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Open Thread: What do you expect from the OnePlus 2?

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The OnePlus 2 is the next big thing in the Chinese industry. Here, we’d like to know what YOU think about the phone and what are your expectations from it.

New Elephone measures the same as the iPhone 6 with larger AMOLED display

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leaked elephone

Elephone might currently be known for the terrible looking bezels of the P7000 and P8000, but they intend to change that with another (yes another) device.

Tronsmart Ara BJ19 barebones mini PC announced for $130

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The Tronsmart Ara BJ19 is a US$130 alternative to the Intel NUC.

The D Watch 2 is a super cheap Apple Watch clone

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The D Watch 2 is a super affordable wearable device from China, with a price tag that certainly wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Huawei M2 tablet official with 8″ display, Kirin 930

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The all new Huawei M2 tablet is now official and kicking in China with the HiSilicon Kirin 930 octa-core SoC.

Acer S59 leaks with 5″ screen, MT6753 CPU and more

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The Acer S59 just leaked thanks to GFXbench, confirming the MediaTek MT6753 CPU, 2GB RAM and more!

Moto G (3rd gen) renders leak with a design more stylish than usual

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The Moto G has been a Motorola saviour. Now that the phone is a successful franchise, the company is experimenting with different design… or so it seems.

This mega charging station lets you charge 60 devices at once!

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We’ve all been there before. Those moments when really need to finish that one important email or text when your phone starts alerts you that you’re at 4%, and you scuttle as quickly as possible to the closest power outlet, only to find someone already occupying that spot. Apparently some inventor somewhere faced this problem […]

Huawei Watch drops by at the FCC

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The Huawei Watch just dropped by at the FCC. Is this a sign of things to come (aka the launch of the watch)?

3 new Huawei phones spotted on certification database

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Three new (and unannounced) Huawei devices have made it to a Chinese certification authority. Could one of the three be the Honor 7 Plus?

HTC’s Desire 728 pops up on TENAA website

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HTC hasn’t been having the best of years what with the HTC One M9’s overheating issues, their declining sales and competitors like Samsung, Asus and even Apple stepping up their game, the former mobile giant has been having a rough time so far. This hasn’t deterred them from releasing new devices however, as their latest […]

The Asus Zenfone Selfie makes a showing at TENAA

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Asus’s Zenfone Selfie has remain an elusive smartphone that almost no one has seen or heard about since it’s unveiling in Taiwan. The device came with a Snapdragon 615 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, a 3000mAh battery and a colorful array of pastel-looking rear covers. The device’s main selling point was it’s […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 certified: Will be thinner with smaller battery

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Redmi note 2

The second generation Xiaomi Redmi phablet, aka the Redmi Note 2 just had a part of its specs sheet confirmed thanks to a leak from TENAA.

Voyo WinPad A1 Mini is an 8″ dual boot (Windows 8.1 + Android 4.4) tablet

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With the dual boot thing getting a lot of traction in the Chinese market, Voyo has decided to join in on the fun with the WinPad A1 Mini.

What Xiaomi product is coming 16th July?

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Xiaomi just sent out a teaser via their Chinese social media. A new product is due for a launch on the 16th this month… what could it be? Think along!

Mlais M7 Review: Great spec and build, but needs optimisation

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mlais m7 review

Mlais are back once again with another phone boasting top end specifications at lower pricing. Find out how the flagship Mlais M7 performs in our full review below.

The makers of Remix OS return with a brand new Mini PC

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Most of you should be familiar with Remix OS by now, but here’s the rundown for those of you who don’t know what flavour of cake that is. Remix OS is a customized version of Android Lollipop built to look and function just like a normal desktop OS. It has a Windows-esque multitasking system, a […]

Mstar’s high-end S700 Pro to be unveiled in October

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Mstar is a brand commonly associated with producing cheap knock-off devices that have decent but not great quality and specs. They’re now looking to change that view with their upcoming flagship, the Mstar S700 Pro that will be coming out this coming October. The Mstar S700’s CNC zinc alloy chassis clearly takes it’s inspiration from […]

Cyanogen Inc nabs Amazon, Qualcomm execs

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Snapdragon 820 powered high-end Xiaomi gets network certification. Is it the Mi 5 Plus?

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Xiaomi is certainly working on a very high end phone (the Mi 5 Plus?), and the device just received network certification today.