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Company CEO Lei Jun assured the Chinese media after the November 24 'Grand Finale' launch that the Mi 5 was going to be a device worth waiting for.

A CyanogenMod 12.1 ROM for the uber-affordable Elephone Trunk is available for download. Users rejoice!
ulefone uwear

If you are rocking one of the new Ulefone uWear smartwatches, then you will be pleased to hear a firmware update is coming as we speak.
siswoo r9 darkmoon review

China’s first dual screen Android smartphone has just officially gone on sale at a Chinese retail price of 2799 Yuan or $437.
elephone p9000

We have all been tricked by Elephone's renders in the past that showed zero bezel when in fact there was a lot of bezel, enough bezel for two phones in some cases, but perhaps we can give them the benefit of the doubt this time round?
Chinese phone
xiaomi mi pad 2 windows 10

At Xiaomi's big year end launch, they announced the slim Mi Pad 2 tablet with an Intel processor that can run Windows 10. Keep reading for the first photos of the Windows version and...

The new Infocus M808 with its 64-bit octa-core processor and all-metal body is now official in the Indian market.

The first units of the limited edition OnePlus X Ceramic Edition are being auctioned off on eBay for charity.
oneplus 2 review

The not-so-coveted OnePlus 2 is now on an open sale in India for a limited time. Details inside!
uhans u100

Cowhide has never been a feature that I have ever looked for in a phone, but Uhans are using that feature (along with a Vertu style design) as reasons to buy their U100 smartphone,...
jiayu s3+

Rumours of JiaYu’s demise have been surfacing and resurfacing for some time, but today’s release of the JiaYu S3+ means the company are still in business.

Ecoo have announced the Ecoo E04 Lite, which as the name suggests is the 'lite' version of the popular E04/E04 Plus.

Elephone have posted another video hands on showing the Elephone Vowney in action, take a look after the jump. It is starting to look like the Chinese phone world is using the launch of the...

Ulefone have announced the details of they ‘updated’ Be Pro 2, but the specs don’t really seem much of an update to us.

The Blackview Omega went on sale yesterday at $149.99 and is designed to be a stylish phone with a lot of RAM at a good price, so then why are Blackview attacking the phone...

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