Asia’s Largest Water Park Opens In Beijing Next Month

Take 350 billion yuan and the former Olympic Beijing National Swimming Center aka the Water Cube blend for 10 months and add a smattering or rapid water and plastic piping and what do you get? Asia’s Largest and most advanced water park complete with ‘Aqua Loop!’.
As the name suggest the ‘Aqua Loop’ water slide features a loop de loop, which while doesn’t quite take you all the way upside down (I’m sure the insurers wouldn’t like that) will almost certainly give a very similar experience to a roller coaster… but without the seat, train track and safety bar! It’s going to be terrifyingly good fun.
All  in the new water park in Beijing has 10 main slides and attractions ranging from the tornado (see picture) to kids pools with ride on floating toys. There is even a ‘river’ for you to taking relaxing raft down and a bar to build up your ‘Dutch Courage’ for the ‘Aqua Loop’ and ‘Tornado’.
The park will is set to open on 8th August. Tickets will cost a bargain 30-50 yuan for touring and swimming in the park, but rise sharply to 200yuan for entry to the water parks 10 slides and amusements, the 200 yuan price does give ticket holders free entry to the fantastic ‘Water Cube’ though.

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