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Elephone P6 review, a great buy for big screen lovers

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elephone p6 review

The Elephone P6 is yet another 6.3-inch Android smartphone, but some clever specification choices, excelling pricing and nice attention to detail (in certain areas) make for a surprising package.

Update: OrientPhone S6, China’s best HTC One clone?

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orientphone s6 hero

Chinese made look-a-likes of the HTC One are nothing new but none have been so feature packed than the OrientPhone S6.

OrientPhone N3 N9000 Note 3 clone features gesture control and smart scrolling

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orientphone n3 hero

Orientdeal’s Orientphone brand have launched another alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, with the added convenience of air gesture controls and smart scrolling.

Another hands on video with the GooPhone i5c, shows built-in theme shortcuts

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goophone i5c hero

The GooPhone i5C is the infamous clone of the iPhone 5c from Chinese phone maker GooPhone. In this hands on video we get to see a neat theme shortcut feature in action.

HTC One Tigon Concept, the ultimate smartphone?

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htc one tigon concept

Another stunning HTC phone appears today in the shape of the HTC One Tigon, with the only upsetting feature being that it is just a concept.


Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S: Benchmarks

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Xiaomi Mi3 vs Xiaomi Mi2S

To continue with the test on the Xiaomi Mi3, I decided it was a good idea to compare the performance of the phone against its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi2S.

Exclusive: Xiaomi Mi3 Review

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Xiaomi Mi3

If you are planning to buy the Xiaomi Mi3 later this year then this is the review you have been waiting for! Read the complete, in-depth Nvidia Tegra 4 powered Xiaomi Mi3 review here! To kick off the review this version of the Xiaomi Mi3 is a Nvidia Tegra 4 model which is designed to […]

Zopo ZP990 Captain S Review

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zopo zp990 captain s one handed

The ZP990 has proven to be one of the most sought after quad-core Chinese phablets on the market today, so just how good is it? How does it work as a Galaxy Note clone? Find out in our Zopo ZP990 Captain S review.

Update Exclusive: Xiaomi Mi3 Tegra 4 Unboxing and Hands on video

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xiaomi mi3 unboxing and hands on

I’m not 100% sure how GizChina.es have managed it, but they have got their hands on the still unreleased Xiaomi Mi3 Tegra 4 version!

JiaYu S1 officially the most affordable Snapdragon, 1080 Android phone!

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jiayu S1 hands on

JiaYu have finally announced pricing and rough launch details of their Snapdragon powered JiaYu S1!

THL W11 Monkey King Hands on

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THL W11 Monkey King

THL hit the headlines earlier this year with the launch of the THL Monkey King, the only phone then and now to boast dual 13 mega-pixel cameras! Is this the King of all phones though?

Hands on video of the Sunnycube N9000, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone

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sunnycube n90000 hero

Proving once again that Chinese clone makers are terrible at naming their devices here is the first hands on video with the Sunnycube N9000 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 clone.

Oppo N1 Launch – And it’s over!

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oppo n1 launch

Oppo have some huge announcement planned for tonights Beijing launch! The event kicks off this evening at 7:30pm (Beijing time), we will post the latest Oppo news as we get it from our live blog!

Oppo N1 Teaser Video: Oppo is a CyanogenMod hardware partner!

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oppo n1 cyangenmod

Chinese phone maker Oppo will be announced as a Cyanogenmod hardware partner this Monday at the Oppo N1 launch event!

Update: Probably an LG G2 – Oppo N1 shows in up Marques Brownlee video!?

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oppo n1 maques brownlee video

Marques Brownlee has taken to YouTube once again in another great video, which seems to feature the still unreleased Oppo N1.

Exclusive – Hands on video with the stainless steel JiaYu G5!

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jiayu g5 hands on

After playing with the JiaYu S1, JiaYu also let us get to grips with the stainless steel bodied JiaYu G5! Hands on photos and video after the jump!

Video: Exclusive hands on with the JiaYu S1!

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jiayu S1 hands on

It took hours to get out there, but the trip to the JiaYu Shenzhen factory proved fruitful as we got to play with the JiaYu S1!

iPhone 5S clone, GooPhone i5C specifications and hands on video

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goophone i5c video

GooPhone managed to beat their previous record this year by launching an iPhone 5C clone before Apple had chance to unveil the real thing! Here are the full GooPhone i5c specifications plus hands on video.

Oppo N1 Teaser Trailer round up – what do you make of it?

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oppo n1 teaser video

A complete look at the current official Oppo N1 teaser videos, take a close look have we missed anything?

Must read: Top 15 Chinese tech stories this week

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oppo n1 render

As usual Chinese tech news has been hurtling along at break neck speed this week! Here are the top 5 stories you shouldn’t miss!