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compare phones on gizchina

Everyday manufacturers across China launch new Android powered smartphones. The choice has become so big that comparing Chinese phones can be a daunting task! Don’t despair though as help is at hand in the form of Gizchina’s Chinese phone comparison tool!

Simply choose 1, 2, or 3 phones from the list below (highlight the phones and press the arrow) his ‘Display’ and soak up all the useful phone facts we have gathered on your behalf!

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  • Nakiribocho

    Thank you very much. This is a really nice tool, specially when other usefull ones refuse to include any other chinese brand than Huawei or ZTE. A “must have” for chinese mobile phone lovers 😀

  • avinashpatwari

    Can u include Star x920?

    • Andi

      Added :)

  • Fabrizio

    very nice idea

  • Marta (@IAmNotYourToy)

    JiaYu G4 Advanced is mixed up with JiaYu G4 Youth

  • Antonio Dias

    Can you add Cubot M6589 to list?

  • Vik

    I would rather prefer to choose the specs and display the various models available. There are so many Chinese phones it will be difficult to compare them all. Best and the most useful option will be to compare using specs

    • Hans

      This is exactly what I had in mind too when I saw the news about the tool. Comparing just a few select(ed) phones is surely useful, but the approach Vik is referring to would be even more so.

      • GS88

        Exactly what i was thinking. First thought i saw this page was {let’s look and see if there is a phone with the MT6589 chip and a 4,3″ screen}
        Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way

        • Andi

          Yep, I agree that function would be more useful. I’ll get on to our devs and see what they can do.

          • Arigatox

            O thought that too! I wanted to search any phone with wcdma 850/1900 supoort! Nevertheless, this is an awsome tool

            • dukeofducks

              Just adding my support for this!

            • David Peterson

              I’d like to see this too…. the ability to filter by screen size / resolution, CPU, RAM, etc… would be tremendously useful!!!

  • Aleo

    Really good! Then if you got some time and the database allows you, it would be good if it can filter by amount of RAM, CHIP, Display, etc.
    Congratulations! Its the best Chinese phone page I ever found

  • elnoelio

    Great job, can we also get the Xiaocai G6 included please? Thanks.

    • Andi

      Added :)

  • -Carlos-

    Wow this is great! thanks Andy

  • Jorge

    Andi this is awesome ! Thanks !

  • valnar

    great thanks so much for this

  • gabor

    Would be nice if the community could help. I would be happy to upload device specs.

    • Andi

      Great idea, I’ll see if it is possible. Cheers

  • Ivan Krylov

    I would really like to see if a battery of a given smartphone is removable or not.

  • rose

    Great list. You didn’t mention the phone I just bought, my first cheap phone. Can you review the Feiteng H7189 and the “Feiteng brand in general? I don’t even know what phone The feiteng H7189 is suppose to be a clone of. I just thought I would try it on price alone.
    Have you done an article on dual core v quad core. some writers think quad core is overkill.
    Would you commit.?

  • Celestine

    Great tool. It would be even greater if it could find a phone according spec. For example, I’m looking for something with 4.5″ display, 2GB ram, NFC and dual core at least.
    Xiaomi 2A would be great, but why only 1GB ram. That’s a big mistake.

    • Andi

      I’ve got the devs working on it :)

      • Celestine

        Thanks Andi. I appreciate it! :-)

      • Jan

        when do you think it will be ready?

    • Jan

      yes that would be great!

  • Chidoc

    Lovely! Good job Andi

  • Anthor

    Hi Andi. Few suggestions
    – make it Android friendly (opera, chrome, firefox no go)
    – make it searchable via screen resolution, ram, antutu score :)

    • Andi

      Hi thanks,

      – Works fine on my Xiaomi mi2
      – This is in the works


  • robert

    hey Andy
    Many many thanks!
    It’s a great tooll!!
    I was using it to compare the Zopo C2 to the Jiayu G4. This is an offer some resellers give you to compensate for the delays on the G4.
    Based on this tool, the Zopo C2 seems more interesting than the Jiayu G4, don’t you think?

  • Victor

    Hello Andi and thanks for such a great tool Very much practical for people like us who enjoy chinese phones. I know that the amount of brands/clones/models are vast but could you add the MIZ Z2 (it’s different to the Star S5, 8GB ROM rather than 4GB for example) and the Dapeng T94.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Dimas

    Hello, Andy.
    Thanks for your job.
    Can you include if the phone is a generic brand as ALPS or not, and if the specifications were proven by anyone?

  • Grove

    Hi Andy,

    I am looking for a quad core dual sim android phone that supports WCDMA 850/900/2100 . Any recommendations.


    Hello, Im looking for a android or phablet for use in simplemobil network

  • Adriano

    Hi, where is the THL W100 and the Cubot GT99 ? Thanks.

  • zaza

    hi add cubot one please 😀

  • mannaoz

    The prog is not working mate
    Can not shift any comps over and the display is dead :-(

  • Michael

    I would also like to see a device comparison by features such as LTE, screen size, Gorilla Glass, and maybe a drop test rating?

    If I was a value shopper on MetroPCS network and I wanted an 4G LTE (GSM 1900mhz/1700mhz/2100mhz HSPA+) phone with a screen size of 5″ and up, which phone would you recommend?

  • rahul

    The tool is not working.
    After selecting the phones when I click on >> button nothing happens, I mean the phones do not get added into the box. Bugggggggggggggg

    • Andi

      Yes, I need to look in to it thanks

  • lmvine

    Tool still not working. But…
    thanks for your good work

  • glynndrago

    Is this function still working ? Does not work on my PC ?

  • Mido

    Can u please add all ployer phones and ainol they are super good pipo and x-touch are really good too,thanks

  • Peter

    Tried to compare but the arrows do nothing.

  • [email protected]

    Will you fix this awesome tool soon Andi ? Thanks . Is a very useful tool.

    • Andi

      yes, I’ll fix it later today

      • Adam

        Maybe will it work today? :)

        • Andi

          Working now :)

  • Alan

    The Meizu MX3 is missing, Andi

    • Andi

      I’ll add it

  • sand

    Andi, which one is better umi or zopo ?? quality?? material?? audio??

    • Gizchina

      Difficult one that… In my opinion Umi are like Seat cars, fun and stylish but some quality issues in the past. Zopo are like Buick, boring but reliable

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