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Ears on with the Xiaomi Piston Earphones

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xiaomi piston earphones review

Xiaomi extended their range of products this year with the launch of the Xiaomi Piston earphones. Here are our impressions of these CNC alloy earbuds.

Spy photo: Nokia working on a smartwatch?

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nokia smartwatch leak

Nokia could be the next brand working on wearable technology if these leaked spy photos are of the Nokia smartwatch as they claim to be!

iOcean X7 Elite unboxing and first impressions

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iocean x7 elite hands on have been lucky enough to get their hands on an iOcean X7 Elite for review. Here is the unboxing and initial fist impressions of this 1080 Chinese phone.

Purported Oppo N1 CnC chassis shown on Weibo

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leaked oppo n1

Oppo have been quite forthcoming about they Oppo N1, and we already officially know some important details about the phone, but a good old leak photo is what we need and that’s exactly what we have here.

JiaYu G5 receives network license, could launch soon!

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jiayu g5 network license

In a typically un-JiaYu move the stainless steel bodied JiaYu G5 has been spotted at the Chinese Ministry of Communication where it has received its network license!


Beidou ‘Spring Onion’ another $130 MT6589T for China with WCDMA support

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beidou spring onion

Chinese budget phone maker Beidou have been out of the limelight for a while now, but they are back with a new low-cost MT6589T quad-core smartphone.

Meizu announces MX3 will also get 8-core HMP update

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meizu hmp octa core update

Yesterday Samsung announced that it had added Heterogeneous Multi-Processing to the Exynos 5 Octa for true 8-core support, today Meizu have announced the same for the MX3

iPhone 5C Vs mid-range Chinese Android phones Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo

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iphone 5c vs midrange chinese phones hero

As promised Apple launched an ‘affordable’ iPhone yesterday. The iPhone 5C is a slight update to the iPhone 5 with a new plastic body, but how does it compare to mid-range Chinese phones?

iPhone 5S Vs. Chinese Android phones, Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu

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iphone 5s vs chinese android phones hero

Apple finally launched their updated iPhone 5S yesterday. So how does the 7th generation iPhone compare to the current crop of flagship Chinese Android phones.

GooPhone i5c hands on video, Android knock off iPhone 5C!

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goophone i5c hands on video

Chinese phone maker GooPhone have managed to get the drop an Apple once again this time by posting a hands on video of their new GooPhone i5C iPhone knock off.

CyanogenMod heading to the FAEA F2S

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faea f2s nfc video

Developers over on the FAEAmobile forum have started to work on bringing Cyanogenmod CM10.1 to the quad-core FAEA F2S Android smartphone.

iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner is named Touch ID

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iphone 5s leaked

Ctechcn have managed to scoop more details about the iPhone 5S and it’s new fingerprint scanner feature.

2 Dual SIM Galaxy Note 3 receives network license in China

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dual sim galaxy note 3

4 models of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 have passed through China’s Communications ministry including 2 dual sim variants.

Hisense Mira 2 – all show and no go?

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hisense mira 2 hero

Hisense’s Mira brand is about to be succeeded by the Mira 2 a very stylish phone, with below par hardware.

Skyworth teaming up with Alibaba for $326 Android TV

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cool on android smart tv

Hot on the heals of both the Xiaomi TV and rumoured LeTV X50 comes the Skywork “Cool On” Android smart TV starting from just $326!

Smart Q readying W1 Android smartwatch

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smartq smartwatch hero

Tablet maker Smart Q are hoping to be the second Chinese manufacturer to launch an Android smartwatch.

Xiaomi Mi3 receives network approval in China

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xiaomi mi3 network license hero

A yellow Xiaomi Mi3 has been spotted on the TENAA website showing that the flagship phone is now officially ready to go on sale across China.

3 Android alternatives to the iPad mini 2

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ipad mini 2 alternatives

Apple’s big launch event will begin later today, and whether or not they do launch a second generation iPad mini 2 you might find these Android alternatives to be as good, and cheaper!

Newman K2 Review

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newman k2 review

The Newman K2 will go on sale later this month but we have been testing a sample of the new phone ahead of release! Read the full Newman K2 review here.

FAEA F2 unboxing photos

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faea f2s review

Newcomers FAEA have taken the Chinese phone scene by storm this year. With phones like the FAEA F1 Penguin and FAEA F2 it is easy to see why. Check out our unboxing photos of first impressions of the FAEA F2 here.