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Video: OPPO N1 running CyanogenMod 10.2!

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OPPO devices are among the most developer-friendly. In fact, OPPO’s N1 is the world’s first phone to ship with CyanogenMod, and here’s how it looks!

Vivo Xplay 3S Full Specifications, photos and videos

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vivo xplay 3s

Vivo launched their much anticipated flagship phone yesterday in Beijing, here are the full Vivo Xplay 3S specifications along with details and photos.

Video: First 500 Xiaomi Routers are special edition self assembly

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xiaomi router hero

Xiaomi have created a limited edition of 500 Xiaomi routers which ship in a fancy wooden case and require user assembly, watch the video here.

Video: THL T100 aka Monkey King 2 hands on!

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Tinydeal, a Chinese retailer posted a hands-on video of the latest rage in town — the THL T100 — sometime back. Not sure how we missed this, but better late than never! The THL T100 is the company’s latest flagship, dethroning the W11 or the Monkey King which came in earlier this year. It was […]

Damn you Gionee! Why have you made the Elife E7 Camera so good!

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gionee elife e7 hero

Just as I have made my mind up and now await the arrival of my Oppo N1, Gionee go and release this video showing off the amazing features of the Gionee Elife E7! At the launch of the Gionee Elife E7, much of the event was taken up talking about the amazing 16 megapixel rear […]


HTC-One 2 / HTC M8 Concept Video

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The second iteration of the HTC-One, which according to @evleaks is known internally at HTC as the HTC M8 and is known online as the HTC-One 2, has gotten a pretty nifty concept video from the folks at TechRadar.

Vivo Xplay 3S has the coolest AR invitations!

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vivo xplay 3s

The Vivo Xplay 3S will launch later this month and the company have started sending invitations our for the event, invitations with a cool AR surprise.

Zopo ZP998 hands on and first impressions

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zopo zp998 review hero

Zopo announced their 8-core Zopo ZP998 yesterday afternoon and we managed to get some hands on time with it. Here are our first hands on impressions of the phone!

Eyes on: Zopo ZP998 8-core hands on Video

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zopo zp998 hands on video

At the launch of the latest Zopo flagship phone, the 8-core MT6592 Zopo ZP998, I managed to get a few minutes alone with the phone and record a quick eye’s on.

Oppo N1: Journey to Innovation Video

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oppo n1 hands on impressions

Hey phone makers! Do you want to see how you should be treating your fans? Then take a few minutes to watch Oppo’s “Journey to Innovation Video!”

Hands on Video with the 8-core GooPhone N3

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goophone n3 hands on

Today is the day of the big Mediatek event, it is also the day of Mlais and CoolPad’s 8-core announcement, but late last nigh GooPhone crashed the party with this hands on video of the MT6592 N3 phablet.

This teenager will tell you why you should buy the Mi3 and why Xiaomi should go global!

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Xiaomi fan makes a video explaining why you should by a Xiaomi Mi3 and why Xiaomi should go global!

Video: hands on with the $89.99 No.1 5c iPhone 5C clone

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no.1 5c iphone 5c clone

Hands on video and first impressions of the No.1 5C iPhone 5C clone, are all iPhone 5C clones equal or are some better than others?

Exclusive first hands on with the ZOPO ZP700

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zopo zp700 hands on

We get some exclusive hands on time with the unreleased ZOPO ZP700 smartphone ahead of its official launch!

GooPhone Smartwatch hands on Video, plus $50 discount for GizChina readers

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goophone smartwatch

We take the GooPone smartwatch for a quick hands on in our hands on video, plus details of a $50 discount exclusively for GizChina readers.

Oppo ColorOS feature video

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coloros feature video

Official Oppo video shows some of the great features which come on the new Color ROM for the Find 5 and Oppo N1.

OrientPhone P6+, 1080 display, NFC, 7.6mm body and more

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orientphone p6+ hero

Hot on the heals of the Carpad T6 comes the OrientPhone P6+ sporting the same Huawei Ascend P6 body but with larger high resolution display, NFC and more.

GooPhone Smartwatch hands on video

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goophone smartwatch video

A few days ago GooPhone announced that they would be launching a 3G enabled GooPhone smartwatch, here’s the first hands on video.

Purported first hands on with an 8-core MT6592 Mediatek demo phone

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mediatek mt6592 8-core

Our sources have told us that the video in this post is one of a Mediatek demo device running an 8-core MT6592 processor.

Video: Zopo ZP820 hands on

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zopo zp820 hands on video

Following on from our hands on write up and Antutu benchmarks of the Zopo ZP820 quad-core phone, here is a hands on video of the new device.