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Xiaomi show off render of a ‘developing part’ for the Mi3!

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After making waves with their smartphones, Xiaomi now seem to be concentrating on add-ons and accessories for their phones. This includes the much in-demand Xiaomi Piston earphones and of course, the higher capacity batteries they have on offer for the Mi2 and the Mi2S.

Archos launches 3 new Platinum tablets

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archos 97 platinum element tablet

French tablet maker Archos have announced 3 new Platinum tablets raining from 8-inch all the way up to 10.1-inch.

Samsung to adopt 8-core Mediatek processors!

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8-core mediatek MT6592 official

Mediatek must have impressed someone at Samsung, as reports are coming in that the Korean Android giant is planning to adopt the latest 8-core SoC the Taiwanese company.

Acer introduces Liquid Z3 entry-level phone

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acer liquid z3 hero

Acer are trying their damnedest to grab a piece of the Android phone market so have launched yet another Android phone, the entry-level Acer Liquid Z3.

New Limited Edition Xiaomi Hongmi will ship with headphones and more

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xiaomi hongmi accessories

Xiaomi’s Hongmi smartphone is taking China by storm, but even at such an attractive price some customers are not happy by the lack of accessories but this limited edition model with soon solve that.

ZTE’s Grand S and Nubia 5 to hit the US market this month

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ZTE Nubia 5

Although ZTE is somewhat a known brand in the US market thanks to low cost dongles and entry-level smartphones, the country hasn’t yet witnessed any of ZTE’s high-end smartphones. However, this is all set to change this month.

Gionee Elife E6 reaches Indian shores!

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Gionee Elife E6

Regarded as one of the best upcoming smartphone manufacturers in India, Gionee today went ahead with the launch of the Elife E6, a device which managed to create a stir even before its launch!

GizROM coming to Zopo ZP990, ZP980, C2 and C3

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gizrom hero

Android Modder Marsapa has teamed up with to create custom GizChina ROMS to popular Zopo phones.

$200 Motorola MOTO DVX turns at at the FCC

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moto dvx android

Motorola’s popular Moto X has spawned a low-cost offspring the Moto DVX, which has just passed through the FCC.

Xiaomi now more popular than HTC in China

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xiaomi hongmi hands on

A Taiwanese market research report claims that Xiaomi phones now rank 5th most popular in China ahead of HTC.

OrientPhone N8 is a Mediatek powered 3G Galaxy Tab 3 alternative

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The OrientPhone N8 is a budget conscious quad-core, 8-inch tablet with built-in 3G and support of voice calls.

Rumour: Asus built Nexus 10 tablet release imminent

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google asus nexus 10 tablet

Infamous Twitter tippet evleaks has posted another image pointing at an Asus built Nexus 10 tablet which could be launched soon.

Ulivon M005 hopes to finally make 3D phones mainstream!

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ulivon 3d phone hero camera

Over the past few years we have seen a number of Chinese phone companies offer 3D phones. Non have really made much of an impact, the Ulivon M005 hopes to change that.

Mlais working on both a 5-inch and 5.7-inch 8-core MT6592 phone

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8-core mt6592 android phone

Mlais have leaked another photo of a PCB fitted with 8-core MT6592 processor along with a few details about it’s upcoming phone models.

Mediaek ready to launch MTK6290 4G LTE SoC

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With 4G LTE ready to go mainstream in China, Chinese phone makers need a low-cost 4G LTE solution and Mediatek have one with the MTK6290.

Xiaocai 8-core MT6592 full specifications

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xiaocai x9 front

Xiaocai have been showing off photos and specification details of their 8-core MT6592 Android phone and it looks pretty special!

Lenovo K910 is an updated K900 with Snapdragon 800 CPU

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lenovo k910

Lenovo have announced it will launch an updated version of the Intel powered K900. The Lenovo K910 will go on sale soon and will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor.

HTC Desire 301e released in China

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htc lenovo rumour

The Chinese market gets another mid-ranger in the form of the HTC Desire 301e. The device was launched earlier today, and everything including its relatively small screen and dual-core processor shouts mid-range.

Nexus 5 caught unawares yet again!

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Nexus 5?

Probably the most looked forward to Android device at the moment, the Nexus 5, just made another appearance on the internet. Going by what we see this time round, the design of the device does in fact seem to be in agreement with the mystery Nexus device caught in Google’s promotional video for Android v4.4 KitKat.

Zopo ZP990 Captain S Review

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zopo zp990 captain s one handed

The ZP990 has proven to be one of the most sought after quad-core Chinese phablets on the market today, so just how good is it? How does it work as a Galaxy Note clone? Find out in our Zopo ZP990 Captain S review.