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Chinapadmall, according to their ‘About us’ page, started out as a professional Android tablet manufacturer and exporter. They have now grown to also include the marketing and selling of Chinese Android phones to international customers. Their brands include UMi, N0.1 and others.

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Goophone N2

Hi, I ordered a Goophone N2 putting my hard earned money on this website on 22nd Feb\\\'2013 and chose shipping option as \\\"Free Shipping with Tracking Number\\\". I received a call from Post Office in my area on 19th March\\\'13 informing me about the arrival of my package and asking me to pick it up from the Post Office. I reached the post office after an hour and signed the documents to receive the package. When I opened the package I was in Shock and Awe position as the package was completely empty from inside. The box was well packed before I opened it and it was an Aluminum Box from Goophone.\r\nI had paid choosing the paypal option so I contacted both & subsequently and informed them about this. I also demanded an action from both the parties but to no avail.\r\nAfter loosing my hard earned $212 I couldn\\\'t get any other mobile as on date and using my same 5 years old mobile phone.\r\nI will never order anything from a Chinese website not at least from because I don\\\'t want to lose my money again.”
- Nitesh K. Gidwani

Beware of chinapadmall

I ordered 3 Neo N003 from this company. At the time I ordered phones website promoted they have phones in stock. After 20 days of waiting I asked them to cancel my order, they didn\\\'t do it. After that I opened paypal dispute. Messages came and went across paypal. Finally they posted me 3 phones after a month of waiting. I opened boxes phones looked good. But one of them was broken, it\\\'s wireless, bluetooth and GPS wasn\\\'t functioning. I informed paypal about this. They wanted me to send broken unit back to them. The package is still on shipment. So overal I don\\\'t recommend anyone buy anything from them. They are one of those shady companies. Be warned. ”
- Seyhmus

Post only after claim at Paypal

After 42 days without posting my order (Neo N003 Advanced), I opened a claim at Paypal and after that Chinapadmall informed the have posted the phone. Currently, I have no phone and a dispute at Paypal wainting for solution.\\\\r\\\\nNot recommend to anyone.”
- Eduardo Melo


When you have some bad experiences with Chinese seller you come to think it can\\\'t be worst.\r\nYES IT CAN\r\nIf you shop with them it is going to be your worst experience\r\nSo don\\\'t do it”
- Harry Tsopanos

Excellent. 10-day turnaround for standard shipping.

I ordered two phones and a tablet to the UK, and received excellent service. The correct items all arrived 10 days from placing the order using the standard shipping option. Emails were sent to update me with the order progress, the tracking information and links worked perfectly. Note that I hesitated to place an order when I read some of these reviews, and read on their website a statement which looked like they were making an effort to take heed of negative customer experiences. Because I used paypal I felt that I was protected anyway so I thought I\\\'d give them a chance and am very pleased that I did. Also, their prices were better than a lot of china sellers. I will use them again.”
- Alex Clarke

Liars and cheaters! Don\\\'t buy anything from CHINAPADMALL!!

Hi guys,\r\n\r\nOn May 2013, I\\\'ve ordered UMI X2 from chinapadmall for €237.8 (=\r\n323.39 USD). Actually first I ordered it from Pandawill (great website, great service) but I canceled the order because one day later I saw on this website CHINAPADMALL UMI X2 Turbo version (MTK6589T instead of MTK6589) and ordered from there. Of course CHINAPADMALL lied to let people like me buy from them. There was actually no Turbo version at that time.\r\n\r\nTwo months later I received standard version of UMI X2 (not the Turbo version of course) with defects: screen had bright annoying dot on it and I couldn’t transfer data from phone to pc, and contacted CHINAPADMALL to inform them about defects and ask what to do next. They told me to send the device back for replacement. They wouldn’t return my money back. So I had no other choice and did what they said. (paid:\r\n25+ EURO = (34 USD) to send it back)\r\n\r\nTwo months later, package was arrived to their local post office. I sent a lot of e-mails to CHINAPADMALL to inform them and to ask them to go and pick it up, but they never did. Post office could also not deliver the package. After two unsuccessful deliveries, China Post decided to ship the package back to me. In november 2013, I recieved the package. Then I contacted CHINAPADMALL again to let them know that I was disapointed (like they gave a **** about my disappointment) about their customer service and that I have to send it to them for the second time if they are going to be more responsible. They said that I can send it for the second time if I would like to. So I paid again 25+ EURO\\\'s (34 USD) to send it.\r\n\r\nPackage arrived this month (2014) at their local post office.\r\n\r\nWhen I saw that on tracking website, I sent e-mail to CHINAPADMALL to inform them and to tell them to be more responsible this time. They told me that they will pick it up as soon as they can.\r\nLuckily, few days later they had the package.\r\n\r\n[B]In total I lost +- 390 USD (+- 290 EUR) + 50 Euro for custom tax (so 340 EURO = 465 USD !!!!) and more than 7 months time, and didn\\\'t use the device once! Now for that money I could buy octa-core phone or one of the best branded powerfull smartphones from trusted Chinese stores.\r\nI’m still asking CHINAPADMALL to refund my money or send me a new phone, but they are not responding to it. Only yesterday they said short:\r\n\r\n\r\n“If we replace new device for you, then how to do with this old device. We can not re-sell it after repaired it.”\r\n\r\nNormaly, if you buy a product from somewere, and product is broken or whatever, you bring it back to the shop where you bought it within one week or 14 days and get your money back or get replaced gadget. That is exactly what I did, I sent it within few days back to them. Which seller is going to say something like: ‘What the hell I’m supposed to with broken device’? NOT A SINGLE SHOP WILL SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT. But CHINAPADMALL did.\r\n\r\nYou can read on their website below on the page ‘Guarantee policy’:\r\n\r\n5) How about the refund policy?\r\nSecond, For the problems caused by Chinapadmall, We will issue a complete or partial refund for the items if the clients do not agree on replacement or repairing. The problems include quality problem, mal function or miss delivery.......Please be noticed that all Chinapadmall products have 7 days return period (from client receiving the package to the client returning us) before being non-eligible for complete or partial refund. Please contact our customer service or live Support as soon as you find any problem after you receiving the products to avoid any postpone of better solution.\r\n\r\nThat’s exactly what I did. But they don’t give a **** about customers. Refunding?? They will not even talk about refunding.\r\n\r\nThey don\\\'t even want to replace the device even they claimed to do it before, in their e-mails.\r\n\r\nSo what they have written there is just bull****. They don\\\'t want to respond to my e-mails with good arguments. Because they know that they can’t answer.\r\n\r\nI want my money back because I never used this phone, or I want to chose for the price I paid other smartphone from their website.\r\n\r\nToday I got e-mail that, they sent broken UMI X2 to factory to fix it. Again, I don\\\'t want fixed old phone. I had never chance to use it because It was traveling the world for 6-7 months. Even if I had, device is defect from the box.\r\n\r\nSo dear friends, NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING FROM LIARS AND CHEATERS, FROM CHINAPADMALL(.)COM !!!\r\nIf you receive defect product from them, you will never be able to replace it and you will never be able to get your money back. Be informed.\r\n\r\nSorry for my bad English, but I think you\\\'ll understand my message.”
- Andy


I ordered 3 times ordered 3 time from this guys, the first one is smooth and fast, the second one took 8 weeks to arrive (using free shipping). The third one, I ordered with express delivery and they keep dragging it, the website say they will dispatched within 12-24 hours, and their email said that within 3-4 days and their other email said they need us to confirm what we ordered (???) and will send it 2 day after order confirmation. Until now they have not send it. from this guys, the first one is smooth and fast, the second one took 8 weeks to arrive (using free shipping). The third one, I ordered with express delivery and they keep dragging it, the website say they will dispatched within 12-24 hours, and their email said that within 3-4 days and their other email said they need us to confirm what we ordered (???) and will send it 2 day after order confirmation. Until now they have not send it.”
- Alex

So far so good

I buy smartphones from 2013 from CHINAPADMALL, and met some phones waited for long time such like umi x2, iocean x7, and neo n003, as I know the phones release schecdule according to manufacturer, so I waited, and CHINAPADMALL do their effort to arrange them as soon as possible when released, even manufacturer delaied many times. finally I received all the phones with no problem, maybe I am lucky man. after middle of 2013, all phones seem the stock states geted more better, many shipped fast from CHINAPADMALL. why I buy from them? first the price are competetive, send even over 45 days, if I ask refund, they refund soon. any way, I recommend them.”
- Johnson

Not bad

Hi! I\\\'d like to say some thing. I meet there after-serivce who named Jerry, the guy really so bad, bad comunication, bad attitude, luckly I was heard he was fired in about Aug 2013, after that guy, the service got better. I bought some phones from CHINAPADMALL, met some issues like charge problem, 3G problems, firmware upgrade problems, some solved in my hand by support from CHINAPADMALL. some send back for replacement, if under garantee, they paid the shipping charge both way for me. the smartphone update daily with offer good price. I like them now, hope they won\\\'t hired Jerry back again. :D\r\n”
- Williams

good seller

I bought from CHINAPADMALL, ANTELIFE, PANDAWILL, both them are reliable, just CHINAPADMALL provide comepetitive price, and items daily update, they sell smartphone only?”
- alex

ottimo venditore

Ho comprato il mio neo n003 advanced con spedizione tracciabile e dopo 30 GG e arrivato (anno nuovo cinese in mezzo) A venezia, il mio venditore si chiama eddy e siamo stati sempre in contatto dal primo A l\\\'ultimo giorno, e tutto succede come dice lui. Il telefono e una bomba, molto veloce, robusto, ottima qualità, lo schermo e molto sensibile 10 punti.”
- Rodrigo Armellin

a good seller

I bought ZP998 from them. Order on line with details showed. Delivery in 1 week comunication seller good enough but slow, in any case usefull. Product excellent in tecnical components and packaging. recommend CHINAPADMALL”
- Evan

Send and forget.

Perhaps because i bought via paypal. Got an email regarding shipping. Got the phone No.1 S6 (GPS is actually USELESS) and dont bother to send them emails or anything. They simply dont reply. Dont buy from these fackers. Not worth the risk. ”
- Carl

good seller

“I buy smartphones from 2013 from CHINAPADMALL,after paid the money,the next day,i check my order situation ,they already sent out my goods,i was just waiting 15days by hk post to my county Iran.everything went well,no accessiries lost ,i recommended this shop to your guys .”
- Maxim

happy customer

I found the same phone elsewhere for a bit cheaper but chose to remain with chinapadmall because of the prompt service and excellent customer service. I\\\'ve ordered 2 phones from them and today i\\\'m gonna order one for my girl friend.\r\n thanks again\r\nfaithful customer..”
- Mike Lambert

very unreliable

Please dont buy anything in this shop.Bad Service.My phone after 3 months had a damage.Software-Problems.I cant read nothing on Display.I have turned it on and then the screen was blurry.After several emails I still get no response.If you buy something then you always get an answer.If you have problems, you hear nothing.”
- Andreas W.


I ordered the huawie honor from this company they must be a dropshipping company because when EMS screwed up my item (which never left China ) they waited until they got it back 4 days later to reship instead of shipping another when they knew it was coming back. Ordered on 6/28/2014 and still waiting. ”
- Mike ab

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