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Overall rating: 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews

Taken from their ‘About us’ page: base on shenzhen , China. where have good competitive on products and price . is a new website.but our team have 8 years experience on doing international business.

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Already bought 4 phones (lenovo A660, lenovo 770, lenovo 750, Jiayu G4A) - they are very reliable and serious guys, never had eny problems, fast delivery (10-15 days to lithuania), promt answers to questions, quickly solves problems, pretty much accurate product description, site not overloaded with ads, many gifts, they are among first who gets new products, 1 year warranty and what is most important - very good price for almost all products. When I was searching internet for reliable store to buy and did some research on that I\\\'ve red many store reviews and forums for suggestions - no one complained and I did\\\'t find anything bad about to2c. The only cheaper store on brutto (for an only item, without gifts) I\\\'ve found is fastcardtech, but there are some complains about it on the internet, so I decided go with to2c.\r\nHighly recomend!”
- egis

Great choice

Bought a jiayu g4, jiayu G3s & Zopo zp990. \r\n\r\nReceived everything as ordered. \r\n\r\nGood choice when you ship around the world. ”
- Pete

Good store

It\\\'s really good store.\r\nMore good than others with a huge rating.\r\nI\\\'ll use it like I use\r\n\r\nBut now it has a wrond url at the home page address above on this page. Be awere!\r\n\r\nGiz, thanks for this store!”
- it3xl

Great Store!

Bought THL W100. Great phone and fast delivery! For those who want to buy from them, dont get nervous by looking at the shipping status. This is wrong idea :). Just wait and u will get it for sure!\r\n\r\n”
- Boris

No problems

Bought FAEA F2. Delivery to Croatia about 4 weeks. Everything in order and I\\\'ll buy again from To2c!”
- Silvio

Another scam store

Liars,decivers and ignorant sellers,they sold me a Inew V3 without otg but never informed me that is coming in a week with otg,paypal claim and all the rest,Liars deceivers,another scam store.”
- Harry Tsopanos


I bought a neo n003 from them that it can\\\'t charge the battery or it is a defective battery the phone can\\\'t work. I dispute them throw paypal they told me to cancel the claim and they will send me a new battery and charger but from the time I cancell the dispute they didn\\\'t dend anything.\r\nTHE WORST STORE EVER.”
- kostas

Fantastic store!

I have bought Xiaomi Mi3 from this store, and I can say this is the best store of all.\r\nGreat service and very kind staff with very fast delivery!\r\nHighly recommendations!”
- dr.igi


So far I bought 4 phones from them:\r\nJiayu G4A, Zopo 990+, Zopo 980, THL T100s.\r\nThe last two are in transit.\r\nFantastic on line chat. Just ask them to verify if the item is in stock, and then place order. All my customs clearance requests were met.\r\nThis is great.”
- Johannes Richert


I was sent a couple of questions to these guys and i receive answer every time. Also we finished our business in both pleasure. They do things like we are agreement - fast and selling original stuff”
- Bojan

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