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Will the ZTE Red Bull be a mid range Redmi Rival or flagship Oppo Find 7a contender?

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zte red bull battery

With the Nubia X6 safety launched, you might think that ZTE would be happy to enjoy the buzz around their new device but instead they are preparing to launch the ZTE Red Bull on 9th April.

Gold Xiaomi Mi3 and Red Xiaomi TV spotted

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gold xiaomi mi3

Xiaomi are preparing new colour options for their flagship Android smartphone and popular smart TV.

Mediatek MT6595 benchmarks spotted on GFX Bench

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gfx bench mt6595

Mediatek’s new MT6595 octacore processor has shown up in the popular graphics benchmarks database GFX Bench.

Rumour: Moto G Forte, a water/dust resistant Moto G incoming

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moto g 2

One of Motorola’s most successful phones of late, the Motorola Moto G might just get a more robust sibling in the near future.

Xiaomi Mikey, a copy of Kickstarter’s Pressy?

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Not many are aware of this, but Xiaomi makes more than just cool smartphones; the company is known for its merchandise and addons as well, apart from other consumer electronics products.


Purported advertising banner shows possible next generation Xiaomi phone

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xiaomi flagship leak

Could a new 2199 Yuan Xiaomi phone running MIUI V6 be on the cards for this year’s annual Xiaomi festival?

Entry-level HTC Desire 316 goes official in China

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HTC seems to have realized that there’s still a market for entry-level smartphones, and just made the quad-core Desire 316 official in China.

ZTE Grand S II might be the first phone to ship with 4 gigs of RAM

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zte grand s ii

A recent Tenaa listing has teh ZTE Grand S II packing an amazing 4GB RAM, but do we need so much in a smartphone?

Hugo Barra in India, Xiaomi on its way!

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hugo barra in india

Hugo Barra in India can only mean one thing! Xiaomi are edging closer still to a launch in the country!

Newman K3 receives network license with 4GB RAM?!

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newman k3 tenaa

The Newman K3 appears on the Tenaa webs tie with an amazing 4GB RAM! But some things don’t quite add up!

JiaYu G6 leaked hands on video

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jiayu g6 hands on video sources have been to the JiaYu factory this week and managed to get exclusive first hands on footage with the JiaYu G6 phablet.

Veaka think they can charge $805 for their 128GB Android phone, what do you think?

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veaka android phone

A new smartphone maker, Veaka, have unveiled plans to launch their flagship 128GB smartphone in China for $805!

Oppo asking fans which phones should they port ColorOS to

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color os

Oppo China have began accepting suggestions to which phone brand and model they should first port ColorOs to.

2nd Generation Xiaomi TV to measure 55-inch and cost $483

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xiaomi tv

Reports out of Taiwan claim that the next generation Xiaomi TV could measure in as large as 55-inches!

No.1 S7 Galaxy S5 will be waterproof! First photos and specification details

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no1 s7 galaxy s5 clone

No.1 have send the latest details of their No.1 S7 Samsung Galaxy S5 clone over to us and some of the features are surprisingly good.

OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

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OnePlus logo

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Xiaomi Redmi Note Vs TCL Meme Da

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xiaomi redmi vs tcl meme da

TCL through a very powerful and well spec’d stone at Xiaomi today with the launch of the TCL Meme Da. Let’s see how the Meme Da compares to the Xiaomi Redmi Note!

Here’s TCL’s Xiaomi Redmi Note Killer, the TCL Meme Da

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tcl meme da

TCL will officially release their Xiaomi Redmi Note killler today with slighty higher specs and lower price tag!

Update: iOcean release more photos of the beautiful iOcean X8

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iocean x8 review

More photos if the 5.7-inch iOcean X8 octacore phablet release, along with more details of the specification.

GFive Kivu A7 get’s a 181 degree rotating 13 mega-pixel camera

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rotating camera phone

GFive will be the 3rd manufacturer to launch their own unique Android smartphone with rotating 13 mega-pixel camera.