PMP’s Getting all Ainol!

I really hope this little 3 inch screened media player is pronounced “I nol” like the Chinese word for love 爱, if not this little fella is going to get one hell of a rough time in the play ground and after school.
Despite it’s ridiculous name the Ainol V7000HDK looks rather nice, if a bit chucky.
The V7000 will set you back around $44 has a 3 inch screen, 4Gb built in flash storage which can be expanded using SD cards, and audio/visual out so you can hook it up to the TV.
If the 3 inch screen is a bit on the small side you might want to check out the larger V9000HDA which supports 1080p video playback on its 4.7 inch screen. has a short review on the V9000HDA which you can check out here.

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