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Vivo makes Vivo Xplay3S rumours a thing of the past by posting specifications

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vivo xplay 3s hero

There is certainly one great way to stop rumours from spreading and that’s just to come out publishing everything yourself, just as Vivo have done with the Xplay 3S specifications.

WIN A Geak Android Smartwatch worth $320!

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geak smartwatch giveaway hero

It has been a while since we have ran a GizChina giveaway, so with Christmas nearly here we though we would kick off the festivities with a Geak Android Smartwatch giveaway!

Elephone P7 looks stunning!

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elephone p7 white and red

New kid on the black Elephone will soon launch their second ever smartphone and it’s a stunning looking device!

WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 really is coming mid-December

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xiaomi mi3 wcdma launch

Xiaomi’s long long long overdue Snapdragon WCDMA version of the Xiaomi Mi3 IS coming mid-December, but is it too late?

Zopo teaser shows 1.7Ghz MT6592 8-core processor!

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zopo 8-core launch

Zopo have been doing their best to ensure they stay in the headlines these past few weeks with teasers of their upcoming 8-core flagship phone, the latest of which give fill a little more the the puzzle.

Huawei Confirms Ascend P6S will have an 8-core chipset!

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leaked huawei ascend p6 hands on 2

Usually leaks come from those down the ranks of large companies or supply chains, but this latest morsel of news comes directly from Huawei’s President Xu Xin Quan.

TCL announce 8-core Idol X on its way

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tcl idol x plus 8-core

TCL are looking to enter the 8-core MT6592 phone race early by updating their current flagship Idol X with the new MT6592 chipset.

8-core MT6592 benchmarks spotted across devices with various display resolutions, showcase impressive prowess!

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AnTuTu Benchmark scores of multiple devices powered by the upcoming 8-core MT6592 have surfaced, promising not just impressive CPU performance, but rather remarkable GPU power as well!

Huawei Ascend P6 set to receive an octa-core upgrade

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One among the prime candidates of the world’s thinnest phones, the Huawei P6 is all set to get an octa-core upgrade in the form of the upcoming Ascend P6S.

Meizu to launch Mediatek powered phone by next year?

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Meizu are rumoured to have a low-cost Mediatek powered phone in the works to rival similar handsets from rivals Oppo and Vivo!

Gionee’s new sub-brand ‘IUNI’ to be launched 20th Nov

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The 20th of November 2013 is fast turning into a day no Chinese tech enthusiast can miss! Latest news is that manufacturing biggie Gionee would be giving a go-ahead to their new sub-brand on the same day!

HTC One reportedly to be succeeded by Snapdragon 800 powered HTC M8

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HTC One replacement could be the Snapdragon 800 powered HTC M8.

Mlais MX69, 8-core Note 3 clone will launch 20th November

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mlais mx69 launch

The Chinese phone market is a battle ground on the best of days but around the launch of new processor tech things get kicked up a few gears! Mlais have announced that their 8-core MT6592 MX69 phablet will launch on the 20th November!

THL 8-core phablet exclusive photos

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thl 8-core phablet

If the Monkey King 2 is too small a phone for you, but you just got to have an 8-core device THL will also be launching an octa-core phablet! Exclusive leaked photos here!

Spy pictures of the upcoming 8-core phone Newman phone emerge online!

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As we near the official MT6592 date of launch, more and more manufacturers seem keen on having the very chipset in one of their own devices!

Exclusive: This is the 8-core MT6592 THL Monkey King 2

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thl monkey king 2

Rumours are fine but seeing the actual REAL product is something else! So feast your eyes on this! Real photos of the 8-core MT6592 THL Monkey King 2!

Next generation Huawei Processor will be a true 8-core MT6592 rival!

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Taiwan’s Mediatek might be the ones basking in the 8-core spotlight, but they aren’t the only company launching a true 8-core chip, Huawei will also soon be launching their own rival processor!

128GB Meizu MX3 will go on sale 18th November, but don’t buy it yet!

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meizu mx3 hands on

Months after the original launch Meizu have finally set a date for the 128GB Meizu MX3 to go on sale, but international customers should give this first batch a miss.

Countdown page to World’s First 8-core Smartphone Appears on Zopo Website

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zopo countdown

After confirming that they will be the first to launch a true 8-core smartphone, and also offer it internationally at launch, ZOPO have continued the post launch excitement by posting a countdown on their official website.

Oppo in talks with CyanogenMod to launch new phone brand?

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oppo n1 cyanogenmod

If a Chinese phone maker wants to make it internationally then following the Oppo strategy would be what I would suggest, and Oppo’s next plans could involve launching a whole new sub-brand.