Chinese Ingenuity: Homemade Submarine Video

Chinese inventor Tao Xiangli made the headlines last year with his homemade submarine. Taking roughly 2 years to complete and approximately $4000, the recycled oil drum sub is fitted with a periscope and depth gauges. Electric motors are used for propulsion, although the video below doesn’t show much movement apart from the sinking kind.

Video after the jump.

The first video here is of one of Tao’s early tests and shows him almost drowning to death! The second (rather long) video show a succesful test of the submarine submerging and surfacing under its own power.

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First Try

Second Try (skip through to see the sub submerge and surface unless you want to watch 5 min of water)

Not only is Tao an amazingly skilled inventor/engineer he also has balls! You wouldn’t catch us sealed up in a ton of old oil drums and sinking to the bottom of a lake!

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