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Samsung reveal Exynos 5 Octa 5430, headed for the next Meizu?

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Samsung’s newest octacore processor has been announced and has quickly been labeled a flagship SoC worthy of a home in the next gen Galaxy Note 4 and possibly the next Meizu.

Xiaomi Indonesia site is live, launch coming?

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xiaomi indonesia

Xiaomi continues its launch across Asia with Indonesia being the next lucky country to receive the Xiaomi treatment.

Xiaomi Mi4 First impressions: Fat but good

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xiaomi mi4 review

The Xiaomi Mi4 has arrived at GizChina towers. A full review is underway, but to keep you all up to date with events here is a brief first impressions of the latest flagship Xiaomi.

More Meizu MX4 specs, photos and MX3S leaks

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meizu mx3s

Weibo is a wash with Meizu rumours today. The purported details speak of the next genteration Meizu MX4 and the rumoured MX3S phone.

First lot of Xiaomi Mi Band will go on sale 18th August

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xiaomi mi band

If you are in the market for a cheap wearable from a famous Chinese brand then keep your eyes on Chinese resellers after the 18th August for bargain priced Mi Band’s.


The Jingston A555 looks like an overpriced Oppo Find 7 clone

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jingston a555 oppo find 7 clone 2

What normally happens when you take a flagship phone design and fuse is with Mediatek guts is a low-cost clone. In this case though the Jingson A555 actually costs more than the phone it wants to impersonate!

Hugo Barra says Android L is coming to devices and source codes will be released

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hugo barra xiaomi

Xiaomi head honcho Hugo Barra has been speaking with tech sites in India and has let slip some interesting details.

More details of Huawei’s Forthcoming launch revealed

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huawei 4th september launch

It was revealed earlier this week that Huawei will launch their new device, possible the Ascend Mate 7, on the 4th August. Here are a few more details to go with the news.

UMi C1 Unboxing photos, 2GB RAM model on the way

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umi c1 unboxing

UMi have sent over a few photos of the UMi C1 during a photo shoot in China. Is this a mid-range quad-core phone you would be happy buying?

ZOOZ say the S5.5 isn’t a clone but a “cover” of the Xiaomi Redmi Note

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zooz s5.5 redmi clone

ZOOZ sent over specifications of their new ZOOZ S5.5, which the company claims “replicates” the Xiaomi Redmi, and claims the reason for this is similar for the reasons bands cover each others work!

IUNI announce launch date for flagship phone, plus an English ROM is on the way!

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iuni u3 launch

China is home to more than one start-up concentrating on flagship devices. IUNI are currently on track to launch their 2nd flagship phone later this month.

The octa-core iBerry Auxus Note 5.5 is an Elephone P2000 in different packaging

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India’s wily OEMs have been making some interesting phones, but the recently released iBerry Auxus Note 5.5 is only a rebranded Elephone P2000!

OnePlus’ controversial ‘Ladies First’ contest thread disappears from the forums

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OnePlus continued their interesting yet often controversial marketing strategy with the announcement of another campaign worthy of going under the scanner sometime back, but it looks as though it wasn’t destined to last long.

OnePlus kicks off controversial “ladies first” promotion

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oneplus one

OnePlus are once again at the center of a controversial campaign to help increase their forum numbers and boost their reach.

699 Yuan 4G Xiaomi Redmi on sale 16th August

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redmi 1s

If you though that all Xiaomi had for the 16th August was the launch of their new OS then think again as they also plan to start selling their latest LTE phone.

First wave of 4G LTE Xiaomi Redmi Note sell out in 35 seconds

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redmi note hero lte

It’s not surprising that the launch of Xiaomi’s first available LTE managed to build a crowd and again the company have sold all their stock in just seconds.

THL 4400 Review: 4 days of battery, but at what cost?

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We review the THL 4400, an ultraphone that hopes to annihilate daily charging and bring more juice to you when you need it.

More images of MIUI V6 show off its flat new look

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xiaomi mi4 miui v6

4 days until Xiaomi publicly announce MIUI V6, and to get the ball rolling another leak falls in our lap.

Chinese shoppers can now choose a dual SIM LG G3

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lg g3

For Chinese shoppers who want a dual SIM G3 but don’t want to pick up one of the new clones, the good news is that LG have released an official model for the Chinese market.

India knocks on China’s door with the $170 octa-core iBall Andi 5K Panther

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Indian OEMs are knocking on China’s door. The iBall Andi 5K Panther, an octa-core phone priced just $171 stands testimony!