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IUNI U3 Review – high resolution and power at a great price

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iuni u3 review

In this IUNI U3 review we take a look at the latest high tech Android smartphone from China, powered by a Snapdragon 801 and with a 2K display for $320!

Huawei Honor Play 4 brings 64-bit computing, 4G LTE to all

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Huawei’s new Honor Play 4 brings 64-bit computing and 4G LTE to the masses via an affordable price tag that goes with the device.

Xiaomi launches Bluetooth game controller

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Xiaomi breaks the shackles with the launch of an all new-game controller!

Leagoo Lead 3S, sub $100 smartphone with Kitkat

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leagoo lead 3

With a budget of less than $100 you can still get yourself a nice smartphone these days, so does the $89.99 Leagoo Lead 3 have enough to charm buyers?

DOOGEE Turbo 2 DG900, DOOGEE start to focus on design

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doogee turbo 2 dg900

DOOGEE, best known for their affordable smartphones, are now taking a look higher up the pecking order with the stylish and promising DOOGEE Turbo 2 DG900.


Elephone G6 international pre-sale begins 23rd September

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elephone g6

Elephone have announced that their Elephone G6 phone will be up for pre-order from 23rd September to customers around the globe.

Xiaomi Redmi 1S is one of the worlds best selling phones

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Xiaomi is quite a remarkable company. Within only four years they have managed to achieve things their competitors are still dreaming of. The once small start-up from China not only managed to create a huge world-wide community consisting of over 70 million people, they also managed to become the world’s 5th largest phone manufacturer. The key to success: […]

Tommy Android smartwatch looks good for just $74.99

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tommy android watch

The Tommy Android smartwatch takes on big names in the wearable wars with a low price and 21 day battery life!

Xiaomi rumoured to launch flagship Redmi range based on MT6595

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Rumours point at a new flagship Redmi range of phones from Xiaomi based on the latest MT6595 Mediatek chipsets

Zopo launching LTE version of the Zopo ZP998 on the 25th Sept

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zopo zp998 lte

Zopo to launch LTE version of the Zopo ZP998 on the 25th September, but will it really be worth buying?

OPPO R5 glimpsed while on way to the Indonesian market

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OPPO camps are abuzz with N3 talk, but from what we just treated our eyes to, there’s more coming from the company than just that.

Vivo Xplay 5 could be the first phones to use Snapdragon 810, others to follow

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snapdragon 810

Self proclaimed Chinese tech analyst, Pan Jiutang, has taken to Weibo with his thoughts on which phones to use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. Here is what he came up with.

Meizu MX4 Review – Did Meizu make good?

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meizu MX4 review

Read the full Meizu MX4 review, the worlds first Mediatek MT6595, LTE phone from China. Can it compete with Qualcomm phones from rivals?

At $32, the Jivi JSP 20 is probably the cheapest Android phone money can buy

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Yes, you read it right! The Jivi JSP 20 is an Android phone from India that really does cost just $32. But there’s more to the phone than just an entry-level price!

Meizu fans in China will be able to buy the MX4 in store tomorrow!

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quad core meizu mx launch day

From 10am tomorrow morning, Meizu fans across China will be able to walk in to their local electronics store and buy the Meizu MX4!

Elephone P4000 wants to be your Mi4 wannabe

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elephone p4000 leaked

Elephone don’t stop for breath! Earlier this week they released 3 new low-cost phones, and now a 4th, Mi4 influenced, Elephone P4000 is heading our way.

Meizu spill details of dual sim, LTE phone. Possibly the Meizu MX4 Mini

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meizu MX4 review

Meizu and Xiaomi have been at each others thoughts this past week with the war of words finally drawing out some interesting details of a future mid-range phone.

60,000 Xiaomi Redmi 1S sets to go on sale in India on Tuesday

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Xiaomi is all set to rock the Indian smartphone market again with an inventory of 60,000 Redmi 1S units this Tuesday.

Pre-orders for the OnePlus One start late October

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oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

OnePlus have finally announced that a new pre-order system for the One will come in place starting late October. Will you wait?

Was your wait for the OnePlus One worth it or did you buy something else?

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oneplus one sandstone 64gb review

With OnePlus One invites flowing nicely now and most of us have had the phone for a few months now it is time to look back and ask “was the wait worth it?”.