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It seems some people just won’t accept that Meizu have moved on from Samsung and are happy using Mediatek chips,

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UMI Plus as the latest UMI device is getting quite some attention and promo pushing, so we already know more or less everything about that. It's a relatively affordable device with even higher aspirations...

Presale period for the new Elephone C1 is starting tomorrow and we have some new pictures of the phone for you to celebrate the occasion. So what can we expect from the new phone in...

Chinese manufacturers Vkworld are quite famous for their production of phones with massive battery capacities. And the latest Vkworld T1 Plus with a nickname Kratos is not an exception to the rule. The big...

The Nokia tribute phone Uhans A101 is already available for a while and according to the manufacturer the sale numbers are not bad at all. Of course it's a budget oriented device for the...

MediaTek, the gargantuan Taiwanese chip manufacturer has unveiled its three newest chips, the Helio P20, the Helio P20, and the Helio X30, details inside!


Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus

Here are the full Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus specifications along with photos of the phone, camera samples, and pricing information.

Here are the full Xiaomi Mi 5S specifications along with photos of the phone, a whole lot of camera samples, and pricing information.
Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus

Xiaomi surprised us again, after announcing the Mi 5S, they launched the bigger brother Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus which looks nothing alike!

After countless rumours and leaks, the Xiaomi Mi 5S is finally official... with a bit of a twist.
Xiaomi Mi 5S

This is a potential spoiler alert so if you don’t want to see what might be launched by Lei Jun in just a few hours turn away now.
xiaomi mi brain

Xiaomi could be set to launch a new home device along with new phones tomorrow, with they mystery device expected to be called the Mi Brain. We are all fairly certain that Xiaomi will launch...
Xiaomi Mi 5S

We're almost there, Xiaomi will unveil their Xiaomi Mi 5s tomorrow, September 27th. While we wait, let's see what we already know!

The OUKITEL K7000 will come with the 5000mAh Matrix battery case. The guys over at OUKITEL show us how the Matrix actually works in a video.
iNew Pandora R9

iNew released some more info about the upcoming iNew Pandora R9, the smartphones for selfie-lovers. Let's check them out!

Seems like we have to enrich our vocabularies with a new word, UMI just officially called their latest model UMI Plus a "budget flagship". Confusion aside it's probably kind of spot on, because the...

Seems like Elephone finally closed the deal with Mediatek about the usage of Helio P20 processor so the upcoming Elephone devices are surely quite often will be flashing this piece of hardware. Elephone even...

Action cameras from the Kehan brand are already a frequent guests in our articles and the company focuses not just on those. Their portfolio is pretty vast and covers also car cam, IP cams,...

Few years ago, when Samsung started the trend with bigger screen phones than before nobody could expect how much the situation will change. Nowadays the 5,5-inch phones are the most prevalent ones and the...

Source code for the Android 6.0 kernel of the Ulefone Future has been made public.
Xiaomi Mi 5S Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Xiaomi posted an image which could confirms the presence of an ultrasound fingerprint scanner on the Xiaomi Mi 5S. What is it about?

Review of the Vernee's first Helio X20 phone, the Vernee Apollo Lite.
xiaomi mi5s

If you haven’t seen or heard about the upcoming Xiaomi Mi5S you must have been in the deepest darkest cave on the planet. But never fear, here is your chance to catch up.
ELE Whisper

The latest Elephone product, the in-ear ELE Whisper headphones are trying to combined the two major features together for the optimal user experience. Bringing both the noise cancellation technology and HiFi the goal is...
Oukitel U13

With the sheer amount of smartphones in the market it's harder and harder for the manufacturers to noticably make their models to stand out of the crowd so they are trying to impress with...
ELE Whisper

The new interesting in-ear headphones ELE Whisper are already available in the presale for a week and the numbers are looking quite good, at least according to the company and their first feedback. But...


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