows Phone device from Lenovo, which we first heard of some 3-4 weeks back, now appears to be real and kicking.

Nubia Z7 spy photos show some Inspiration from OnePlus

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nubia z7 spy photo

Nubia could be up to more than we had first thought, as a new Nubia Z7 design turns up for it’s spy photo glory.

Gionee pokes fun at Plastic Samsung Phones in latest advert

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Gionee have posted a new video promoting the Gionee Elife S5.5 that pokes fun at plastic Samsung devices.